Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Encouragement Blog Hop

I receive so much encouragement from this Bible verse. Even though I'm a Christian, I still mess up and sin. But when I do, I know what to do. I confess my sin and agree with God. He who knows my heart is faithful and just and ...forgives me.

And then once again, I have that unbroken fellowship with Him through Jesus. Only He can purify me and cleanse me.

I once had a Bible teacher who taught our class that 1 John 1:9 is our "spiritual bar of soap". It helped me to always remember this. I hope this will help and encourage you too.

Happy Encouragement Blog Hop!

MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. Amen. Just saw you got a BlogFrog also. Cool!!!

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  3. What a cute cartoon and great analogy with the soap :o)

    It is so awesome to be able to reach for that knowledge and get "clean" from our sin, through Him!

    Debbie, I love your new blog design!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    I am picking up your cute button and adding it to my marquee ;o)

  4. I loved that my sweet sister and I really really like your new blog design! It's beautiful!

  5. AMEN!

    Love your new blog look!

    Very clean and easy to read :)

    Hugs and blessings sweet friend!


  6. O Debbie, the blog makeover Edie did is BEAUTIFUL!! It's so you and I know it's because the LORD led her to bless you.

    I love it! I love you and Edie.


  7. What an encouraging Bible verse indeed...Great choice, Debbie...

    BTW - I LOVE your new 'blog-face'...totally you!!!!!

  8. what an awesome picture to go with that incredible verse! I love the way it clearly shows us what we're doing when we're disobedient. God is so loving and just! Thank you you so much for your kind and encouraging words on my post yesterday - you are a blessing!!

  9. Thanks! Love that verse... and Mike Waters' toons.

  10. That was a great post.....thanks for stopping by for a visit....I needed some encouragement tonight...well how about 3 AM

  11. Hey, hoppin' by to encourage you today! I've got a button for you at my blog http://comfortjoydesigns.blogspot.com/2009/08/mcklinky-blog-hop-encouragement.html





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Am I a kid or what?

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I love this place...Carmel, CA