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Will You Experience Christmas Differently This Year?

Have you heard of The Advent Conspiracy?  It's a movement designed to remind us to slow down and experience Christmas differently.  This short video may help explain it better.

[Click here if you can't access the video]

My church is participating in the Advent Conspiracy.  During the weeks leading up to Christmas, we get to hear sermons on the following:
  1. Worship fully
  2. Spend less
  3. Give more 
  4. Love all

Today our pastor challenged us to:
  • Reject radical consumerism for radical worship
  • Desire presence not presents
  • Fund ten water wells in Mozambique
I'm looking forward to a different kind of Christmas this year.  I don't want to stress out.

I want to focus on Jesus.

Here are a few things that I'm doing differently this year.


I'm participating in an online Advent Study through the Good Morning Girls.  I already had YouVersion (Bible app) downloaded to my Kindle. So now I go online each morning to read a portion of Scripture and a related devotional.  I love how the Good Morning Girls always recommend using the SOAP method (Scripture, observation, application and prayer).  If you subscribe to their blog, you will receive a study guide free.  

I'm getting up early in the morning to have my daily quiet time.  

I'm listening to Christmas music at home and in my car.

I'm sitting and enjoying my Christmas tree.

I'm rereading Jennifer Walker's Keeping Christ as Christmas.
Maybe you can help me out.  What are you doing differently this Christmas season?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Well, thanks for this thought provoking post. I'm about to go over and check out Good Morning Girls and maybe it's not to late to participate in the Advent Study. Blessings abundant to you this Christmas season!

  2. Love what your church is doing for Christmas.Actually I am participating in the same study :) - I have never heard of the SOAP method until last night - very cool.
    I am also planning on reading Liz Curtis Higgs book "The Women of Christmas". And maybe I can get together with some friends over the Advent season.

  3. Hello Debbie.

    I like the S.O.A.P. method, except I believe, for me, Prayer should be before, during and after... observing as I go along and then applying. I know it doesn't quite match the acronym.

    I do my best to live for Christ and share His Gospel with everyone I can everyday. God's wording being living should show transformation in my life. If not, something is missing and I can see how something needs to happen differently.

    I love your post. I'll check into the devotional.

  4. Peace and bleesings to all, especially for those willing to spend the time with the Lord in prayer for the benefit of others whose need the time to constructively contribute to others as well. Thanks Debbie, this is a beautiful blog.

  5. This all sounds so refreshing to me, Debbie. Sometimes I end up dreading Christmas because of all the rush and gift-buying involved. So I need reminders like this to stay on track. Thanks also for sharing so specifically on how you will do this. That helps me too.

    One thing I hope to do differently this year is to let go of the stress of buying "perfect" gifts. That's probably my greatest source of frustration every year--trying to figure out what everyone needs, when none of those "needs" can even be found in a store anyway. I'll still buy gifts, but I want to see them more as tokens of love and not as meeting needs (if that makes any sense!).

    May the Lord bless your time with him by giving you increased peace and delight in his presence!

  6. I'm a few days late, but I want to start the Advent reading. Perhaps I can catch up tomorrow? I am purposefully focusing on the things that bring the simple joys this year - family, friends, laughter, to name a few. Slowing down is hard for me, but oh so necessary.

  7. Hi Debbie! I love your approach to Advent. Being quiet is such a gift, both to God and to yourself. What a great way to start the day.
    I love sitting with my tree in the family room too. What is it about a lit up tree that just oozes quiet?
    May God bless your path to Christmas.

  8. Hi sweet friend. Thanks for your continual support of Keeping Christ AS Christmas! I just went back and re-read it myself. Haha! I love the Advent Conspiracy. The year we moved from Nashville, our church there did that. We missed it, but I'm going to mention that to some people for our church here to consider doing next year.

    Love to you, Debbie, and prayers so very often~

  9. Christmas is different around here...not always by choice, but by force, yet being forced allows us to focus on what we should. We enjoy the little things.
    Your list looks like mine.


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