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Where Have I Been Lately?

Where has Debbie been lately? I just realized I hadn't posted as often as I normally do. And I have to say my fingers have been itching to write. But I've been very busy!

My last day of teaching my Mini-Mustang class was on a Friday. The very next day (which was Memorial Day weekend) I had Summer Camp training followed immediately by the first day of camp. So it's been a whirlwind.

I am the official photographer for our summer camp so I'm rarely in a photo. One of our counselors grabbed my camera and shot this photo. But of course, I wasn't ready and had my mouth open. Oh well! At least you can see I'm having fun since I get to spend time with these precious little ones each day. :)

It's always a challenge at the beginning of summer camp. I'm the Site Leader for our camp and so I have many responsibilities. I always try to do my best so I focus my whole being on what I'm doing. But by the third week, I usually get to relax a bit and start to enjoy myself.

Once I take a breath and take a long look into these children's eyes, I realize how much I love each one of them. It makes such a difference. And then I truly begin to enjoy myself.

Our camp has a special mascot named Ozzie. The children have such fun with him. He talks in fist bump language. Since he hadn't visited our camp this week, the campers wrote letters to him. So of course, Ozzie had to show up to thank them. Such fun we all had!

My family received a very special blessing this past week.

My niece Kristin and her husband Kevin had a baby boy named Kameron. Here is a photo of big sister Kenzie with her new brother. I can't wait until I have the opportunity to visit my family in Florida. Kameron was born on Uncle Greg's birthday which was very special.

With my busy schedule and all the running around I do each day at camp, I've been LOSING WEIGHT!

I've always been consistent in my weight most of my adult life. However, in the past five years with the life changes and stress I put on extra pounds. I've tried exercising first thing in the morning. But getting to work each day about 7 am doesn't leave me much time since I enjoy my morning quiet time.

So here's what I've been doing lately:

  • I eat steel cut oatmeal with fruit for breakfast.
  • I eat a mid-morning snack which is a fig bar.
  • For lunch, I eat a Santa Fe salad that I buy at Costco.
  • I have grapes as an afternoon snack.
  • I started buying My Fit Foods dinners. They are individually packaged with calorie counts.
  • I am constantly walking around campus. I wish I had a pedometer as I'm sure it would be about 10 miles. 
  • I lift light weights every other day in the evening while I'm watching TV.
So far I've lost 6 pounds. I hope to continue this routine throughout the summer. My goal is to fit into my Worth Collection clothes!

So where have you been lately? 

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Sweet photo of the new baby along with Kenzie! I remember when she was born. Congratulations to all! I am inspired by your weight loss. Oatmeal is my favorite morning meal. I am pleased with my blood pressure and I'm sure that's a big part of it. Your regimen sounds healthy and six lbs. loss is outstanding. I needed to read that just coming off vacation!

    Thank you for your sweet comment, btw, Debbie. I feel the same about you and am encouraged by any connection with you in person or the written word!


  2. Congratulations on the weight loss.

  3. Good for you Debbie! I have also lost weight in the past few months. I am determined to get this job done!!
    I always smile at your photos, I'm not sure who has the biggest blessings, you... or the kids. I think it might be the kids, to have Miss Debbie as their friend! I know I'm blessed to have you for my friend. :)

    Precious little brother and sister pics... I hope you can go to Florida and meet him soon.

    Love you!

  4. Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time. Congratulations on the new baby.

  5. Oh, so good to catch up with you. You are a busy lady this summer for sure. As I've said before, those children are so blessed to have you. And, Worth, oh, my, now that's some nice clothes! Happy weekend!

  6. Hey Debbie,
    Thrilled for your weight loss--I need to do something--I am not moving nearly as much as I used to and packing on the lbs--you always inspire me and I was just thinking about you today when I read Psalm 19 (19th of June). You inspired me to memorize that chapter--now maybe you will inspire me to lose weight. Love, Dianne

  7. Hi Debbie-

    It sounds like you have been busy and having fun.
    There is nothing better than that feeling of finding a food routine that works.
    I have worked on that all my life it seems.

    I am going to Costco to find those salads.
    What a great convenient idea.

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