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Inauguration Day 2009

It’s Inauguration Day. America has voted and the people have made their choice.

No matter how you voted in this Presidential election, today is a day of anticipation. President Obama will be sworn-in with his right hand on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible and the invocation will be said by Reverend Rick Warren.

It reminds me of another Inauguration Day but this one was in 1993 and Bill Clinton was being sworn in. My hubby and I had the honor of receiving tickets to the much coveted Arkansas Inaugural Ball.

Neither of us had voted for Bill Clinton and we weren’t from Arkansas. But my husband received the tickets from a friend who I guess had “connections”.

Anyhow, we'd never been to an event like this so …off we went to Washington DC.

There was an air of excitement in Washington DC that cold wintery day. We stood outside during the swearing-in ceremony and listened to Maya Angelo recite her poem that became quite famous.
We even watched as former President George H. Bush and his wife took off in a helicopter. And we sadly waved goodbye.

For me, the most exciting part of the inaugural festivities was the Inaugural Ball. Greg and I were all dolled up in our formal attire with our tickets in hand.

We had to go through a full security screening and this was well before 9/11.

Official photos were taken. Greg is not that much taller than me but this photo makes him look so much taller.

Everywhere I looked there were celebrities and musicians like Kenny Loggins, Carol King, Michael Bolton, Tony Bennett and Chuck Berry. Chuck rocked the place with his music and we all danced. The newly elected President Clinton played his sax. All of the major national TV stations were represented by their top commentators surrounding the ball room. It certainly was a night to remember.

Fast forward from 1993 to 2009. Few things have changed on Inauguration Day. The number of inaugural balls has decreased significantly. I’m glad I had the opportunity to go when I did. Who knows when I’d have another opportunity?

Although government can’t solve all of our country’s problems, I will pray for President Obama and the incoming administration. I believe it is a pivotal time in our country’s history. I pray that the right decisions will be made.

And I pray that God will continue to bless our country!
Debbie Petras
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  1. Wow, what an awesome experience! You made me giggle about waving sadly to former President Bush. lol I would have been crying and screaming, "DON'T GO!" Plus, I doubt my husband or I would have used the tickets to celebrate Clinton ... but it sounds like you had an awesome time! You looked beautiful in your gown! Did you just have that in the closet or did you go find a beautiful new gown for the event?

    History will be made today.

    Bless you!

  2. So glad you got to experience that once in a lifetime event. Love the pictures.

    And Amen to what you said. Have a great day.

  3. Thanks for sharing about your once in a lifetime experience.

  4. Wow, Debbie..you look beautiful! How much fun for you...And I'm with Beth...I would have been sad to see President Bush go too. I'm sad to see this one go. :(

    Hugs to you today, my friend.

  5. A ball, and on top of that, an In-
    augural Ball! What an exciting memory. It has been an eventful day, only history will tell us what the impact of it means - for all of us.
    It was a little sad to watch Pres. and Laura Bush leave, but just as I believe the country should have prayed for Pres. Bush, I now believe I am to pray for our new President. After the ball is over...he has a big job in front of him.
    God bless our President, and God bless America!

  6. Dear Debbie,
    You are a real lady,- now- and back then at the ball.
    What a handsome couple.

    I think the right thing to do is to pray for the leaders of our countries no matter personal taste or liking.

    I saw Obama today swearing the oath on the Bible. Is was a mighty moment.

    America's welfare is the concern of the whole world.
    Therefor we all pray and hope for a change to the better once these crisis are dealt with.

    You've gotta give Obama, he's looking strong and determined.

    God bless America.
    God bless the rest of the world as well.

    From Felisol

  7. Lucky you are Debbie to have such a great opportunity! Anyway, what is happening now in USA as a leading country, it affects directly or indirectly the rest of the world. Have in mind that Bush administration was recalling God too much and we have seen how many lifes were killed. (Was that God's desire?). So, instead to pray, lets all of us start thinking of new way of our public life. God has nothing to do with politics and especiall dirty ones... God is blessing the mankind and not only a specific country or nation!!!
    Personally, I trust that there is a big chance for changing things to the better in States. There is a new hope in the tunnel... Regards and best wishes from a citizen of the world, Philip

  8. One of the more remarkable moments about yesterday's festivities, I thought, was seeing the former presidents and their first ladies...and also the former vice presidential couples. You rarely see them all together in one space like that...the old with the new. It was very exciting to see that.

    Yesterday was certainly a defining moment in American history. I'm very happy to see the change and the chance for a new day and am inspired by how smooth this transition seemed to occur. It really showed the character of those involved. I'm hopeful.

    It's wonderful that you had the opportunity to participate in one of these moments, Debbie.

    Thanks for sharing yours with us.


  9. Sorry Debbie, I cannot resist to ask "The BIKE Lady":
    Why is it so "remarkable seeing the former presidents and their first ladies...and also the former vice presidential couples, all together in one space"?
    I thought the most important thing is their leadership abilities, motives, values and ideas and not the social event itself!!! That wasn't a Hollywood fiesta...
    I recall Obama's speech and I admire his leadership and political vision...
    Best regards and wishes too for a better world with Obama!

  10. Phivos,

    I mean, seeing them together, getting along, none of the bipartisan nonsense taking place. It is refreshing seeing them together all in one room like that, getting along--for the sake of the country.

    It was nice to see and take note of. I'm not talking about a party aspect. This wasn't a party. But I did like seeing them all together, knowing their history, their politics. I think even they can appreciate the visual.

    Hope that makes sense.



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