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Fitness Friday

It's Fitness Friday again! Sandy at God Speaks Today and I are joining forces so hop over to her blog when you're done reading. There's strength in numbers and I don't know about you but ...I can use all the help I can get.

To be fit and healthy takes time, energy and commitment.

So, let's encourage one another throughout this process. And accountability is a great way to help keep us on track.

As I considered a topic for this week, I kept coming back to the why's of getting fit. Because the answer to the "why?" question is so important. If you're losing weight for the wrong reasons, it's going to be hard to stay motivated, especially on those days when you're ready to throw in the towel and eat a box of bon-bons. You know what I mean. We've all had those days.

If the reason you're trying to lose weight is:

  • To please another person

  • To squeeze into a smaller size for a particular event

  • To look like the models in the fashion magazines

Forget about it because ...it won't last.

The goal should fous on getting healthy so you'll have more energy to do whatever God has called you to do.

If you're overweight and you're running after your little children ...it's hard to keep up.

And if you're a grandma, there's still much for you to do. Don't settle and assume that this is the way it's going to be from now on.

No matter what your age, it's never too late to get started.

Many times women will look at celebrities and models and want to look the same way. If you've never seen this video by Dove, it's worth the 1 minute and 15 seconds to watch. You'll find that the perfection you think you see ...really isn't so. No wonder so many young girls are developing eating disorders.

So, let's be realistic.

  • Yes ...you can begin to exercise.

  • Yes ...you can lose weight.

  • Yes ...you can begin to eat healthy.

But let's do it sensibly and for the right reasons. I don't know about you but when I'm in good shape and have lots of energy, I feel much better about interacting with other people.

And as a Christian, I know my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. So, I want to take care of my body.

So, what about you? Have you thought through the reasons you're participating in Fitness Friday? Or maybe this is your first time visiting. If you're ready to start taking better care of yourself, what is your main reason for doing this? I'd love to hear from you.

Sandy's Fitness Friday topic today is related to diet and the importance of eating from a variety of food groups, including fruit. I encourage you to take a moment to visit Sandy too.
Debbie Petras
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  1. Hello Debbie,
    Were it not for a trifle vanity,I wonder how I'd be.
    On the other hand I eat and exercise to improve my quality of life, that's for sure.
    I owe most of my improvement of health to my consisting friends and always encouraging husband.
    It's simply too hard to change lifestyle on one's own.
    Therefor I also like to read your Fitness Friday.
    Strength in number, you said.
    (My daughter has an expression about models; Photoshop me till you die.")

    From Felisol

  2. Hi Debbie!!

    Oh, no! I've been there too many times--trying to get in shape for others, the forever playing of the old tapes since I was a child and then a husband.

    This time it's for God and me! He's in control of this-not me!

    Guess what? When I feel like I'm at then end of my rope (happens many times a day) instead of reaching for the cookies or the whatever happens to be sitting there in front of me, I reach for the LORD (and a glass of water--after all, He is the living water!). And He encourages me and guides me along. Only He has the power to relieve the sources of my stress, not a chocolate chip cookie!!

    Thanks for doing this--so wonderful that so many people have joined in and are encouraging one another!


  3. Felisol- It is too hard to change on one's own. That's too funny what your daughter says.
    Beth- I love what you wrote about how when you reach the end of your rope you reach for the Lord and a glass of water ...and not the cookies. I'll remember that one; thanks.

  4. Hi Debbie! What a great post! I have a few reasons for wanting to be fit and healthy:

    1) My mother had a heart attack at age 42. High blood pressure and all kinds of horrible diseases run on both sides of my family. I don't want to be one who experiences them!

    2) I'm pregnant with baby #2!

    3) I just feel good when I workout and eat right :) It makes life in general more enjoyable -for me and everyone around me - when I feel great :)

    Thanks for the motivation! Have a lovely weekend!

    Kate :)

  5. Debbie,

    The video is startling isn't it? The way they take the pretty girl and make her striking and how girls are trying to do that on their own...it's heartbreaking to try to fit into an image.

    I think you know my reasons for trying to stay fit. My heart condition mainly. I want to be here, if the Lord so wills it...

    I am going to try to be the healthiest I can be.

    Blessings to you!

  6. Hi Debbie,
    I agree that our body is a temple. I wish that ministers took on this belief and preached about it to many!! But you are and that's a start.

    Another reason is to keep your strength up which I believe also keeps your confidence up. That's my reason.

    Recovering from surgery I did so much less physical activity than usual. I'm going to the physical therapist today to get an excercise program. Yeah! Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Your post has encouraged and motivated me. Thank you! I'm heading to the treadmill after I log off!

  8. Temple, temple, temple. It's all about the taking care of the temple I've been given. I've dieted for all the other reasons you've mentioned, but my focus has shifted in the last couple of years.

    I've lost 3 pounds since the beginning of January and am shooting for another 12 total. However, I'm working in 5 lb. increments. Almost to my first goal. I'll keep you posted.


  9. I had never seen that video. I had to watch it twice to make sure I saw what I think I saw. Very sad.

    I've noticed that I can get caught up in distorted body imagery by watching infomercials about fitness programs, as well. In six days, you can drop six inches and all that. It can really bring you down if you're exercising hard and not seeing results like that.

    It's best to put the focus where it belongs and not on the superficial ideals that advertising sells.

    Thanks for your important message today, Debbie. I hear you loud and clear.

    And it's funny that you mentioned our body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. Friends were having a hard time understanding what that meant in a conversation this morning. They don't get the Holy Ghost part of the Trinity. Now I can refer them to your post.

    Two messages in one. How do you like that?


  10. Debbie:

    I was just thinking about that video a few days ago. I saw it maybe two years ago (when I still had dial-up and it took forever to watch!) and I was thinking I wanted to see it again.

    I swear, God really has us connected mentally. :)

    Great post. The reasons behind your decision to be fit mean everything.


  11. I am happy with the way the Lord made me and I know there are things I must do to keep myself looking good...such a shame that young girls do not know about all the work that goes into looking that good...I will be sure to let my kids knows...thank you
    BTW,you have two awards at my blog : )

  12. Hi Debbie! You have two awards waiting for you on my blog.


  13. This is really cool. I am trying to lose weight too! Thank you for this post :)


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