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Five Minute Friday: Story

It's Five Minute Friday when I link up with The Gypsy Mama.  Each week we are given a one word writing prompt.  We write for five minutes flat on that word. Our word for today is STORY.

Everyone has a story.  But do we take the time to really listen?

I attended a meeting at our school last year about bullying.  The guest speaker represented a group that raises awareness of bullying, including cyber bullying.  He played a short video that had been posted by a teenage boy.  In this video, the boy didn't speak but simply held up cards sharing his sad story about others tormenting him with words and spreading lies about him on the internet.  He was shunned by others.  He felt so alone.  I remember reading his words on each card and thinking why wasn't anyone listening?

Everyone is so busy.  I've had people look at me and speak only to realize that they are talking to someone else on their cell phone.  Multitasking is something we brag about.  How much can you accomplish at once?

But ...will you take the time to really sit and listen to their stories?  What if the younger generation felt comfortable opening up?  What if they knew we were truly interested in their lives, how they feel?


Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Dear Debbie
    Multi-tasking is an invention of a modern world that takes pride in performance and busyness! May we come to our senses and love before we are the cause of another little one like the boy you have told us!!
    Luv XX

  2. This is so true...taking the time to listen to the stories of those around us is so important. We get too busy and wrapped up in our own lives and multitasking at the risk of not truly listening and loving those around us.

  3. Excellent, Debbie. We do need to take TIME to listen to each other's stories. I let myself get in too much of a hurry. Thanks for this reminder today to listen more to stories. They matter.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh, what a provocative post! I remember the first meal I had at a restaurant after my surgery in March. We were seated next to a table with a large family...maybe 8 people. The Grandfather was the ONLY one not engaged with some electronic device! Here they all sat, waiting to receive their food and 7 out of 8 family members were interacting independently with their digital phones, tablets, etc. No wonder people feel "dis-connected" these days. No one seems to be listening to each other "in person!"

    Blessings to you sweet friend~ Jess

  5. I love how you said- do we have time to listen? Beautiful today, sweet friend. As always, its a blessing to read here.

  6. the art of listening is lost.....and with more distractions it is easy to be swept away

  7. Oh yes, we must take the time to listen to each other's stories. I am famous for being a mind wanderer. I want to be fully present in the moment when someone's story is being shared, to take it all in. Have a beautiful weekend.

  8. Interesting! I know I could definitely do a better job listening. Thank you for the excellent reminder!

  9. Listening is definitely a skill that many people don't use; I am certainly guilty at times! Nothing hurts more than the sense that people close to us aren't really listening to what we have to say. Someone talks and someone else listens - it sounds so simple that we take it for granted. I wonder how many times we have
    failed to listen because we were just too busy talking?

    Great thoughts Debbie! :)
    Have a joyful weekend!

  10. Ha, Debbie - I have thought people were talking to me too -- just to realize they were on a Bluetooth. And I have been the one on the phone and others were unaware.

    For some reason, people have a tendency to interrupt me and talk over me. Last night my husband did it to me AGAIN and I realized that he was so busy thinking about what he was going to say that he really wasn't listening to me.

    Yes, we could all do better at listening.

    And my daughter has a friend who has decided that she is her personal property. She is tiny, but has a lot of bullying tendencies. My husband and I have been guiding our daughter how to stand up to her. Sigh ...

    God bless your weekend!

  11. Hi Debbie! I remember seeing that video on Youtube. It was absolutely heart breaking. My kids have suffered with bullying in the past, and really, if you visit blogs (which you do!), everyone has experience with it.

    Let's always listen to the stories people want to tell us. It's God calling us to be his ears. How can we say no?

    PS My husband needs his colonoscopy scheduled. I LOVED your Star Trek picture!!

  12. There may be a time and place for multi-tasking but at the expense of someone else, it's NOT. I'm afraid there are way too many of the stories you just described. Have a great week Debbie!

  13. What a call to be wise in how we listen to others. Too often we multitask and the other person's story or needs get lost in what we are doing. Or worse, we are so wrapped up in telling others about ourselves that we never listen to nor care about their heartfelt needs.
    And what if teenagers wanted us to listen? I love that thought, Debbie.
    Great post~again.


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