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Fitness as a Way of Life

Are you working on losing weight?  Or are you simply trying to get more fit and healthy?

I've come to this conclusion:

Fitness needs to be a way of life.  

Too many people I know have been on diets and lost weight.  But over time, I see that weight return and often even more to boot!

In the past, I've been consistent with my weight.  However, I've written about the last few very stressful years and that I've gained some weight.  You can read my account related to weight here.

I'm so glad that I have two accountability groups to help me lose 20 pounds.

At Home with Kim offers a place to discuss weight loss progress honestly each Wednesday.

At work, we have a large group of teachers who are trying to lose weight.  We weigh in each Friday and update our progress.  I've found this most helpful since we can encourage one another, especially when there are temptations like cupcakes in the teacher's lounge.  There is a spirit of camaraderie I see developing within our campus among those participating.

I've been exercising in the morning before work on my treadmill.  I must confess that I've missed a few days.

Here's my schedule:

  • Alarm goes off at 5am (I don't think about it and quickly get up)
  • Coffee in hand
  • Quiet time with my Bible, journal, pen already set up the night before
  • Exercise on treadmill (time depends on whether or not it is a hair washing day)
  • Weights every other day
  • I try to do my shoulder exercises because of my previous rotator cuff injury (homework from my Physical Therapist Kristina)
  • Make and pack my lunch for work including salads, fruit
  • Have breakfast of cereal and fruit
  • Shower and dress
  • Leave for work by 7:30am
Oh and in the midst of that I try to check Facebook for any birthdays and messages.  I also try to write my blog posts in the evening when I get home from work and then review them before publishing in the morning.  If I have time I read a few of my favorite blogs.  But I often have to wait until the evening for that.

Life is busy!

But health and fitness are my goals.  I want it to become a regular habit and way of life like it used to be for me.

Think about the following:

And I especially love this one:

So I encourage you to persevere and encourage one another to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

How are you doing with getting fit?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. These days I end up in tears more than anything when I try to lose weight because the amount I need to lose is so overwhelming and the progress is slow. I like the idea of accountability groups like you shared but I feel out of place because so many of the women have maybe 10-20 pounds to lose. I just can't relate to the "my size 10 jeans are starting to get tight and I feel so fat and gross" comments. But, I'm not giving up. The Lord is helping me one day at a time.

    I'm glad for you that you've found a group and are keeping up with your goals! You'll be there in no time!

  2. I think accountability groups are real helpful when trying to eat healthier. I had done weight watchers years ago and it the meetings that helped keep me on track. the other thing that was drilled into us was that this was not a diet....diets have beginnings and endings....we were learning a healthier way to eat as you said a life style change. My biggest challenge right now is getting more active...the other piece of the puzzle

  3. I am enjoying your journey and encouraged...my gym membership comes to an end with unemployment...but I can get outside...or a video..so it is a way of life...now to not grab food for comfort when frustrated...LOL

  4. Oh, our schedule is much the same, except that mine begins at 5:30 instead of 5:00. I love your attitude about this weight loss and being fit. Attitude is everything and you are going to do well. Hugs to you!

  5. Debbie, this is a totally inspiring post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights and motivation. I need it!

  6. Good for you, Debbie. This past year has been so tough that I lost quite a bit of weight, simply due to the hard daily routine of care giving.

    Now that I am home most of the time, it is more difficult to keep it off. But I am trying. :)

  7. First, I have to say to Cindy that I just found your blog through Debbie and look forward to getting to know you. Secondly, I would love to encourage you on your journey. I have 60lbs. to lose. It is overwhelming but I know that God is with me. I hope you find the encouragement you are looking for on your journey!

  8. Debbie, I am so proud of you for keeping exercise a top priority. When I grow up, I want to be like you! Seriously though, you inspire me!

  9. Cindy, don't be discouraged. I am going to write you personally by email but take heart. I hear so many women with the same issues. We can encourage one another what ever size or shape we are. After all, we are so loved by our God.

    Barbie, I am also going to write to you personally. I am leaving for work but will get back to you. You are a sweetheart with a huge heart of love to share with others. We are on this journey together. And you are my little sis!

  10. Hi Debbie! I'm checking in and see that our schedules in the morning are similar. I get up at 5:30 to start my day...quiet time, computer time, making a healthy lunch for myself and my husband...and breakfast. (I do my exercising in the evening at this point...but who knows??) Anyway, I am really pleased. After weeks of hitting a wall and my weight not budging even though I cut the junk out and started exercising again...I have finally lost some pounds! I think last week I said that I had lost 2 pounds over the past several months (and my husband 22). But, yesterday when I got on the scale, I had lost 2 more! I actually broke through the wall and the numbers on the scale are ones I haven't seen in three years! I still have 6 more to go (I'm only 5'2" tall) but I'm pretty excited. It had been so frustrating to keep trying and not noticing much. Now that I've broken through that invisible barrier, I am so encouraged! Thank you for sharing your journey through this too!. Oh, and my husband? He has lost a couple more, too! His goal is to lose 30 more...he is inspiring me and I'm so proud of him! His "technique" is to change his eating habits that have been ingrained in him since he was a child (better food choices, leaving something on his plate, smaller portions) and also exercising again. I'm following his lead!

    Blessings, Joan

  11. I need to apologize if my previous comment sounded snarky. I know that the 10-20 pounds some women are trying to lose can be just as frustrating for them as it is for those of us who have 50-100 to lose. So, if my comment offended anyone struggling with just a few to lose, I do apologize. It's especially frustrating for those of us who are perimenopausal or in my case, post-menopausal because it feels like we have to work three times harder than younger women...one of the unfair things in life! lol

  12. Cindy, I don't think you were being snarky at all; just real and honest. And I love that. So no apologies. We're in this together.

  13. Cindy,

    No worries! You weren't being "snarky" (though I sure love that word...I'm going to have to start using it! lol I think my main struggle is my age. I'm 50 (ok...in 6 weeks I'll be 51) and the weight just doesn't want to leave. When I was younger, it was so easy! I'm kicking myself for not getting better eating habits when I was younger. But, better late than never, right? I'm praying for you and for all the ladies who are joining here...we are all in this together! Blessings!


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