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In Other Words Tuesdays ~ Live Out a Life of Gratitude

It's In Other Words Tuesday and Tami of The Next Step is our host this week. Tami chose the following quote for today:

As Thanksgiving is only several days away, the topic of being thankful is on many of our minds. It is good to be thankful. We may each express our gratitude in different ways.

We may have our thankful lists but do we really ...live out a life of gratitude?

How do you react when:
  • Your elderly aunt keeps telling you the same story over and over again
  • Nobody seems to be around to help when it's time to clean up after the Thanksgiving meal
  • You seem to work and work to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal but don't receive the praise you were seeking
  • The person who agreed to bring the dessert fails to show up
  • Your family just doesn't seem to get into the thankful lists you hoped they would each share
  • Your uncle turns the ballgame on and doesn't talk to anyone

Maybe you can add your own version of the disappointments that can occur when families gather together. We want it to be perfect but often they are not.

Will you consider taking time this Thanksgiving to spend time early in the morning with the Lord?

Make time before the guests arrive and the meal needs to be prepared and quiet yourself before Him.

The more time you spend with the Lord, the more you will reflect Jesus to others. The fruit of the Spirit will become more evident to others. And that fruit is a byproduct that requires no words. It is seen by others.

Will you commit to ...live out what you believe?

Will you be thankful ...despite imperfect people?

May your gratitude be lived out in your life as you exhibit:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Goodness
  • Faithfulness
  • Gentleness
  • Self-control

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving that is filled with thankfulness.

Debbie Petras
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  1. I just started a new journal specifically for expressing gratitude as I look for grace notes from the Lord every single day. No matter how small and no matter what else is going on I am determined to find something to be grateful for each day.

  2. this is a wonderful life I so enjoy life so much more when gratitude is extended and received

  3. Lovely post today, Debbie :)

    Thankfulness...and LIVING IT OUT have been on my mind here lately.

    Here is a cool quote I ran across yesterday:

    "Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving." ~W.T. Purkiser

    It goes right along with your post!

    I hope you are doing well and having a nice week!

    Kate :)

  4. That was good. Thanks so much for you input, for the examples you gave on how we can live out our gratitude in spite of the things around us. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. This as usual was soo good Debbie. I laughed along with your list of realities that usually occur on a holiday. I could obviously add a thing or two, like no matter how hard I try to have everything clean and nice SOMEONE is sure to find the one thing that isn't and comment, haha...my actuality seldom meets my expectations. And yet you are sooo right. The more time I spend with Him, the less stressed I feel and the more I want others around me to know Him. This was such a great reminder. I am going to do just what you suggested and spend EXTRA time in prayer Thanksgiving morning. My company is beginning to arrive tonight (my Melly and her husband, YAY)and I am not feeling real well. If you could say a quick prayer for that I'd be most grateful. WAY too much to still do to not feel well and I want to enjoy my family too. Blessings to you, Debbie

  6. Thanks for the great reminder to keep our "expectations" in check. Being thankful on Thanksgiving Day is so much more than having everyone follow our own agenda for the "perfect holiday." Extending grace is one way we can 'show' our appreciation for the people in our lives. Thanks for sharing this week.

  7. Ha ha! I love your list. I think laughter is part of the secret of thankfulness. :-)

  8. I hope & pray my "reactions" speak honorably of what resides in me - even in the overflow of my heart. Sometimes I know I'm mean-spirited and impatient, but then there are those times when I am absolutely certain it's God's grace driving the machine that is my soul. Amazing grace.


  9. I'm sure I could come up with a list of complaints in no time. Thanks for the reminder to start the day with the Lord. That always puts things in the right perspective!

  10. The more time you spend with the Lord, the more you will reflect Jesus to others.

    Amen, sister.

    We were on the same wavelength, huh? I like the application you give us to start expressing our gratitude in our attitude right away. Nice work.

  11. What a wonderful post Debbie! I could visualize everything you listed. Ha.

    Thank you for the sweet prompting.


  12. Living out gratitude despite whatever disappointments may occur - I like that. We should be thankful every day and not just at Thanksgiving time! Lovely post...

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  13. Amen to that, Debbie. Yes, we live in an imperfect world, and there will always be daily disappointments. How we handle those disappointments makes the difference :)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving...

    PS: I will still host TT this week...just in case you wanted to know - lol...

  14. And when there is no family coming over Give Thanks Also for the peace and precious memories we all have. We can be thankful for the love He shows us. I will be so very Thankful to God tomorrow because my sons, even though they live out of state and cannot be with us this year, they have a wonderful walk with the Lord and they have wonderful healthy families, what could be greater than that. They have come out of the pits of hell (drugs) and are now clean and giving thanks to Our God. I give thanks for my other son whom doesn't speak to me very often but I still have fond memories and when I think of him I smile.
    I will give thanks for my friends, of which I have been blessed with many.
    I will be thankful for you Debbie for all your encouraging words on days that have many clouds.
    Blessing my friend,

    Anna May

  15. We just spent a week in Alta. Although I love Farmor dearly, she does so much for our family and we are so thankful for her, but sometimes we have different ideas of raising children. It can be a challenge but if we don't agree with what the other is doing we just let it go ;).

  16. Another beautiful post from a beautiful heart, love you.


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