Friday, October 3, 2008

Enjoying Exercise

Enjoy exercise...can that really happen? Or is it going to continue to be that thing you know you need to do? Can you really find things that you enjoy and they're actually good for you?

I was thinking about a friend of mine from high school as I was sorting through my pictures. I wanted to find interesting photos that might show that you can actually enjoy exercise.

JoAnn and I reconnected after many years. She was living in Florida and I was in Arizona. She exercises regularly like me but her sport is biking. I love to hike and walk.

We decided to spend some time at our cabin in Flagstaff. It was much cooler there at the higher altitude than it was in Phoenix. And we wanted to spend time outdoors.

When I pulled out Greg and my electric bikes, JoAnn laughed. We had regular bikes but there are times when I was tired of being left in the dust so...once in a while I used the motor. Here's JoAnn pumping up those tires. I'm no dummy...compete with a world class biker? No way!

However, we did get to go hiking too. And I'm much more comfortable with that. We even went to the awesome Grand Canyon and hiked halfway down. The views are so spectacular. It's something everyone must experience for themselves.

There's something so cool about reconnecting with an old friend who knows exactly where you've come from. We both shared our childhood years growing up in Lindenhurst, NY (Long Island). And at the same time, we were able to get exercise and feel good about the huge meal we'd be eating that evening. Maybe?

Here are a few of our pictures:

This one was overlooking Oak Creek Canyon just north of Sedona.

Now tell me that this view of the Grand Canyon isn't spectacular?

What are some fun activities that you enjoy doing with friends and at the same time give you exercise?


  1. The Grand Canyon is beautiful.

    My fiancé and I play tennis, dance and occasionally hike, all of which is fun, competitive, and great exercise.

  2. Are so beautiful pictures including both of you, JoAnn and Debbie! Good photos for 'taxidiaris'!

  3. I did a school project on the Grand Canyon in 4th - I've always wanted to go ever since.

    In a previous life, I was a ballroom dance I miss dancing so much - it kept me in good shape and I got to make a lot of friends. My hubby loves dancing too (he is an exteme beginner but he'd love to learn more). Where we now live there is no social dancing and no place to learn ballroom. So... to get some fun exercise, to spend more time together and to make more friends (and so my hubby can learn more moves) we are starting a new dance club It opens next week, in fact! (I'm so looking forward to loosing all that baby weight. ;)


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Am I a kid or what?

Am I a kid or what?

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I love this place...Carmel, CA