Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Focus

It's Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama.

We receive a writing prompt and have five minutes flat to write.

Our word for today is ...FOCUS.


I've always been one who needs total quiet to really focus.  When I would do homework as a kid, I couldn't listen to music at the same time.  I would become distracted too easily.

My husband has the ability to focus.  He can block everything else out and have that razor sharp focus.  I admire that about him.  That's something that has helped him be so creative and entrepreneurial in his career.

I tend to do many things but never perfectly.  It takes too much effort, time and I tend to enjoy many distractions.  After all, I am a popular sanguine personality.

However, I've learned that there are times in my life when FOCUS is needed.  I can't always stay in the generalities of life. Is that a word?

I've been trying to live more intentionally.  And that requires me to focus on what's really important.  With limited time and resources I want to focus my energy on what God has gifted and called me to do. With much prayer and focus on Him, I know I can do it.  Not Debbie, but Christ in me.  And then He gets all of the glory.


So are you focused?  Or are you distracted?

Blessings and love,

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Brenda said...

Great post. I too have been trying to be more intentional in my walk! Let's just say...some days I am better at it than others!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I could just hug your neck for the comment about being a popular sanguine..I so knew you were, and since I have a household full of them I can totally relate

I am one of those focus persons that will also run over you if I am running toward something...yet I know the benefit of God's focus and not just fleshy focus...we need both, with a balance

Great post

Prowess and Pearls said...

Great post! I laugh as I read it, because my husband also has razor sharp focus. That's perfectly fine with me though, as I always seem to find calm in the midst of all my chaos! ;-))

Debbie said...

Oh I think it is the opposite over here, haha. I focus in on something and hang on till I finish. I can easily multi task. My hubby on the other hand is the popular, bubbly sanguine who is easily distracted. I tease him on how he can't multi task as he is too easily distracted and off on a rabbit trail. Think God put us together for a reason? haha Enjoy your week-end Debbie!

Denise said...

Awesome post.

Lisa notes... said...

I used to could study with music on or the TV on, but now I have to have quiet, too. It's a bummer. I'm too easily distracted now.

"I've been trying to live more intentionally. And that requires me to focus on what's really important."
Me, too, Debbie. We're never alone. Love you!

joy said...

I am pretty much like you. doing many things at the same time. This morning, I made some cards, playing word feud with others and listening to the radio at the same time. Then, after that made my lunch and reading some blogs while I wait for my food to be finished. the olnly time I can focus is when I am reading an interesting book. When I watch tv once in a while, I crothet at the same time. So your word is for me: Focus.

Beth E. said...

I more focused on some days than others. If I become distracted, then it's hard for me to get back on track! :-)

Debbie Petras said...

Yes we are so alike! I can so identify.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

If I am reading, I have total focus, such that a bomb could go off right next to me and I wouldn't even notice.

But if I am just "doing life" - then not so focused. :)

Saleslady371 said...

Good for you, Debbie! I hope focusing gets easier and easier because you have such a loving heart (then you'll have a lot of both!)

I'm somewhat focused and want to improve.

Maria Dunn said...

Focus on what is important - that's what the Lord is teaching me as well. God bless, Maria

hk said...

So funny - I was trying to read this while my husband started a phone conversation that I was interested in. Can you believe it? I couldn't focus. Guess I'm in that category of not having any distractions. But then again, lots of times I need the "white noise" to go to sleep. Go figure.

BARBIE said...

I am all over the place these days. I strive hard to focus on the Lord and His will for each day, but I tend to get in the way more often than not. Oh that He would cause me to focus more intently on His purposes.

Crown of Beauty said...

I love this Debbie... focus is needed for intentional living. Get rid of the clutter and the non essentials. Choose your battles. Go back to the basics. That is what focus means to me. I think God allows us to be in circumstances that are less than ideal so that He can teach us what we really need to learn.


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