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Childish Enthusiasm

I stayed in bed this morning and watched a movie.  (And no, this isn't my bed but I took a picture of it in a shop because I thought it looked so comfortable and pretty.)  I almost felt guilty but ...I caught myself.  

After all, it was a Saturday and it was only 7 in the morning.  I usually awaken before 5 every day.  But this morning I indulged myself and thoroughly enjoyed my time.

The movie I was watching was Under the Tuscan Sun .  The lead character Frances purchased a villa in the Tuscany region of Italy after her husband divorced her for another woman.  She's trying to heal after her heart was broken.  And did I mention she's a writer?  (I could just picture myself in this beautiful scenery writing to my heart's content.)

Frances keeps bumping into a character in town named Katherine who is an actress.  She always seems to have such an enthusiasm and zeal for living.  Katherine explains her way of living and encourages Frances.

"Never lose your childhood and things will come your way." from Under the Tuscan Sun

It can be all too easy to lose our childhood enthusiasm.  Life can be hard and all too often we get hurt by someone or something.  As a result, many of us cover our hearts to avoid further pain.  But in the process, we sometimes forget to enjoy the moments and to laugh!

I spend most of my day with 3 and 4 year old children so I get to witness childhood enthusiasm.

They love to celebrate their birthdays and proudly tell me their age.

Yesterday as I was trying to leave for the weekend, I ran into an after school class with two of our students.  Although I had spent almost the entire day with them, they were so enthusiastic to see me.

Their smiles were contagious!

After the hugs, three year old Sam began showing me how well he is able to snap his fingers.  Of course, Hilton had to get in on the action and began shouting:

"Miss Debbie, look at me!  See what I can do."

She proceeded to drop down and do splits and then jump up and do jumping jacks.  Oh the energy they possess!

I began to say goodbye again but Sam came back and shouted:

"Miss Debbie, look at what I can do."

He also began his calisthenics but stopped.  He looked up at me with a smile and said:

"Sam loves his Miss Debbie."

I think my heart was smiling by this time.

If only we would keep that childhood enthusiasm.  I want to live, love and laugh.

How about you?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Absolutely! There is nothing that makes me smile quicker than the honest candor of a child. Jesus loves the little children, and so do I! I am so happy that those kids are giving Miss Debbie warm fuzzies every day! :)


  2. Oh the innocence of childhood. They are not afraid to say what they feel. By the time they are 16 this is lost, and we are all too worried about what others think.

  3. Oh the innocence of childhood. They are not afraid to say what they feel. By the time they are 16 this is lost, and we are all too worried about what others think.

  4. My husband tells me I am very child-like and I take it as a compliment. I love kids and always find their love of life contagious and inspiring. As Lea noted, the Word tells us to become like a little child to be able to enter the Kingdom. I know you must love going to your job every day! I would!
    As for the movie, I was wondering the other day if it was a good one as we considered renting it on Redbox.
    Blessings & Love,

  5. Sweet little ones loving their sweet and attentive teacher. You have such a loving heart :)

  6. Oh yes Debbie! Our joy and enthusiasm is what keeps us young at heart and rubs off on others too! Just like the enthusiasm of a child spreads joy and laughter to us, our laughter and happiness is contagious. You are blessed to share with child-like joy everyday! :)

    Blessings and joy!

  7. I absolutely love this post! It made me miss teaching school. Treasure every one of those hugs you get, Miss Debbie, and I am sending you one too!

  8. Oh I like that movie. The scenery is amazing! Being able to witness childhood enthusiasm like you do... what a wonderful gift, Debbie!

  9. A couple of things......I too, love that bed. I was hoping you would say this is what your new bedroom looks like. I remember going to your cabin up north, and sleeping in a bed with what seemed like a couple of comforters, light blue, lots of pillows....so comfy.
    Years ago,(another Debbie memory), you use to teach 4 year olds at BSF. I remember you telling me that you would come home and tell Greg that you were 4 years old, proudly showing 4 fingers. It made me think, where is my innner child, where is the sweet excitement about life? I try to hang on to that, but admit, lately I've lost it. Thank-you for reminding me that my inner child needs some attention.

  10. Yes, it makes us young:) you are a blessing to these kids and to us readers:)

  11. Oh I am laughing....God told me the same thing this weekend...I will not post mine, I just need to tie back to yours. I am sending you the video God spoke it through to me...I hope you enjoy it!

    Hugs and thanks for conforming word...God is good!


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