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Too Busy For God?

Are you too busy for God? Now before you answer, consider the following questions:
  • Do you find yourself running from activity to activity trying to complete your to-do list?
  • Do you agree to help out with so many good causes, that you find it hard to make dinner and keep your house orderly?
  • Do you ever find yourself keeping the TV on in the background at home but end up getting caught up in the talk shows and another hour has gone by?
  • Do you find there's constant noise and activity throughout your day?
  • Do you say your prayers in your car because you can't seem to carve out time to sit long enough to really listen to what God may have to say to you?

I love Joyful Toons. This cartoon says so much about spending time with God ...or not.

We can find ourselves distracted by so many things in this world. And not all of those things are wasteful activities. Many may be good things. Many may be things we do in God's name.

But is the desire of our hearts to really know Him? Do you really want to hear His voice? I wrote another post last week about hearing the voice of God. You can link here to read it.

In order to grow in any relationship, you need to spend time together.

So, pour a cup of tea, coffee or your favorite beverage and find a place where you'll be alone and talk to God and ...listen.

Maybe you have to set your alarm so you wake up a bit earlier than your children or before you have to get ready for work. It may only be a short time to begin with. But start with some time each day.

  • Ask the Lord for direction for your day.
  • Give Him your to-do list and ask for the time to complete what He has for you this day.
  • Submit your day to Him asking for His strength and guidance.
  • Ask for His wisdom to discern whether an interruption is a distraction or something sent from Him.

There may not be enough hours in the day to complete your to-do list. There may not be enough time to be super Mom, wife, daughter, sister, or friend.

Just start by submitting this day to the Lord. Allow Him to work in and through you to impact others He has for you ...in this season of your life.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie,

    How I have missed you and taking that stroll to the cross with you through your posts! Thank you does not seem like enough to say for your prayer support and kind words over these last few weeks as my family as endured the loss of another loved one and continues with the ups and downs of another beloved Aunt in ICU with day to day uncertainties....but thank you. Your kindness and love and support mean so much to me. They have lifted me up when I have been weary, and trust me, I have been weary. I just don't feel like myself. I have been on the road back and forth to my hometown and I don't feel like I'm being a great wife and mother and when I am home, I just want to sleep.

    I've been still before the Lord today and wanted to come by and say hello to a few of you gals and not overdo it ... I have missed blogland very much. And thanks again, for being you...I love ya bunches.

  2. Such a wonderful reminder for us all. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post. I liked how you ended "in this season."

    Yes I signed up for the SHMILY Power of a praying wife event on FB. My supervising teacher gave me the book when I was student teaching. I'm just doing the prayers this time through. I didn't want to get behind and knew I would if I tried to read it right now as we're preparing for our trip to NM.

  4. Oh I totally needed to read this today.....wow. Hit the nail right ON!

    ......typing this while I am scrambling to get dinner ready, check emails/blogs and off to my p/t job.

    I need to work on being Still.


  5. Oh Amen. I wish I could say I learned this early on, but it was not until the last year that I made a conscious effort to get up and spend time w/ God alone. Great cartoon.

  6. Good reminders here. Yes, it is too easy in our society to get too busy! A couple of years ago I heard someone suggest that we should "listen" in our prayers. If all we do is speak, and not sit in silence, how can we be open to what God may be trying to impress upon us? good points. wb

  7. Oh that cartoon is too cute!

    What a great post Debbie and I love being reminded to STOP and BE STILL.

    Bless you dear!

  8. the picture of the sheep and the shepherd is the perfect one for this post.

  9. I think this was a very powerful post. I "loved" and "hated" the questions you ask......running from activity to activity, TV in the background, praying in the car.....We often think we have our little ways of dealing with God, and yet a good friend comes along and points out the obvious. I also went back to the post from last week. These two "sermons" convict me of my need.
    Thanks Debbie. It would have been so easy to just write "good post," but I want you to know that you touched my need, that God is using you. Bless you my friend.

  10. Although I see the importance in having alone time to be fully devotional, I also think that being things such as a good wife and good parent is just as wonderful in terms of doing what we are supposed to do on this Earth. Not things such as listening to your ipod and reading a magazine like the comic illustrates, but being busy doing the things God would want you to be doing.

    ~ Kristi

  11. I hate to say this here, but blogging, reading blogs, facebook, twitter, and the internet in general have become great time and attention drains in my life. I can sit down to check my e-mail and realize over an hour has gone by while I clicked from this bookmark to that, from that blog to the next. I've decided it's time to consciously cut back. That's part of why my blogs have been shorter - that and other obligation.

    Thanks for another thoughtful post.

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  13. This is a great post. It touched me and I hope you don't mind but I want to quote you in my blog. I will give you credit and maybe even send a few your direction. Thanks so much for the reminder.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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