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Who Has Impacted You?

Who has impacted you?  Do you ever consider the people who have most influenced your life?  

Maybe it is:
  • A family member 
  • An author whose book influenced the way you think
  • A person who offered you encouragement
  • A famous person you try to emulate
  • A person who demonstrated integrity despite difficult circumstances
  • A teacher who gave you a love for learning
  • An achiever who overcame obstacles to pursue their dream
It may be that the person who impacted you is now dead.  But what you learned from them lives on.  

I've been impacted by many people.  Today I want to mention two people and both of them have since died.  However, the impact they made in my life lives on.  

Eileen suffered for years with a heart condition due to arteriosclerosis and a heart valve problem.  However, despite frequent emergency room visits and hospitalizations, she always found humor.  I could always hear sounds of laughter even before reaching her cubicle.  She took dance lessons at the senior center and joined a dance group of older ladies who entertained people in nursing homes.  She loved reruns of I Love Lucy and old black and white movies.  She loved high tea and sipping from the good china cups.

Eileen taught me to live, love and laugh.    

Georgia died of a heart condition that was similar to the one I had corrected when I was seven years old.  However, her heart defect wasn't discovered until she was much older so irreversible changes occurred.  She struggled each day trying to get enough oxygen.  But her impact touched many.  She was the person who introduced me to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  She suggested that I study the Bible verse by verse and apply it to my life.  She invited me and personally sat next to me through my first session which I loved.  I continued in BSF for years and even worked as a children's leader for seven years.  

Georgia taught me to love God's Word and to apply it to my life.

How about you?  Can you name someone who has impacted your life?  Hopefully, it's in a good way but it may not be.  A negative influence may be just the thing that propelled you to live differently.  Will you share at least one person that impacted you?   

Blessings and love,

Photo Credit: Exclusive Concepts
Debbie Petras
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  1. Oh, yes, Debbie, there have been those exactly like what you refer to. Some were like a Mom to me when my Mom lives hundreds of miles away. I still have many of them in my life and my life is richer because of it. Another lovely post!

  2. Oh wow, Debra, there are some very special people that come to mind when I read your post...the two wonderful ladies you mentioned reminded me of several on my own mental list. Thank you for posting this, because it brought to mind all those wonderful folks in my life now and those departed to Heaven.....I know you have been that blessing to many :-) Lori

  3. There really are many wonderful, beautiful people that come to mind. You wrote about George H. the other day - he had such grace, and although I know his pain was great, he always had a smile for me, a delight to see me (I suspect everyone felt that way). And then I think of his wife Clare - she is just a delight, always making me feel special. I hope I might be able to do the same for someone. I also remember another dear woman in my church - she was a very simple, quiet woman - her husband, a rather high profile person. When she became older and confused, I was able to help care for her. She may have been confused about somethings, but actually she gave me some good advice. She said she purposefully stayed in the background so her husband could do what he did. She taught me about the peace of a simple home and a quiet spirit (I'm not sure I got that part very well). Anyway......just remembering with you.

  4. I loved reading about your dear friends who each had such a wonderful impact in your life, Debbie, each using their God-given gifts to enrich others. The first person to come to mind when you asked who impacted our lives was my paternal grandmother. Her love of God and unconditional love for all of her grandchildren was life-giving to me. There have been many more, and this post has given me pause to think about many of them. Thank you for sharing your blessing with us!

  5. Great post...oh my I have a list of people who have influenced me...I am not who I am without even the bad, which taught me just as much as the good. My daughter will say, "that has made my testimony"

    Great post...both examples are wonderful

  6. Those who impact our lives are the ones who have left that special footprints in our hearts. Like Eileen and Georgia. I have a lot of those special people starting from my parents and many others. But one that comes to mind right now is my best friend who despite the severest storm in her life, has and continue to show kindness and love despite being shown rejection. She helped me open up and helped me realize that in order for me to find a friend, I could start by being one. Blessings to you sister.

  7. There have been so many good friends and family that have been willing to talk with me, listen to me, laugh with me, and cry with me. They are the ones I turn to in times of sadness and in times of joy! I thank God for those true friends that see us at our worst and can look past those moments to appreciate our best. :)

    Beautiful words written of your dear friends Debbie! :)

    Blessings and hugs,

  8. Good morning! I love posts like this! These two ladies sure sound special..so glad they were there to bless you. I too have many who have left a great impact on me. Both good and bad. One lady who comes to mind for me was the one who mentored me in my early Christian life. She modeled what it meant to be a Christian wife, mother and friend, and I can hear her voice to this day in my head. Hope you have a good week-end! HUGS


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