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Word Filled Wednesday ~ Quiet Time

It's Word Filled Wednesday and our host for today is Susan of Forever His.

I struggle with fear.  My life is not always so easy. 

I choose to spend time in prayer and reading the Bible early in the morning.

If Jesus needed to spend time alone with His Father, how much more do I need this time?

He reminds me to abide in Him.

When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.  Psalm 56:3

It's His perfect remedy for fear.

I choose to trust and obey.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Such a peaceful scripture and picture.


    How much more do I?

    Love you and remember perfect love casts out all fear!

    Hugs sweet friend!

  3. So great! I love WFW...it's so fun to imagine each of us in our places of quiet contentment with the Lord...our "safe places" where He does His work on our hearts! Happy WFW!

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes....Fearless in 2010! The picture also calls us to just rest in Him and the beauty of his creation...the sunrise!


  5. I always share with my child, start your day with the Lord and end your day with the Lord. There is nothing like being guided by His Word knowing His promises are true and that He promised to be there for us at all times. When we commit all of our plans, even the simplest ones with Him, what can go wrong? I'm glad He made it clear, that fear is not from Him. Beautiful pic and reminder. God bless you sister Debbie.

  6. I love this verse, and that picture I love

  7. Such a beautiful photo and wonderful verse.


  8. What encouraging Bible verses and such a lovely photo. Thank you for the wonderful reminders! :)

  9. amazing how we fall for those same "fear tactics" of the enemy every time...I do.

    The only way to move on from fear into peace is do do exactly this...DIVE deep!

    What a perfect REMINDER!!
    blessings to you!


  10. The verse on the picture is one I often have to pray. "Satisfy me, Father, with Your love so I'm not looking for it elsewhere."

    It's crucial!

    And yes, that time with Him, helps my spirit recognize that I need not fear!

  11. Make it two more for me...on your same page...(catching up, just back from S.D.)...for one, I am a huge romantic! My aunts in Norway still remember me stomping my foot at age 2 for my "pink" socks to go with my "pink dress"!...I still love pretty things...dream of living on the beach...love any kind of wedding (soooo excied for my daughter's in Norway upcoming), get the picture? And another one is fear, I let it get to me way too often. I was taught that fear is the devil's trick, gets our eyes off of God....so right back we go to commiting it to Him and your beautiful theme song "TRUST AND OBEY"...I'm with you on this Debbie! Don't you just love the word "VICTORY"??!!!

    Love you!
    Carol Joy

  12. I love the morning hours with the Lord. Love your reminder...simple and true!

  13. Fear is my biggest struggle too. Thanks for this post to remind me to be at peace in His arms.

  14. I too struggle with fear, and it seems worse in the mornings. I love this scripture. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. What a lovely place to have your quiet time! Simply beautiful! ;)

  16. How very true! I was reading in Job this week and was reminded that God IS in control and that we can trust Him!

  17. A beautiful verse and scripture. Thanks for your comment on mine.
    I like your blog design and I thought I recognized whose work it was and I was right. Edie did mine as well.
    Blessings to you,

  18. Faith and Fear simply don't mix. That is what I am learning in deep waters of me. As my faith grows, the fears no longer have place to take root or grow. I once was wracked by them, but dancing in His love, I simply can tell any thought in my mind to shut up! and it has to be quiet, no more fear. As you know, saying God's Word out loud helps me win this battle as well. His Word is our only offensive weapon, so arm yourself with a few swords and the next time fear comes knocking, cut it in half! It's real. It's God. It's changing my life.

    Hugs sweet one,

  19. PS Is this a picture at your new place?

  20. Thanks Debbie,

    What a great word and truth.

    Loved the picture you used for it too.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  21. Oh what a beautiful WFW post. This just draws my spirit to abide with my King. I was reminded of the lyrics to an old favorite hymn--Great is Thy Faithfulness "...Morning by morning new mercies I see..."

    As far as fear, remember, "Perfect love casts out all fear." And Who is Perfect Love? Christ is. When He lives in us, all fear must go.

    Glad I stopped by.

  22. Debbie, we must have hit our follow button at the same time. ;) I got back to my page and there was your comment. I like to follow when led because it helps me keep track. I also connect it to my email so I know I've replied, etc.

    As far as learning about blogging so soon--ALL GOD!!! I am amazed at it as well. If you read my page "About Me?" you can see how He led me step by step and still does. I'm so glad we can visit like this.

  23. Oh Debbie, how true. I desperately need that quiet time each day. I love your picture - so peaceful.


  24. This is such a great shot of you with the Bible! I can just imagine how beautiful the AZ.mornings are, still and quiet, perfect time for your quiet time.

    You know Debbie, TRUST AND OBEY has pretty much become my theme also, and I imagine there are lots of us who are learning in these same ways. So much of our lives involve us trusting and obeying Him.

    This was short and sweet and beautifully expressed!

    Love you.


  25. I love your picture and verses, Debbie. Love you~

  26. Love this scripture. I think it is so great how bloggers all share different verses in their posts and how it always speaks to me in different ways at that particular moment.


  27. i can relate with you on being fearful. i struggle with that too and i always remind myself that i need not understand everything. all i need to do is trust in Him.

    thank you for sharing this, debbie.

  28. Debbie, I am blessed, so blessed, by this picture, by the verse, by your sincerity and openness in sharing.
    You will never know how much impact this post has on another sister who's struggling right now. It reminds me to just sit at His feet.

  29. I loved the post. And, I recognized the back of that sweet head and that prayer shawl...love you.

  30. Fear torments; I can relate to your struggle and I'm choosing faith on my journey too. God is faithful.

    Love you,

  31. I LOVE the picture! I'm so anxious to spend time in the morning outside and may need to do as you did - just take a blanket and cover up!

    And the message of this post was like an arrow to my heart!

  32. This is beautiful my friend. I've missed my visits. Popping in on a few people and then off to rest. I had to visit you. Thank you for your love and prayers.

    I was blessed in the sharing of this message. I love you.


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