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Five Minute Friday: Connect

It's Five Minute Friday when we write for five minutes on a word given to us each week by Lisa-Jo of Gypsy Mama.  Our word for today is ...CONNECT.


I love people.  I enjoy being around people.

There's something about making a connection with others that can be such a source of love, comfort and encouragement.  Of course, there's always a risk of getting hurt.  I see so many people who avoid relationships because of that fear.

But I've discovered that reaching out and connecting with others is well worth it.

My friends have been there for me through thick and thin.  Most of my closest friends have been my friend for many years.  They are life long connections.

I've discovered another way to connect with others.  Blogging has opened up a whole new field of connections.  This has come as a surprise to me.  I find that I really care for my blogging friends and become invested in their lives and their concerns.  I've even had the privilege of meeting many blogging friends in person.  I've never been disappointed.  Getting to know each one in advance through their writings on their blog have bridged that awkwardness that can happen at first meetings.

So my advice to you is ...connect.

Reach out to others.


Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Yes. Sometimes I wonder if the Blogging world (here with our Sisters and Brothers in Faith) really helps us feel like we can re-connect with people again if we have been hurt.
    Either way, I love connecting in all ways, despite the risk of hurt and disappointment. Resilience and faith in His faithfulness are my courage and healing balm!

  2. Wonderful post Debbie! I love connecting too with people. I find however, that I connect far more on my private facebook page then I do on blogging. Most of you (my blogging friends) are on my facebook and trying to find the balance between posting there and posting on blogs is difficult with my schedule. I miss my blogging friends who are not on facebook and I pray for them often.

    Love you and love that we still connect!

  3. I love this idea of writing for five minutes based on a word! i also appreciated your thoughts here.

  4. Me too Debra. A whole new world has opened for me and get the chance to meet so many wonderful people and got the chance to share God's love too.
    Hope you visit my new blog: willyouhearfromme.blogspot.com

    It is about my daily walk with God and what I hear from him in every area of my life and from His words. Have a nice day out there. Nice knowing you:)

  5. Without sounding overly dramatic, meeting sisters in Christ via blogging helped rescued me from a dark, emotional place. I found encouragement, acceptance and inspiration, all of which I now try to give back.

    Thank you for this post!!

  6. I, too, have found friends through blogging. I heart is encouraged by their writings and fierce desire to know God intimately.

  7. It is awesome that through writing we are able to connect and pray for each other. The mission of mine to write about Him instead He blessed me in having me meet so many wonderful brothers and sisters in His Holy Name! I truly believe that if we have willing hearts to follow God is strategically placing willing vessels in places where the enemies plan to hinder and disconnect to oppose those evil plans. For we can only be united if we have His love...Have a great weekend to you sister.

  8. Awesome!! You are so right. Blogging is another way to connect...Thank you for sharing and may we all connect more and more and grow together! Have a blessed day!

  9. taking time to connect is totally worth it. it is difficult to... i live in a place where people are always coming and going - living here for a couple years and then moving on. my husband and i always joke that we have people to stay with around the world, but always are having to make new friends here. thanks for the reminder that, once again, investing into relationship is worth it.

    my recent post: did you look into their eyes today?

  10. I love my blogging friends too and miss them when I'm not able to check in.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. My deepest friends are those I did life and ministry with while living in Phoenix. And while I live far away now, I still find deep fulfillment when I connect with them. I have only met one blogging friend since starting a year ago. Meeting several at a conference in the Fall and really look forward to it. Enjoyed your FMF.

  12. And boy oh boy would I LOVE to connect with my sis Debbie!... one of these days! :)


  13. God surprised me through making many connections when I started blogging. I have been so blessed! Meeting you was definitely a connection I will remember forever!

  14. Yes, I totally agree with your Debbie, I have made so many wonderful friends via blogging and also Facebook as well. Of course I count you as one! Lori

  15. My "your" was supposed to be "you" :-)

  16. I agree Debbie. There are some sisters like you that I might not get to meet on THIS side of heaven, but I bet we will recognize each other and have a big hug when we meet -- even there. :o)


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