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When it Rains it Pours

Rain is rare in Phoenix.  The monsoon season has arrived and Sunday we had a downpour.  It rained so hard that the drains couldn't keep up.  There are many washes in our area and they filled up quickly.  Some drivers had to be rescued when their cars became stranded in deep water.  

In our condo, we have a back patio that runs the length of our place.  Since we've downsized considerably, we still have many boxes stored in the back. When the skies were getting dark, Greg and I went into the back and began making sure all the boxes were off the ground and covered.  While we were working, it seemed like the skies opened up and down came the rain.  I got so soaked it looked like I just stepped out of the shower.  I struggled to open the side gate so the water would flow out.  We had about 5 inches accumulating in the back.

I'm so glad the rain came during the weekend and not during summer camp with the children.  After all, they love to go swimming.

Last week our theme for camp was Asia.  They are on a trip around the world. They learned to say hello in Chinese.  All week they were saying "Ni hao".  They learned about customs, chopsticks and panda bears.  I was so proud of them when they told our principal what extinct and endangered species were.  They had fun doing crafts.  I brought in a bag of fortune cookies. They were so excited when they discovered 'notes' inside each cookie.  They laughed when I read the 'notes' (that's what they called them).  I must admit that I changed a few of them to things like "Mackenzie's daddy loves her".

I especially love to watch the children during free play time.  I found our youngest child under the table talking to a doll.  

There's so much in life that we can't control.  But I've found that I do have a choice in how I view things.  I prefer to focus on what's good and to be thankful.
So I continue to count my every day blessings ...

#873 Much needed rain
#874 Greg and I got everything covered up just in time
#875 Hearing my dad's voice each weekend
#876 Spending time with Greg's sister who is visiting from Maryland
#877 My morning quiet time
#878 Looking forward to my daily morning workouts
#879 Seeing photos on Facebook of my classmates from years ago
#880 Only one more week of summer camp
#881 Watching the children interact with one another
#882 Seeing the delight on their faces as they discovered 'notes' in their fortune cookies
#883 Finally getting into a rhythm of changing 12 children into bathing suits and back into clothes again
#884 Discovering and trying new recipes from Pinterest

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Good morning! We got some rain here too, but apparently I slept through most of it, haha. Boy do we ever need it too. I LOVE that verse...wish I could say I don't have to struggle sometimes to remember to do just that...thanks for that reminder this morning! Enjoy your day!

  2. Psalm 46:1-5 came to mind when reading your Blog Debbie - obviously, God is your strength -- and helps you when morning dawns. Glad to hear you and Greg and you were safe and dry. Peace and prayers

  3. Beautiful words as always. Love your perspective and the way God blesses you so through your commitment and love to the children he brings your way!

  4. Youg got the kind of rain we get in Texas. It's extreme! Glad you got the boxes up, that would have been a real mess.

    I love the Phillipians verse... think on these things, one more time, the choices are ours. A good reminder this morning Debbie.


  5. WOW, rains can come just that quick here in La. too and our ditch will get out of its banks and on occasion has gotten across our road.

    Guess if summer camp is almost over that will mean that you will get a brief break before the new school year begins again. Good for you!

    Sweetest blessings for this new week!

  6. Hi Debbie! I used to live in Tucson, so I totally get the rain. I was camping near a wash one time (I was young and not very smart). It started to rain and I got out of there quick!

    I love your personalization of the fortune cookies :) Those children are lucky to have you!


  7. It's been raining non-stop here. It was really bad today,lots of storms.

    You seem like such a great teacher! The children are blessed to have you in their lives. :)

  8. I must say, rain, rain go away. Come again another day:) we had so much rain here lately, but the sun came yesterday. Awesome!
    Should begin counting my blessings too. It makes my heart merrier:)

  9. Dear Debbie
    Oh, I envy you to work with these sweet little angels. We oftentimes get such rainstorms like these in our spring! I always say that if the cars have not had a good swim in the off ramps from the freeway, we have not had enough rain.
    Much love XX

  10. We have had heavy rains here in our NC mountains this entire month. I've never seen so much. It's forecast again for today. We've had flash floods and closed roads all around.
    Love your list, especially that you're getting to visit with your sister in law. I love family visits.

  11. Those desert rains are crazy, aren't they? Love the pics of the kids. It sounds like you're all having a great summer. Praying for you, that you have lots of energy! My daughter is nannying a 6 yr old and doing some tutoring with him before he starts 1st grade. He's a perpetual motion machine!

    Cool, breezy hugs to you, Debbie!


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