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Spring Blessings

Spring is here so I'm counting my every day spring blessings today. This beautiful yellow rose is one I photographed on the front patio of our condo.

In our Pre-K 3 class we are already up to the letter "W".  There aren't many letters left in the alphabet so that means our school year is coming to an end.  

The children have learned so much this year.  I love to see them reading to each other using their sight words they've been learning.

I love that the children learn much but have time for play too.  It actually teaches them social skills.

Many of them are now able to go all the way across on the monkey bars.  They get so excited!

Of course, they get tired.  Nap time is so good for them and ...for their teachers.

This is another rose from our front patio garden.  I do believe we have a choice each day.  I choose to make it a wonderful day and notice the every day blessings in my life.

Happy Spring!

#419 A beautiful rose garden in front of our new condo
#420 Watching the children in our class as they grow before our eyes
#421 Seeing the children read to one another
#422 Realizing we all need balance; work and rest
#423 Enjoying children who come from different cultures
#424 Spring weather in Phoenix
#425 Waking up during the night on Friday to the sound of rain
#426 Not having to take care of a yard
#427 A condo that is easy to clean
#428 Having the best pizza from Red Devil Pizza
#429 Enjoying my furniture in the condo
#430 Discovering familiar photos and art pieces as we unpack our boxes

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. You are right. Even how we view our blessings is a choice.

  2. Sweet blessings. I love yellow roses.

  3. The roses are beautiful...see God is showing His beauty to you in your new condo...the children are precious.

  4. You always do such a great job of reminding us of the blessings we encounter everyday and often miss. Oh, I truly think that in this stage of our lives, condo living would have such appeal. Certainly would allow more time for other things. We arrived in Charleston yesterday and are off to tour some of the beautiful mansions and gardens. Happy Monday to you my friend!

  5. Yes, we do have a choice! Thank you so much for reminding us all of seeing the beauty and the blessings in each day. :-)

  6. It's been fun to watch your children grow through the school year. How blessed they are to have Mrs. Debbie!

    Love the roses at the beginning, end, and all the beautiful blossoms in the middle.

  7. Roses are gorgeous. I just don't have any luck growing them. I tend to overwater. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  8. I needed this today, Debbie - I have been missing our old house, especially the flowerbeds, as I always looked forward to watching the rebirth of the perennials and planting new pots of annuals. I will be able to do this at our new place, but it is still early here, so your beautiful roses are like a sweet gift to me today. Your list of blessings today shows that we do, indeed, have a choice to accept the gifts God has given us no matter where we are "planted".

    Blessings and love to you, dear friend!

  9. Good Morning Debbie! Isn't Spring in Phoenix beautiful!! Everything starting to bloom...wild flowers, roses, cactus blooms! I love it all (accept for the yellow pollen).

    Hope you are getting settled...Have a wonderful week!



  10. I only have one rose bloomer (the Joesph's Coat of Many Colors) climber up my fireplace. Your's are beautiful.

    It does the heart good to see the little ones bloom too!!! Sweet!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself a glorious day sweetie!!! :o)

  11. Your roses are gorgeous! Can not wait to see ours come up! Ahh naps, still love naps! lol Unpacking and discovering photos and art is a wonderful gift!

  12. Your rose pictures are pretty, Debbie. We have seen so many beautiful roses around here. Seeing them all makes me miss my rose bush at our old house! They were so pretty.

    Have a good week!

  13. Those are very pretty roses from your garden! Thank you for sharing the photos and those of the dear little ones from school. Sweet post :)

  14. Choosing to notice the blessings everyday is a great "Heart Choice!"

    This year, I have chosen the word "joy" and I see a lot of joy in your post. Thanks for sharing!


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