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Everyday Blessings Through a Child's Eyes

Counting my every day blessings makes me smile!  As I think back over my week, it's fun to recall simple blessings.

It can much too easy to get in the habit of remembering what went wrong.  Instead, why not make the choice to focus on the blessings of the week?  And then always remember to ...give thanks.

There's something beautiful about looking at the world through the lens of a child.  This week, Heidi taught the three year old children about the concept of melting.  We began with frozen popsicles and gave one to each child.  We took them outside in the sunshine.  The popsicles began to melt and the children were able to paint a picture with their popsicle.  They loved it and were so proud when we hung their art work outside our classroom door for all to see.  Every time they passed by their masterpiece, they would point to it and smile.

Here they are sitting in the sun as their popsicles melted and they quietly painted.

Take a look at those socks with the X's and O's.  Aren't they the cutest?  I get a kick out of the different shoes and socks.  Since the children wear uniforms, these items allow for some creativity and uniqueness.  Notice the flower in Anika's hair.

The children know how to write their first name but recently we've been working with them on writing both first and last name.  Max is working very diligently as he learns the letters in his last name.

Our letter of the week was "M".  Maya is searching for a hidden "m" in our poem.  Again, check out the flower in her hair and the cute socks and shoes; love them.

I had to include this family photo of Jake getting a haircut.  Jake's mom is married to my cousin Rod.  Jake looks so much like the Sumstad side of the family.  He's too funny with his unique expressions!

Sometimes it's good to look at life from the eyes of a child.  They do have a unique perspective.  And I tend to smile more and more ...

#316 The simplicity of a popsicle changing shape
#317 Watching the children delight in painting with their popsicle
#318 Holding Anika's hair bows as I help take her sweater off over her head and then she always asks me to help put her bows back in her hair
#319 Observing the children learn the letter "M" and recognize it in words and sounds
#320 Seeing a child learn to write their complete name
#321 The smile of a child when they get a sticker for good manners
#322 The cutest expression on the face of my cousin's son during a haircut
#323 Noticing the family resemblance in Jake

I love looking at the world through the eyes of children.  What a blessing it is!

Are you counting your everyday blessings?  I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Counting our blessings always puts things in perspective. Thanks for sharing yours! Thinking of you....

  2. How sweet. My daughters always wore uniforms and loved it. They always knew what they were wearing when they woke up. Now my youngest is in college and wishes they had uniforms. The melting Popsicle are a delightful idea. Loved seeing them lined up at the fence.

  3. Life would be so much simpler if I would learn to view it through the eyes of a child. Love the gifts you've shared this week my friend.

  4. nice post...thanks for sharing...blessings soraya

  5. Your posts always make me smile!! I see your heart so clearly as I read and view your pictures.

    What a sweet list this week!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Beautiful blessings! My illustrator is 11 - but I'm going to tell him about the popsicles - He loves using ALL types of materials in his art!

  7. Oh my goodness, the hair cut photo is absolutely adorable! What a great memory that will make! :)

  8. I did enjoy these pics and blessings. It was like getting to be with a granddaughter that age that I don't get to see too often. Thank you, and God bless.

  9. Amen to that, Debbie.

    Children have the gift of recognizing the beauty around them. I think that we should do the same as adults. I guess that is why I love photography so much.

    Thank you for sharing your blessings.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  10. Love your list, Debbie! Love the pictures of the kids enjoying themselves!

  11. Your post reminds me how much joy my grandchildren bring to me and how much they have taught me about being thankful.....

    I love the way they looks at things and their honest insights which I often miss.....They keep me on my toes for sure.....

  12. Children do have a wonderful way at looking at things! I love the exuberance with which they come at life with! I wonder why adults so often lose their enthusiasm? I want have the heart of a child!

  13. Oh, friend. It has been much too long since I popped in!

    So glad to see you counting gifts. What an exercise - promotes such growth and contentment.

    Sweet pictures of the kids you teach!! Just precious! Thanks for sharing :)

    Love to you,
    Kate :)

  14. What a fun way to learn about melting. Love it! Aww... poor Jake! Looks like haircuts are not his favorite thing in the world. What a sweetie!

  15. Never thought of painting with popsicles when my kids were young. So creative! And I agree, children give us new perspective, get us back down so we can look up again, see Jesus with fresh eyes. Blessings!

  16. I decided just last week to start counting my blessings and will link up with Ann for the first time tomorrow. Already I can tell what a difference it makes.



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