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Unexpected Blessings

I love those unexpected blessings.  I had the pleasure of spending time with two and a half year old twins this past week.  They are in the Mini-Mustang class at our school.  I knew their mom was a Christian so when we had time alone I began to sing "Jesus Loves Me" to Lizzie.  She looked at me, smiled and began to sing along. She knew all of the words!  When her mom came to pick them up, I told her and she hugged me.

I had the opportunity to attend a morning conference last week on the campus of our high school.  As we spent time in several of the classrooms, I couldn't help but notice a book I knew well.  The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom is a book I've read several times.  I pointed it out to Heidi and shared the story with her.  How glad I was to see that this book was being discussed in the high school (which is not a Christian school).  But this true story of the ten Boom family is a story of a family who stood up for what they believed was right.  As devout Christians, they made the decision to provide a refuge or hiding place in their home in Holland for many Jews so they wouldn't get sent to the death camps.  Unfortunately, they were discovered by the Nazis and were also sent to the camps.  The whole family died there except for Corrie ten Boom who eventually came to the United States and shared her story.  I remember my blogging friend Sonja of Bits & Pieces sharing stories of Corrie ten Boom as she came to visit in her parent's home when she was growing up.

How thankful I am to be working with Heidi.  She finds fun in just about everything.  We were checking out the student's chairs that swivel around.  Before I knew it, Heidi was clowning around.  I love that about her.

I love to spend time with the staff of teachers.  They are all younger than me but I enjoy that.  I get to see all the latest fashions.  Annie (in the middle) often meets me on Sunday mornings for iced tea at AJ's.

And here I am in what we call Red Room.  Of course, I had to wear something red.  All I can say is that I love working here at our school.

So I continue to count my every day blessings.  I love that there are many unexpected blessings too. :)

#688 Singing "Jesus Loves Me" with the sweetest little girl
#689 Learning to live out my faith without words at times
#690 Finding glimpses of God in the classrooms
#691 Having fun with Heidi
#692 Getting to know younger people
#693 Observing children draw, color, do puzzles and play outside
#694 Taking photos of the teachers and children
#695 Having an extra day off this weekend (President's Day)
#696 Getting back in touch with childhood friends on Facebook
#697 Finally feeling better after taking a Z-pack of antibiotics

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. What a blessing to be surrounded by women you love working with and many of them being Christians....God is using you and these women to impact the lives of the next generation....I don't know of anything you could be doing that is more important....

    Bless you friend...

  2. You have some wonderful friends Debbie, and I'm so glad for you. The pictures are beautiful and you look gorgeous with that long blong ponytail! There is no doubt that God had this job for you. So many blessings have already come your way. I'm sure that those you work with alreaady know that they are blessed to have you there.

    Love you!

  3. see why I need to proof read my own words?? BLOND!!! :)

  4. Debbie, I love that you are so positive and upbeat--those kids are blessed to have you for a teacher!

    I taught in a public school and taught the book, The Hiding Place, and also showed the movie. This was a 7th grade class. One day as the last credits of the movie rolled, one of my 7th grade boys came up to me, laid his head on my shoulder and cried like a baby--

    The movie had touched him in a very deep and meaningful way--

    On my Pinterest books board in describing The Hiding Place, I said I would have considered myself never to have lived if I hadn't read this book--and that is honestly how strong I feel about it--next to the Bible, it has been the most influential book in my life.

    Great post. Now go have yourself a great week.


  5. Blessings indeed Debbie! Still counting mine; didn't know I could count so high! I love your thankful attitude and love for your work; I will keep these thoughts as I go to work this morning. (I can relate to being one of the "older generation" now; it doesn't seem so long ago that I was one of the youngest staff at work! Ha!)

    Joyful blessings!

  6. Dear Debbie.
    How wonderful that Corrie ten Boom still inspires people to do brave things for Christ.
    God simply need you amongst those three year olds. "How can they believe, if they aren't taught?"
    One of the strongest memories from one of Corie ten Booms books ( I have three), was that she heard an inner voice, "Bring the bottle of vitamins" when she was captured by the Germans. She acted upon the words, almost without reflecting. Somehow that bottle never was revealed during all the examines she had to go through. She meant that the vitamins made her survive, even though her sister ho also ate the vitamins died in concentration camp.

    We will never really know how deeply God is caring about us, nor why bad things happen, but the testimony is, God is there every step of the way.

  7. I loved this post and hearing about your blessings. It makes me miss my days working at the elementary school...those were the days. Love the Corrie ten Boom book too...I've read it (and parts of it) many times as well. Your happy heart is contagious...enjoy your day!

  8. Beautiful reminder to count our everyday blessings. Thanks Debbie. And God bless you for being blessing to me today! Maria

  9. You are surrounded by love and blessings indeed! You look beautiful, glowing!

  10. The Hiding Place is a wonderful story. It warms my heart that you spotted it in a public school. It's a story everyone needs to read, whether or not they are Christians.

    I can see you continue to be a blessing at your school. The Lord definitely knew what he was doing when he placed you there!

    And glad you are continuing to put your heart into your book. Your husband is a wise man.
    Love you!

  11. You definitely have many blessings. It's wonderful to live with an attitude of gratitude.

    I don't think I mentioned it on my last visit, I work at a high school as the school registrar. It was nice having the extra day off today. I hope you enjoyed it too :)

  12. I always enjoy your "blessings." And, Corrie, oh, the testimony and inspiration she has been to hundreds and hundreds of folks. I need to reread the Hiding Place.

    A great post! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  13. Thank you for blessing me with this post! You are such a blessing for me to see every day, and I'm thankful that my girls have Christian teachers like you to love and learn from! Heidi G.


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