Friday, November 20, 2009

What Brings A Smile To Your Face?

What brings a smile to your face? I immediately think of babies, puppies, family and ...God's love.

Today I decided to leave the Fitness Friday posting in the capable hands of Sandy of God Speaks Today and Sarah of All Pain ~ No Gain. BTW, they are each responding to a letter submitted by "Unfit Girl". She admits she knows she needs to start exercising but doesn't know where to begin. I love how Sandy and Sarah each answered her letter in their own unique way.

So, back to smiles. Here are a few favorite photos that make me smile.

This is my friend Jamie's daughter Mary at her first appointment with the dentist.

My niece Katie being goofy with her friends.

Karli experimenting with a new hairdo.

Jill's Noah and Naomi praying. How precious is that?

And here I am with Shanelle. She's my dad and Shari's puppy.

I hope you leave Heart Choices with a smile today.

Life can be challenging but ...we can choose how we respond.

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Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Those pictures made me smile, too. I love seeing new pictures of YOU. And the one of the little girl in the bathtub...those EYES!!!

Hugs for you today, dear friend.
I love you!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Debbie...
These pictures made me smile as well. I love the picture of the little children with hands folded, eyes closed and praying as well. So absolutely precious. That will be forever etched in my heart.

I have to tell you snowflakes make me smile. They are definitely angel kisses, and I love that thought. It always makes me smile.

Thank you for sharing on this beautiful Friday. I love it.

Stop by and say hi. I love the company. Country hugs...Sherry

Sassy Granny ... said...

I vote with Country Wings. Those praying babies are as precious as they come!

Humor is a huge component in my life. Sometimes it takes awhile for me to find/see the giggle-value of a situation, but I know my healing is on the way when at last I can.

Smiles? The best ones for me are associated with the grandkids, or animals, or the beauty of God's creation, or the stirring of a great melody (whether the Beach Boys or the Gaithers).

Come to think of it, my visit here has left me with one too.


Wylie said...

I surely am smiling at these precious pictures! Thank you! God is so good...

Sarah said...


This post made not just my face smile, but my heart too!

I have to agree with Sandy. I love seeing new pictures of you. You look beautiful!


Debbie said...

I'm in complete agreement with your list that makes you smile. The praying babies is just precious.

Thanks for the prayers yesterday for my niece. We had a couple of scary moments with the baby, but all is well! 8' 3" of well, haha

Have a great week-end Deb.

Blessings, Debbie

Denise said...

Thanks for making me and my heart smile, love you my friend.

Loren said...


These are all precious pictures and the one of your friends twins praying is sooo darling!!

My family and granddaugter make me smile. Seeing God move makes me smile and the beach makes me smile and coming here always makes me smile! I love seeing pictures of my friends ~ You are absolutely beautiful ya know that!

Bless you and have a happy Friday

Patricia said...

Thanks for the smiles today. I was observing some little ones at church recently and it does bring such joy to see their innocence and mischievousness. Brings back so many memories of mine when they were little.

Pat said...

Children are such gifts ~ and they teach us so much. Looking at the world again through their eyes is amazing!

bp said...

Oh these made me smile! Especially Karli's new hair do. That is so funny and it looks like she was having fun doing that.

have a good weekend!

Tammy said...

Those pictures put a smile on my face...Thank you!

Melanie said...

Ahh, Debbie... such wonderful, sweet, fun pictures! Love the "hairdo photo"... made my heart smile!

Lisa notes... said...

I did leave with a smile. Thanks for posting those cuties!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Debbie

I haven't visited your blog for a while... so today I'm here just to say hello...

And wow, am I glad I did. These pictures are lovely and definitely brought a smile to my face.

Blessings on your weekend.


sonja said...

I agree with all of these comments. Just seeing the pics makes me smile. It reminds me of my own 3 and now my newer 6... they bring smiles and joy! I love the pic you with the puppy. It's always fun to see the real faces of these wonderful blog friends! A good read to end the day on!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Love your smile.


Sending one back to you.

L-Jay said...

Well, I think smiling is still a Fitness Friday topic - even though it takes less muscle work to do it than frowning ;)


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