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Flashback ~ Lindenhurst High School Reunion

Friday Photo Flashback
It's Friday Photo Flashback when I link up with Alicia of More Than Words.

Today I'm going back to 1991 and it was my 20 year high school reunion.  Yes, you read that right.  I graduated from Lindenhurst High School in 1971 before many of you were even born. :)

The day before the reunion I got together with several of my girlfriends for lunch at Maryjane's house. 
We had so much to catch up on. 
From left to right: Maryjane Mazzapelle, Lois Copozzi, JoAnn Hoza, me and Donna Lorelli.
Yes, there were so many Italians in my school. After all, it was Long Island.

This photo was taken at the evening reunion event. 
Maryjane is with her high school boyfriend and yes, he's been her hubby for more than 30 years.  They are now grandparents.
Lynn Jaeger is next to Lois and I'm on the end.
They were getting us ready for the group photo.  I think I was trying to tell my husband Greg to take a picture too.  All I can say is that after that night, I could barely talk.  But it was worth it since I had such a good time.
Next year is going to be our 40th reunion!
Let me assure you; time goes by soooo fast ...

Debbie Petras
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  1. that was so fun to see! high school
    reunions are wonderful. thank you
    for sharing yours!

  2. Oh, don't tell me that time goes fast! I'm merely 17, and I feel the exact same way...I was hoping it slows down after a while!

    :) Great post, you look amazing in all your photos!

  3. And probably if we had stayed in Long Island, that would have been my high school as well!!

    It's always fun to see your pictures Debbie... and that blonde hair just stands out in the crowd!



  4. Oh my gosh, how awesome!!!! And I do have to point out that you all look FANTASTIC!!!!!! I can imagine how much fun you all had together!!!!

  5. This was so neat...time does fly...and in 1971, I had been alive for quite a while...:)

  6. These pictures are so much fun! It's great to see the time change in the pictures! You look great in the pictures! Have a great Friday!

  7. Too cute! Did you notice you were the only blond in the middle of those brunette Italian gals? :o)

    The group pic -- ha ha. I hope they got another one where you were looking at the camera.


  8. Reunions are the best! I had my 50th last year ..... can't even imagine having a 55th or 60th! Enjoy your weekend ......... good luck with the job possibility.

  9. We have a high school reunion this year too (35th). I won't go to mine but my hubby's is later in the summer. I'll go because he wants to but that's the only reason! lol

  10. We're doing a Girl's Night Out overnight for my daughter getting married,(I'm doing monogrammed robes and Sonja is doing beautiful gift baggies) with her best friends from early school years....I was the mother who drove those girls around frpm kindergarten on! You're right, how fast time goes!
    (40th reunion Debbie? You don't look a day over your 20th!!!) Love you!

    Carol Joy

  11. Debbie, one of my favorite things to do is look at older photos! You look great. What fun memories. Have a blessed weekend, my friend. Love you!

  12. Debbie what a precious heartfelt photo! Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings, ~Melissa

  13. Debbie your blog is wonderful! Thank you for your sweet visit and for following along as well. I really appreciate it and look forward to getting to know your better.

    Thank you for your kind words on my weight loss and new healthy life. I am feeling very blessed and grateful these days to be healthy again. Yay! For me it started to change around the age of 40. I'm almost 45 now. What was I thinking? Whew! What a wake up call I had about 8 months ago.

    Have a blessed weekend. I'll see you again soon. ~Melissa :)

  14. How fun! My ten year is next year and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again!

  15. Oh, that is terrific. I graduated 10 years after you...1981. I've never been to any reunions, but our 30th is next year. How great that you had so much fun and so many people to reconnect with. Time does fly.

  16. How fun! Great photos with your high school friends! It is fun to see all of you at different times through the pictures. You looked beautiful in them all :o)

    I have yet to get the opportunity to go to one of my high school reunions! I graduated in 1981 from Alamogordo Sr. High School, in New Mexico.
    Blessings & Aloha!
    (thank you for stopping by! It was awesome to get to see our kids for 4 weekends in a row! You would have thought that we only lived a couple hours away and not the 12 hr drive that it took one way! :o0 I cant wait til we get the chance to move closer to them.

  17. You look stunning!!!!!!!!!!!! And you aren't that old. I was 3 when you graduated! :)


  18. You have such beautiful past photos and memories to share. Love you.

  19. I think you are very brave! I never want to go to a high school reunion let alone see anyone on the street from my high school days. (I think I just don't like how everyone 'competes' with how much a better life they have.) Though I did go to a 'ghetto' school before they brought in metal detectors...lol.


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