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Wednesday's Walk ~ Cousins

It's Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane when I link up with Jenilee of the Goodwin Family blog.

This memory is from way back around 1975.  Many of you probably weren't even born yet; lol.

My parents moved to Clearwater, Florida and my cousins came to visit. 

This is Susan and Linda.  They are the daughters of my mother's brother Ivar.  They also have three brothers.  Linda and I practically grew up together as we are only one month apart in age.

Don't laugh and remember it was about 1975 and check out my hair; yikes ...Farrah Fawcett was the rage!

This is my cousin Linda, my younger sister Christine, cousin Susan and yours truly holding Linda's baby Danielle.  

This is a photo of my Grandma and my mom.  My grandparents first moved to Florida and my parents followed several years later. 

Remember Danielle, the little baby I was holding?  She's married and is now a mom of two little girls; Allison and Kristen.  Can you believe how quickly time goes by?

My cousin Susan met her husband while working on a missionary ship.  They have two sons who are grown. 

My cousin Linda has been married to Pastor Ron Braaten since 1973.  Ron's mother and father were in my parents' wedding party in 1950.  Growing up we always attended each other's birthday parties. 

Linda and Ron continue to serve as missionaries in Belize.  Although they finished raising their own children, they have a heart for children and have raised several who needed a home.  I receive email updates and often read that another child needed a home so of course, they say yes.  They are truly serving the Lord.

This photo was taken in the states when their son Jeff performed in an opera.  Let me tell you this guy can sing.  I heard him sing at his sister's wedding.  Jeff is pictured in the orange top.

Life goes by so very quickly!

As I take this walk down Memory Lane, I'm amazed at the amount of time that has passed.  I encourage you not to take those family moments for granted. 

Treasure them in your heart and ...love one another.

Blessings and love,
Debbie Petras
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  1. I soo enjoy trips down memory lane. I have soo many similiar pics ~ same time line I guess, haha. The hair dos? Remember those for sure, lol...I always had the SUPER LONG and parted down the middle hanging straight and styless, haha...Have a wonderful day Debbie.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to cherish each moment!

  3. What wonderful memory treasures you have shared, Debbie. You brought me with you back to 1975, the year I was married - yikes! I was never able to wear the Farrah hair; mine was too thin!

    God has given you wonderful, godly heritage,and I am happy to have been reminded of my cousins and other family members that I haven't seen for so long.

    God bless,

  4. How beautiful! I'm loving the clothes and the hair!!! :) you were adorable! so cute.

  5. Great reminder! and Love the hair!

  6. Family is truly a gift! Thanks for sharing yours!!

  7. Farrah Fawcett hair? Oh yeah! We all loved it too! I wheeled my cousin "Dougie" in a baby-stroller..we are close to this day. I e-mail my cousin Jon about family root things, he's into it with me. My cousin David designs airline logos and for fun sent me one on a plane bound for Norway with my mother's picture on it. My cousin Eunice wears glow in the dark toe polish. My cousins Solveig and Sissel are awaiting us in Norway for my daughter's wedding....and MANY more both in Norway and USA...I have scads of cousins! Aren't they neat?! You always have such interesting posts and I love them! But then, YOU are interesting and I have come to love YOU!

    Carol Joy

  8. 1975-yep I wasn't born. Great memories. I think the old hairstyles are coming back. Some things should never come back in style.

  9. These pictures are just super Debbie! I think they uses to say 'hubba hubba'... and now my kids would be laughing out loud!!

    I love seeing all of these old photos, it gives us another glimpse into your life, and since we already know we are 'sisters'... it helps to fill in the early years! :)

    Love you #3 of 3...


  10. The 70s rocked! I was in my 20s/30s during that era, so I sure relate to the fashion & hair-dos.

    I'm a huge fan of memories and memorabilia. Isn't it fun to ponder & muse, meander through & reflect upon the antiques within our own hearts? Some of the best stuff waits there for discovery.

    Thanks for sharing yours!


  11. 1975! Yep...I was alive then! Though, I didn't quite have the knack of the Farrah hair as well as you did! Thanks for sharing your memories and family pictures! time flies, doesn't it?

  12. I enjoyed your post and all of the pictures. I have great memories with my cousins and still get to see them pretty regularly. Family is such a blessing.

  13. Oh love the pictures...have some of those myself. I also love your post and the blessing of your Christian Heritage. In 1975 was husband was in college and I was in high school.
    Blessings...always blessed by visiting here...the spirit is so sweet!!!!

  14. I had all those same clothes I thing! WOW, brings back memories, times seemed so different back then, now I know how my folks feel!

  15. Time does go so fast! Loved the pictures and the memories...especially the Farah Fawcett hair! =)

  16. I just love learning about your amazing family. The pic of your mom and grandmom is beautiful. I had never seen a pic of your grandmother, and the pic of your mom is just beautiful. I know she was pretty, but that pic is just gorgeous. You have good genes, Debbie!


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