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How to Beat the Heat in Phoenix

Beach Rules
What do you do when it's 119 degrees outside?  I'd love to be able to head to the beach and unwind.  But it's just not going to happen right now.  So I'm making the best of it and trying to beat the heat in Phoenix.

Summer camp with preschool children can be a challenge with triple digit heat.  Instead of running around outside, I plan fun activities and crafts to keep them busy and engaged.  Daily swim instruction helps too.  But I love to observe the children during free times of play when they have to remain in the classroom.  What do they do?

Violet reads a book about Madeline.  She doesn't know all of the words but that doesn't stop her from trying.  After all, she knows the story.

They form their own band.  One is playing an imaginary flute while the other is playing the violin.  And of course they need a conductor.

This coming week will be fun as I get to teach them about America on our around the world theme.  It works perfectly with the 4th of July.  I enjoy holidays more working with children.  We are going to make some cool patriotic crafts this week.  It will be fun!

I was thrilled to get two tickets to see "Sister Act" at Arizona State University's Gammage Theater.  My friends Terri and Steve have season tickets but were out of town.  So they offered them to me and guess what?  They were in the fourth row center; a great view.  I loved the play.  I'd seen the movie with Whoopi Goldberg years ago. The music was changed as it was set in the 80's when disco music was the rage.  My friend Theresa accompanied me and we both laughed and laughed.  A good way to be entertained and keep cool except when we had to get back to the car.  Oh well, that's life in Phoenix. 

So even in the extreme heat of the summer, I will continue to count my every day blessings.

#857 Air conditioning that works
#868 Observing children using their imaginations
#859 Having fun doing creative craft projects with kids
#860 Great seats to see "Sister Act"
#861 An entertaining afternoon of music and laughs
#862 Fun with good friends
#863 A pool I can jump into after work

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays.


Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. It's hot here too! You're going to have a fun week with the kids. I put flags in the ground all around my garden, no money, but they sure fly proudly. Have a great week Debbie!

  2. The kids are just too cute and I love that working with them makes you enjoy holidays more.

    Sounds like you had a great week--I love Sister Act--what a treat!

    I won't tell you what the temp was here today--you might quit being my friend--smile!

  3. Being allowed to use their imagination, the children become happy and creative. It's a joy and a blessing. How good of you making space for them to act on. To many overrule children and deny them freedom to explore and develop fantasy. Oh, what damage the computer games and endless row of TV cartoons have done. Inactive children sitting on their buts all day. Your children are so lucky to be with you, getting developed skills for their future.
    You were made for this work, Debbie.

  4. To me you have the perfect job, Debbie...being with kids. I love the little people and am so thrilled when my neighbor, little miss Gracie comes over to "play" with me. At five she is full of fun!
    I would not like living where you do as I feel like melting in high heat. Ugh! Thank goodness for the NC mountains that keep it fairly cool here, especially at night.

  5. It's sad when I just read that 19 firefighters had died from the Yarnell fire...

    How often I thank the Lord for the invention of A/C!!! :) What a great way to divert the mind from worrying about the heat by being with kids. Kids just give that kind of joy that makes one forget any worries.

    I've seen "Sister Act" the movie but that must be awesome to watch the play. 2 more days to go for this heatwave over here...We just stay indoors most of the day and head out when it cools off in the evening. But being together as a family is nice. So, stay hydrated sister! God bless.

  6. Good morning! One of my regular prayers of thanks this time of year is for air conditioning! Can you honestly imagine if we didn't have it? Oh my...But looks like you have a nice cool place to be and plenty of cute distractions from it! Enjoy your day!

  7. Oh, we are going to have such a great week with temps only in the mid 80's. The mornings are a cool 63, so I'll try and send some your way. I cannot even imagine such heat. I do not do well in extreme heat. Our daughter lives with extreme heat in Dodge City.

    Love Sister Act and would love it more seeing it live.

    So glad you are able to stay cool in the midst of such heat! Happy 4th of July week!

  8. Hi Debbie! Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for all of you in Arizona! I used to live in Tucson, and man...it gets hot just in a regular summer. So glad you have air that works!

    I'd love to hear the music your kids made, I bet they made a real joyful noise!

    Peace in Christ,

  9. Gracious, Debbie -- 119 degrees?? If I could I'd bottle up some of this VA rain and send it on down. Looks like you've figured out how to stay cool!

  10. Braving the heat along with you friend ... Your kids are so blessed to have your joy in the classroom.



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