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Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett's Deaths

Death is a fact. Nobody gets away with it. We're born into this world and one day we die. It doesn't matter how much money you have or how famous you are. One day we'll all experience death.

Last week there were several high profile deaths, including Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and now I just read about Billy Mays, the Oxy Clean pitchman.

Death isn't a very popular topic but I thought a lot about it this past week.

Farrah Fawcett; how well I remember when I got my hair cut to hopefully look just a bit like Farrah (yeah right, wishful thinking). In the 70's, Farrah's famous poster was displayed on many young men's walls, including my brother's garage. She was gorgeous and that smile and perfect teeth! I always remembered her birthday because she was born one day after me; February 2nd. However, she was six years older than me.

But this Texas beauty became a woman that girls wanted to look like. I was surprised to read that she was only on Charlie's Angels for one season. I guess she made quite an impact. I thought she did a great job in the movie, The Burning Bed and it was obvious she could act. I think she didn't want to be known only as a pretty face. But Farrah lost her battle with cancer, just like many other women. It's sad because she still had much life in her.

Michael Jackson; I like to remember him as he looked in this photo. I remember when Michael used to sing with his brothers. This little dynamo was so talented and sang so beautifully and definitely stood out. He was a force to be reckoned with. And what a creative genius. He contributed so much to the music industry and ...also to dance. He was definitely unique!

I remember his Thriller album in particular. Greg and I were newly married and we had a boat on Lake Powell. We would play this album as we water skiied and drove around this enormous and beautiful lake. Michael Jackson music brings back memories of those days. I also loved his Man in the Mirror video; very memorable.

While both Farrah and Michael had issues in life that were broadcast all over the world, they were individuals too. I think fame seems to bring more opportunities for good or ...for bad. I'm sure there are more temptations too.

But whenever I hear of someone dying, do you know what is the first thought that goes through my head? I wonder if they knew Jesus.

Because at the end of our lives, that is the only thing that is important. Not how many awards you receive. Not how much money you have. Not how many children you adopted. Not how much money you donated to charity. But what did you do with Jesus?

I want to leave you with a link to Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Connection. There was an interesting article about Michael Jackson. I hope you'll take the time to read it.

Only God knows our hearts intimately. My hope is that I will not only talk about my faith but live it out IN LOVE. After all, I want to allow God to work in and through me for His purposes.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Hey Sister! I pray they all knew Jesus too. I'll go read the link about Michael in just a second.

    I mentioned you in a video I posted yesterday. :o) I took some footage of our green pastures for your viewing pleasure.


  2. You know what's funny? Well maybe not funny. But I ask the same question. Did they know Jesus? Then I think about the persons life and think that they could possibly be spending eternity separated from our Savior and I think how very very sad. It doesn't matter how popular and famous these people were in real life the fact is is they are dead and spending eternity either in heaven or hell and the sad thing is is that most will probably end up in hell. It really does sadden me. This was a great post and I love how you used it for God's glory!
    HUGS to you my friend.

  3. Oh Debbie - I said the very same thing - how tragic a life wasted if they never came to know Jesus. Oh the glory God could get from people who become so famous - the world and all its temptations over take them one by one and finally pride wins.

    May we all stop today and seek His face and what He would have for us today - to be used for His glory - to be a sacrifice unto the LORD! Ready to do His will!

    Hugs and much love!

  4. Hello Debbie :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my last post - They made my day :)

    And THANK YOU for writing this. I don't think I have ever mentioned it on my blog before (I will, soon!) - but ever since I was a young dancing child - I had a huge interest in Michael Jackson. Like, HUGE! Actually, he taught me how to do A LOT of my dance moves :) Even then - as a little kid - I would pray that MJ would come to know Jesus. So that article you linked to today about Michael - just gives me so much hope. SO interesting! Wow. Great post, girl!

    I hope you have a fantastic week! Blessing to you, friend!

    Kate :)

  5. I feel like you do too. You want these people to be saved. They have so much influence.

  6. "I wonder if they knew Jesus.
    Because at the end of our lives, that is the only thing that is important." So so true.

    Something I noticed last week with all the talk of death was in our newspaper it had a headline something like heaven has two new stars. It didn't set well with me just to have the idea that just because someone dies they automatically go to heaven, ya know. It's what we hope for everyone, that they do know Jesus, but we have to be realistic too and realize that not everyone says yes to Him.

  7. I second all the comments left here, you wonder if they were saved. Only God knows the heart and I know we will be surprised who will be with us in heaven.


  8. Debbie,
    I never would have guessed Farrah Fawcett was only on Charlie's Angels for one season! I didn't see the burning bed but I heard the same comment about it from my husband Tom.

    Waterskiing to Thriller sounds fun. I was living in South Korea when it came out. Remember listening to it with my expat friends.

    As for, "Did they know Jesus?" We probably wouldn't hear that on TV or in the tabloids. Come to think of it, I'm wrong. I did read that Farrah was Catholic, so I'm assuming yes.

  9. Debbie,
    The last comment was from me!(Not Thomas!)

  10. That is always my first thought too. This life is just a journey to our final and eternal destination. It's our choice to decide where that will be while we are on this journey.

  11. Debbie,

    This is such a beautiful post. I've been so struck by the overshadowing of Farrah's death by Michael's but overall in talking with my son who is so "over" hearing about Michael Jackson..my husband and I have had to explain how sad we should be at how far he sank in his despair away from the Lord....and he was given such amazing talent.

    Thank you, sweet sister, for being such a faithful friend to keep checking on me during this illness. They put me on Renaxa today and I follow up with the cardiologist again in 2 weeks. I feel extremely fatigued but so far they tell me that is normal.

    Blessings to you, my friend.

  12. Good post. These deaths made hubby and I stop and think a bit...Jackson and Mays were both 50. We both turned 50 this year. Makes pursuing the healthy lifestyle changes we keep talking about but not pursuing very well look more attractive.

  13. ya both incidents are sorrowful :(

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  14. yeah, I had the same question in my mind... did they know Jesus?where are they now?
    thanks for sharing the link from R. Warren's site... those are very compassionate words:))

  15. Thank-you for this post. I went over to the link at Purpose Driven...thanks again. That was insight to Micheal Jackson that I think I needed. It is good for us to be reminded that these are real people, facing real situations, needing the same Jesus that I need. Good post on this subject.

  16. Peter and I say this all the time when we hear of someone passing...

    "But whenever I hear of someone dying, do you know what is the first thought that goes through my head? I wonder if they knew Jesus."


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