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What's Good About a Colonoscopy?

I finally had one week off from work.  So how did I spend the first two days?  I had a colonoscopy!  I can't believe I'm actually writing about this experience but it's something anyone over 50 years of age should do. This is my second one and although the prep is a LITTLE BIT easier, it's still a drag.  I wasted two days of my vacation but I got good news.  Everything is in order ...down there.

As a nurse, I know the importance of preventive care. Colon cancer is something that kills if left undetected. Although the prep is a bit unpleasant, the procedure isn't bad at all.  Once the intravenous injection was administered, I was out and didn't remember a thing. Which is a good thing.

I've learned that in life there are some things I need to do that are unpleasant. A colonoscopy is one of those things.  But in the midst of every experience, I can always find some good if I simply look for it.

I lost three pounds.  Although I do not recommend this as a weight loss method, I was happy to see my scale finally budge in a good direction.

I met some very nice people.  The nurses at the Endoscopy Center were wonderful. They asked me what I did and I told them about the children in our preschool.  I mentioned that I was also a nurse and had worked for 25 years in cardiovascular nursing. Next thing I knew I had the Head Nurse of the Center beside my bed asking if I wanted a job.  She told me to contact her if I decided to go back for my Refresher Course.  Good to know!

My doctor was the best.  I love going to female doctors, especially when dealing with a colonoscopy. She was so encouraging and kind.  I even have photos of my colon that I don't care to share with you, if you don't mind.  After all, enough is enough!

My husband was so good to me. Greg drove me to the Endoscopy Center and waited patiently for me.  I hadn't eaten anything solid for two days.  On the way home, he asked me what I wanted to eat when we got home.  The only thing that appealed to me was grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. I was still groggy from the medications so I fell asleep when we got home.  Upon awakening, Greg presented me with soup and crackers on a tray.  The second course was grilled cheese.  He used ciabatta bread and grilled it perfectly. He used my favorite dishes and included a sprig of basil for the perfect presentation.  What a guy!

So what are you waiting for?  Many of you are still too young to worry about this.  But if you're over 50, I encourage you to get your colonoscopy.  Have you had one yet?  

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie, such good information and so important....About ten years ago, the dr found a polyp that was precancerous and if not found he said I would have been dead in a year because it was so large....so I am very big on encouraging others to get that annual colonoscopy.....So glad you did....

  2. I've already had more than my fair share of these and I just turned 50. :-) At my first one, they found a cancerous polyp, so having the colonoscopy spared me a horrible adventure with cancer at that time. So I'm a big encourager also to everyone to have this procedure. The prep is no fun but being uncomfortable for a day is a lot better than having cancer!

  3. Debbie, hope you are doing well and thinking of you! Bless you, sweet sister!

  4. I had my first one a year ago last June. I had put it off and put it off (you'd think I of all people would be smarter than that!)but with all the stomach issues I was having decided to get it done. They also did the one where they went down my throat and checked all of that out too. (can't think of the name of it) bottom line all was well. I considered the whole thing no big deal at all. The prep was not very fun, but not as bad as I feared, and the test itself was just nothing. I wish I hadn't put it off for soo long. I am 58 and they told me I don't have to do this again for another 10 years! Soo I push people to do this now as honestly it has way too big of a bad rap for what it really is. Glad you posted this, because is IS soo important! Colon cancer is what finally got my step dad. Hope the rest of your time off is more enjoyable! ; )

  5. The thought of having to submit my body to another invasive test like this just sends me over the edge. That being said, I value these procedures. They are life-saving!!! So, maybe next year?


  6. I had my first one last summer, Debbie -- and it was the same amount of fun! Yes, happy for the weight loss, but it was back by the end of the week :( So glad to hear everything is looking good!

  7. Well, I've had 3 colonoscopies and since I have IBS I have to have another one in 3 years this time instead of the typical 5. Boo!

    As I've said before, I bet you were the best nurse!

    Blessings my friend and wishing you a most enjoyable rest of your vacation.

  8. My turn will be in about three years, although it is time for my Mammogram!

  9. Been there, done that!! And everything was great!

  10. Glad everything is okay! :) I am afraid of hospitals and doctors,but some things are necessary. Sounds like you have a sweetie for a husband!

  11. Good for you...I have had the test my doctor uses first before sending you off for the Big one.
    Glad everything is okay...I hope you get to enjoy your vacation!

  12. I had mine last Fall. I had no trouble with any part of the procedure apart from the prep, as you say. Drinking all that wallpaper paste was bad enough, but the aftermath burned my you-know-what. A MOST unpleasant ordeal. Next time I'll put some Desitan to good use :) ~ "next time" being 10 years from now (she says with great & utter joy)!

  13. Nurses' job is to always encourage. But as a patient and God's child, you are always an awesome encourager! How wonderful that they are even recruiting you. Something good out of an unpleasant prep! :)

    I want to thank you for the link you gave me regarding "letting go" of our children bound to college. It gives me more comfort to know that I'm not alone and that God truly will be there for them. I believe this is the time we need to pray harder for our children so they will not stray from the One Who is faithful.

    Your husband is a wonderful guy! How sweet of him to prepare those foods that you liked! God bless and take care sister...Hugs...


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