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In Other Words Tuesday ~ His Perfect Love

For In Other Words Tuesday, I chose the quote above.  I hope you'll join in with your direct link.

I have to admit that I'm the queen of trying to fix myself.  I've spent countless hours and money on:

  • Self-help books

  • Therapy

  • Designer clothes

  • New hairstyle

  • Beauty makeover
You name it; I've probably tried it.  Although several of my 'fixes' may have temporarily helped, that's just what they were ...temporary.

The Only One who truly sees me and loves me as I am ...is Jesus.

I love the Scriptures from Psalm 139:13-14:

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
When I received Jesus as my personal Savior, I became a new person.  Even though I continue to struggle with my flesh, I am declared righteous before God.

So when God looks at Debbie, He sees ...Jesus' righteousness.

Since I did nothing to earn it, all I can do is to receive this gift of love.  And when I truly embrace this love, it begins to overflow to others. 

Have you ever seen someone who has a special radiance about them? They may not have the physical beauty that our world seems to admire.  But there's something so attractive about them.  The love of God within a person can be so beautiful, peaceful and able to draw people in. 

I'd like to have more of that!

So, instead of trying to fix myself, I make the choice to ...fix my gaze on Jesus. 

Instead of focusing on what's wrong with me, I make the choice ...to praise Him. 

And as I fall deeper and deeper in love with Him, I know that love ...will overflow to others.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. amen to that, debbie!!!

    there is certainly a time for counselors,
    etc., but many problems flee when
    faced with Him!

    well said, debbie.


  2. Beautiful words from a beautiful heart.

  3. Very good post. I am one who flees when I need Him most...I need to stop fleeing.

  4. Oh how I love you!

    Beautiful post my precious friend!

    Glad you are running to our Daddy who is always waiting to lift you up!


  5. Wonderful perspective! Love you girl!

  6. This is a wonderful quote, Debbie, and addressed something I've been struggling with lately. How I wish Jesus would take his hands to my face and hold it in His direction. Thank you for reminding me what is TRUE.

  7. Challenging quote this week Debbie! Thank you for hosting and for sharing your heart.

  8. Dear Debbie, This was such a good post...prompting us to dig deeper into His Word---to fall recklessly into His loving arms, letting go of everything we "hope" or "try" to be. We can "be" or "do" nothing, apart from Him. (John 15:5) The enemy tries to deceive us into believing we "have" to do something, when everything has already been DONE for us...Most of our lives are spent "unlearning" everything conventional wisdom teaches us and simply learning to LETTING GO and trust in God's power within us. It takes a LOT MORE energy to try to FIX ourselves than to simply FIX OUR GAZE upon our loving Heavenly Father and His precious Son, Who, with the Divine Enabling Power of the Holy Spirit, have done everything for us. The Triune God has done it all...It truly IS finished.the work He began, He is faithfully completing in our practical, every-day lives! We simply have to learn to release our grip from life, and fix our gaze upon Him. He'll do the rest! We just R E S T! LOVE YOU DEAR SIS!

  9. What a wonderful post Debbie, and again, how I identify with it. I also know just what you mean about someone who just radiates Him, and how attractive and drawing that REALLY is. And I too want that for my life. Thanks for this and have a wonderful day. HUGS!

  10. This is a great one Debbie! It's true that nothing on earth satisfy's our deepest needs apart from Jesus!

    I'm so thankful that He made me and knows me. That means everything!!

    Big hugs!


  11. That was really good. We waste too much energy trying to fix ourselves when God has a much better way, Jesus. Praise the Lord for that. Its a shame we take so long getting around to the right solution.

  12. Thxs for hosting debbie and the quote you choose is so right on the point for me.....My gaze must be more on Him and i must be open to fill myself with His Love and as you said to BE ABLE to spill it more over to others.......

    Have an great day

  13. Hi Debbie - great quote! Thanks for sharing it with us this week. This is definitely a topic that we, as women, need to talk about and learn from. Thanks for reminding us to keep our focus on Him! Blessings, Nina

  14. You're so right!! We'll never be satisfied with those temporary fixes!! Loved this post, Debbie! This speaks to all of us!

  15. Oh! And I love that quote! I may copy it and use it for my Facebook status!! ;)

  16. It is so true that when we focus on Jesus, everything else seems to fall into the right perspective. Sometimes I take awhile to see this, but He is ever faithful to show me. I find it so amazing that He loves me without makeup or gorgeous hair; He even loves me even though He knows what goes on inside my heart sometimes that does not bring him glory. It is that love that cleanses my heart and makes me desire to know Him more!

    Thank you, Debbie, for blessing us with your insight today!
    Blessings to you,

  17. Wouldn't it be awesome if us, His children are reflecting His glory? I prayed right away when i read your comment and asked the Lord to guide you with His divine wisdom re:your plan to create that blog especially for nurses...That's awesome! I pray many nurses who don't know Him will also come to do so. Through you...Blessings to you sister.

  18. Beautiful post...I am so thankful for His free gift and when He sees me He sees me clothed in righteousness! Hallelujah

  19. I enjoyed joining today your post was great.
    Have a great Wednesday,

  20. Very well said. Great thoughts here. Thanks.

  21. You are right, Debbie. I have met some incredible people that have the radiance about them and their love for Jesus shows.

    I like what you said about temporary fixes; only temporary.

    Thank you for hosting IOWT this week - I am a little late getting my post up :)...

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  22. Thank you so much for hosting this week. I am sorry I joined late ~ a friend spent the afternoon I'd not seen in over 3 years. But I read and reread the quote numerous times. A lot packed in there. THANK YOU for sharing and your thoughts too. Hugs, Debbie!

    PS Jessica has a cardiology appointment Monday late morning along with an echo . . . not concerned . . . just routine. :)

  23. Debbie,

    When I first saw your In Other Words quote, what came to my mind was "It's not about me"! So, I love what you wrote: "Instead of trying to fix myself, I make the choice to ...fix my gaze on Jesus." When we focus on Jesus rather than ourselves, what others see in us becomes more and more a reflection of Christ. That's what I want, too - less of me and more of Him!

    Thanks Debbie, such a great confirmation this morning,

    Living for Him, Joan

  24. LOVED this post Debbie. . . I love how God transforms us from the inside out . . .filling us with Himself . . . creating us to be the overflow of His love, mercy, and grace. He is looking for a heart that is desperate for His.
    Love to you sister!

  25. This was so great! Welcome to HCB. I look forward to getting to know you better through the network. :)

  26. I would like to exchange links with your site www.heartchoices.com
    Is this possible?

  27. I would like to exchange links with your site www.heartchoices.com
    Is this possible?


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