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You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful!  It can be hard to hear those words and really believe it.  After all, I see the magazines and watch TV.  The women look so perfect.

When I was younger, it was easier.  But as I'm getting older, I don't really like what I'm seeing in the mirror.  

I began blogging in 2007.  I reviewed the blog posts I wrote at the beginning of Heart Choices.  I found one that I titled 'What is Real Beauty'.  Dove produced a commercial in 2007 that won an advertising award.  You've got to see what really goes on behind the glossy photos that we see in magazines.  It's unrealistic and places such pressure on women.

I met a new blogging friend in October of 2008.  Her name is Jill Samter.  I read a post she wrote on her blog and left a comment. She visited Heart Choices that day and left one for me.  Since that day, I've come to know her heart as I've followed her journey.  Jill is always accompanied by her camera and photographs life all around her.  I've been so inspired by how much she has grown in her craft.  

Oh and did I mention ...Jill has nine children?   Jill and her husband adopted seven children from different countries.  

Jill is passionate about women discovering their true beauty.  This is her promotional video for the work she is doing.  I cried when I watched it.

The world sends women the wrong messages about beauty.

1 Samuel 16:7 (ESV):

But the Lord said to Samuel, (A)“Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, (B)but the Lord looks on the heart.”

If only we could get this message in our hearts and truly believe it!  

I have to admit that I struggle with this.  The last few years have been hard on me and it shows on my face.  But those struggles have resulted in a stronger faith and an increasing trust in the Lord.  So the extra wrinkles may represent lessons I've learned.  And I want the beauty that is inside of me to shine out and bless others.  

I encourage you to visit Jill Samter Photography to read her words as she introduces the I AM BEAUTIFUL project.  

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Thank you...I needed this...because when I look in the mirror I see the affects of the hardship...and yet, when I smile I see myself again. Jesus shows his scars that paid for our sin...I need to be willing to be okay with the scars that life has brought, which like you, have deepened my relationship with Him.

  2. Debbie - I remember the very first time you commented on my blog and how very sweet you were! Your friendship over the years has meant so much to me! Your encouragement to follow my dreams has blessed me more than you will ever know! I love you!

    Thank you for sharing this project with your friends and family! I cherish you and YOU MY FRIEND ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. Love, love , love. I think you are very beautiful.

  4. I think we all needed this today, Debbie. I know I did. Whoever said that aging is not for sissies was so right! Our society makes it even harder because so much value is placed on our looks, especially women, but Jesus looks at the heart. I'll be sure to check out Jill's project. And you, sweet Debbie, you will always be eternally pretty, just like Gidget, Sally Fields! Some people just age well and I think you are one of them.
    Love & Prayers,

  5. Hi Debbie, Firstly and truthfully, in my eyes you are so beautiful-you so reflect the love of the Father and strength of our Jesus. You have had a rough number of years but I think it has created a Rock solid character. Thanks for sharing the website-I've just visited.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Beautiful post, Debbie--when I come to your blog I always think how pretty and attractive you are--I, too, think we all needed this today and I love her promotional video. Very touching! Thank you--

  7. I love Jill's heart to help women understand this truth. It's a hard truth for me to grasp, but I continue to press in to hear, to know, to accept that yes, I AM BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Oh, Debbie, your beauty does more than shine, it glows my dear!

    I had lost Jill somewhere along the way and am so, so glad to have found her again. What a gem she is and I was always so inspired by her.

    The world view of beauty is so distorted and I love this project that Jill is doing.

    Keep on glowing!

  9. Dear Debbie,
    I went over to Jill's blog and shared the video on my facebook site.
    Honestly, I've never considered myself as beautiful in any way, inside or outside, but God loves me the way I am. He has created me and when looking back at old photos I can see, I was not as ugly as I felt in my youth and in my midlife.
    When I look at my mother, I see traces of illness and trials, but at the age of 87 she is still a gorgeous woman.
    So why did this video talk to me? I have a daughter, the most beautiful I ever saw. But she only sees flaws and shortcomings. I so wanted her to embrace God's gifts and become happy with what and who she is, inside and outside.
    She is a rare treasure also in her heart.

  10. Wow, this was so encouraging.


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