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What Do You Hope For?

Credit: Dreamstime
What do you hope for?  Christmas can be a time of hope for many.

  • Hope that families will get together and get along
  • Hope for a friend going through a difficult time
  • Hope for a loved one who seems to be off track
  • Hope for more hours in the day to get everything done
  • Hope that you can stay on budget
  • Hope that you won't gain weight during the holidays
  • Hope that you won't get sick
  • Hope that you'll get well
We hope for many things.  But how often are you disappointed?  After all, we can't control how others react and respond.

I've been participating in an Advent study hosted by the Good Morning Girls.  This was a Bible verse we are memorizing.

I'm learning that my hope must be placed in a person and His name is ...Jesus.

I can focus on wishing and hoping on things and people but ...they so easily disappoint and don't last.

How about you?  Do you have expectations for this Christmas?  Are you hoping for certain things to happen?  What do you hope for?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Love this, Debbie. It's perfect for me to read at this time. Thank you, and have a blessed week!

  2. Oh, Debbie, I've been reminded so, so many times that when my hope rests in anything but HIM that I am headed for major disappointment. Thanks for such a wonderful post! Christmas blessings!

  3. All I am hoping for this Christmas is that the JOY of the Lord would be evident in our gatherings. Blessings!

  4. Christmas always pass me by... before I know it, it's New Year. I want to celebrate it differently this year. It's few weeks away, I'd better think fast on what I wanted done. I'll make my list of what I hope for too!

  5. Hi Debbie! I was thinking while I read your list, how different the word 'hope' means for a child and for an adult. As a child I hoped for dolls and a chemistry set. As an adult it's more about patience, persistence, and hoping I can follow what God wants for me.
    Maybe with age comes a little wisdom (just a little!). Great post. It made me think!

  6. When I think about what I hope for this Christmas, I guess, my greatest hope is to have more pf Jesus, to be there in the manger worshipping Him and not just looking at Him from afar.

  7. Hi Debbie, So nice stopping by and perusing many of your posts I have missed. I am hoping that the Lord would work out lots of details concerning a little fellow my daughter is caring for and she will be able to visit us this Christmas.


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