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Seeking Peace

Peace, peace ...world peace. Many people and groups claim that world peace is what they long for. It was recently announced that President Obama is the recipient of this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

Even beauty queens say they desire world peace. It reminds me of the movie "Miss Congeniality" starring Sandra Bullock. She plays FBI agent Gracie Hart who goes undercover in a beauty pagent. It's quite funny because she's not very feminine but gets quite a makeover. She eventually succumbed to the beauty queen mentality and when asked her question during the pagent, her required response was "world peace".

What do you picture when you think of peace?

(Photo credit: Country Living)

I can just picture myself sitting in this chair overlooking the river with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. But that time of peace would be temporary. Enjoyable but ...temporary peace.

Maybe you're in the midst of some trying circumstances. After all, this is a very uncertain time economically. Many people are concerned about their jobs and paying their bills. Our military is involved in Afghanistan and the mideast during a great period of turmoil. There are hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that occur. And then there are children who rebel. How can anyone have peace?

But I want to share something that I received in the mail last week. It was a giveaway prize on Jill's Forever N Ever N Always. BTW just a hint; if you leave comments on people's blogs during giveaways you're in the running for prizes. However, that's not why I leave you guys comments. I hope you know that.

At first, I thought His Princess: Love Letters From Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd was a children's book but ...I was so wrong.

I love this book! I want to share an excerpt with you that touched my heart.

"My Princess ...I AM YOUR PEACE

I long to give you rest for your soul and peace in your heart. I know sometimes it looks like life has no peace to offer - just one big problem after another. It's true that the world is filled with hatred, envy and every sort of evil, so please don't be looking for peace in people or attempting to position yourself where there are no problems. The kind of peace the world tries to offer is built on false hope and man-made idols that will eventually crumble. The peace I give you will transcend any trial or tribulation that comes against you because it is supernatural. So position yourself completely in My care, and let go of all those things you cannot control. Then you will find true peace. In the middle of chaos and confusion, I will always be your safe place - a place of peace. I'm asking you, My princess, to share with others the peace I give freely to you.

Your King and your Perfect Peace"

I don't know about you but I loved reading this.

True peace can only be found in Christ! As long as we're on this side of eternity, there will never be true and lasting peace. But in the midst of trouble, worry and turmoil, know where to run ...to Jesus.

How about you? Any thoughts on peace you'd like to share?

Debbie Petras
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  1. Oh how I love these books by Sheri Rose Shepherd. A few years ago I bout "His Princess, Letters from your King" and to this day I keep it either on top of my night stand beside my bed or in my car. I find that if I need uplifting or quick courage that reading one of these letters and the scripture with it, just moves my heart, mind and soul because it's a letter to me personally from my King.

    I love being the Kings Daughter!
    Congratulations on your interview at FaithfulBloggers.com

    Since we are both daughters of the King, then I am signing off with-

    It's great to be Heavenly Sisters,
    Lee Ann

  2. Have I told you lately how much I love you?

    If not, you must hear it once again that one day God will bless us with the opportunity to love on each other in person!

    I'm so glad the book is blessing you!

    We love her books. I read the Warrior book to the boys before bed and Scott reads the princess one for little girls - and they LOVE it!

    Let me just tell you that although every letter is for them, I'm learning so much about God through them too. I'm learning how important my job as their Mom is and what God is expecting me to be teaching them.

    Oh Debbie - God is our peace and rest! He wants you to drop your arms stop trying to swim and rest in His hands that will hold you up!

    I love you!

  3. PS You are going to love all the videos I'm posting this week!


  4. I've seen these books around but never checked them out. Now you've piqued my interest!

  5. Such a wonderful post sweetie. That book sounds really awesome.

  6. What a blessing sweetie!

    I am not familiar with these books but sounds wonderful.

    I wanted to let you know I'm off line this week and I'll be praying for you.

    Also, whenever you have time please email me your address.

    Love you girl.

  7. This was a great way to start my morning. I have personally experienced that peace that passes all understanding a few times in my life and it is truly indiscribable. (I've spelled that wrong I am sure, but you get what I mean) I want more and more of it in my life. These books look wonderful and I will be looking for them soon. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great day....Debbie

  8. I really needed a piece of peace today! Thanks...

  9. This is a great tribute to King Jesus, our Prince of Peace. I love the cartoon! And I find the chair and coffee very inviting!

  10. Oh Lord let your Peace wash over Debbie and remove every anxiety and worry from her mind. Wrap your arms around her and let your love flow all over her and calm her heart. We lift our eyes to the hills and know that our help comes from you Lord. You are the maker of Heaven and earth. Your love is unfailing. You are never late. You are always on time. You will not forsake your chosen ones. Increase our Faith Lord. In Jesus Name - Amen

  11. Excellent post, Debbie! What a wonderful letter~~I will check out those books!
    So much in this world does not make any sense at all. Thanks so much for the message in this post~~God truly is our Prince of Peace!


    ~Let Freedom Ring!~

  12. How fun to win a giveaway! I'm posting one tomorrow on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing that encouragement from the book. I love how we can be encouraged and then share that on our blogs and encourage others. You are so good at that. This looks like a really good book. I'm not familiar with it.

  13. Thanks Debbie, I needed that today. The peace of God truly passes all understanding. I never would have made it this far without Him in my life.

  14. Peace. I know it's a fruit of His spirit, a coveted treasure. I know He is our peace, so I understand the more I have of Him, the more I have of His peace.

    I also know the world serves up a facsimile peace - a counterfeit. Boy have I bought into that stuff from time-to-time.

    For me, being still and knowing He is God is the best route to peace. It often entails a concerted effort to silence my flesh, but when peace comes ... it comes as a flood.


  15. One thing that I love about my marriage is that my husband and I are opposites. When he is hectic I am at peace and vice versa. This way the one at peace can always be there for the one that is running around like a chook. I love it when the stillness of my husband can settle me too ;)


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