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Five Minute Friday: True

It's Five Minute Friday when I link up with The Gypsy Mama .  We receive a one word writing prompt and get to write for five minutes flat. Our word for this week is TRUE.

True stories.  What do I share? I read many stories mama bloggers write.  I laugh and I cry as they share. They encourage one another. They teach one another.  I love how they help one another realize they are not alone.  There are many mamas trying to do their best out there.

But ...I am not a mama. 

It's something I always wanted to be.  I dreamed about having a family since I was a little girl.  I played school in my upstairs bedroom with all of my dolls lined up on the window seat.  My little sister Christine was plopped right in the middle of them all.

I imagined a story book life; loving husband, several little ones and a house with a white picket fence.  But my life didn't turn out that way.  I've certainly had an exciting life in so many ways but it wasn't what I planned.

But God intervened in my life.  He took my circumstances and made something beautiful.  Because He is God and He is good.  He has plans for my life.

I have a loving husband.  Even though I wasn't able to have children, I have many nieces and nephews.  And I've been placed in a preschool classroom with many children to love.

What can I say that's true?  God is good.


Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Your post made me smile. Thank you for sharing. Your truth is a good one... "God is good." :0)

  2. God gave you a heart for children and because His plans were different than your expectations, He gave you not one or two or three - but multitudes of them to love and guide through life. I'm certain the imprint you make on every child you come into contact with is an indelible one.
    You are blessed my friend,

  3. {{{{hugs}}} And I am SURE that your nieces and nephews and those precious school children have been very blessed to have you in their lives. Thank you for not allowing bitterness to overrule - so many would have missed out on your love.

  4. And everyone of those mothers whose children you bless are soo grateful that they have a loving, kind, and joy filled woman to love on their kids and influence their lives in significant ways. Have a wonderful week-end Deb!

  5. This is a heartfelt post, True - it is a beautiful word. First truth to never ever forget, God is good. Lovely post, Debbie.

  6. Hi Debbie! Thank you for sharing what is 'true' in your life.
    My husband and I couldn't have natural children either. It was a real heartbreak, such a bummer. But as you said, you have so many blessings. All those little kids who think of you as a 'Mom' to them. No wonder you are such a loving teacher.

    So happy to learn more about you!

  7. Your heart for children is SO clear. Teachers like you are such an incredible blessing to every student you have. Thank you for sharing YOUR true story. You have a beautiful heart for God and for children.

  8. Dear Debbie
    Yes, our dreams and plans are not always what our lives turn out to be, but we do know and have the assurance that Our Pappa takes everything g and works it out for our good and His glory. You ate such a great teacher to your little ones.
    Blessings XX

  9. Women are needed to be spiritual mothers to so many who need mothering but don't have it in their life. God knew there would be women who would need you - these women have impacted my life in a huge way - a very much needed way - BTW - my aunt who couldn't have children - she is my very best friend:) I am so glad she had room for me in her heart!

  10. the Truth about you = it's all good! Peace and Prayers

  11. You may not be a mother but I know you possess the qualities good "mommies" have. I love that you mentioned the truth how God turns things into good...Because you "love Him"....

    Have a great weekend sister.

  12. Isn't it interesting how we can imagine how our lives will turn out and so often, they don't. But, as you said, HE is good and HE does know BEST, all the time. Somethings we may never understand in this life, but we don't have to understand, we just have to trust. Great post!

  13. Yes, God is good. He knows the best for all of us:)


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