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Five Minute Friday ~ Belong

It's Five Minute Friday when I link up with The Gypsy Mama.  We receive a word each week and then we get to write for five minutes flat.  Our word for today is BELONG.


Where do I belong?  As a seven year old girl, I longed to run and play with other children.  But a heart defect kept me on the sidelines.  As a teenager, I longed for fun during my high school years.  I had lots of friends.  I was captain of the twirlers.  Those were good times with many good memories.  Off I went to nursing school once again eager to belong.  How thankful I was for the friendships that developed as we studied but still had fun.  Every place I worked over the years, I loved the friendships that grew.  Even now as I returned to work in a new field, it's the people I get to work with that I treasure.  And the little children who greet me each morning with lots of love and hugs bring a smile to my face.

I'm a wife to Greg.  I love children and family and blogging and photography and cooking and home and travel.  And my mom always used to tell me I'm in love with love.  So where do I belong?

I realize the true place where I belong is in my relationship with Jesus. He is the only One who can give me joy.  He accepts me as I am and is always with me. He guides me and leads me when I listen and obey.  I belong to Him.


Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. For sure, when all is said and done, it is that sacred belonging with Christ that will reach deepest into our souls!

  2. I can so see you making friends everywhere you go, always being the sweet face and encouraging voice. So glad to have crossed blogging paths with you for the past several years. You've been such a blessing!

  3. Beautiful, Debbie. It is so great to belong to Jesus, isn't it?

  4. He takes a hold of us like no one else does, and all the other "belong"ings stem from this source. It's good to belong to family, a community, and others - we are made for relationship and to allow one another to belong. Glad this is true in your life!
    Fenny @ Hotchpotch

  5. Good morning! Oh I agree!! Belonging to Jesus is just the best there is. And belonging to His family, makes the cup run over! Hope you have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  6. Hi Debbie,
    You do look like you are in love with love and LIFE. Our mom's are very insightful, aren't they. Funny things mom's are..
    I am also thankful for my friendships..and from you.
    It's nice to belong.

  7. Debbie, you always bless me with your heart and what you say. This post is so great.



  8. You are always so uplifting,Debbie. I can't wait to have you guest post on my blog. I am in love with love too. :) Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Debbie! It's so great to know that you belong to Jesus, and that he brings you a family and circumstances to show it to you!

    I know that you are creating a little community here on your blog too, a great place to 'belong!'

    Happy Friday,

  10. Dear Debbie
    We were created to belong to our Lord Jesus, my friend! Until we do with all we are, our hearts will never be at rest.
    Blessings XX

  11. The Peace of Christ,


    God loves each one as an only child is the love of God to the point in continuing following the same path that the storm fell incessantly and that the pain is greater than the forces that have to suffer even the darkness envelop us and try the winds injustice erase the small flame of faith but in the dark tunnel of life the light of God's love shines without ceasing love of God turns tragedy into triumph the curse into a blessing and evil in God's love is the only true path only the love of God produces fruit if planted where ever! God's love is patient ...
    hopes all ...
    supports all ...
    and never ending,
    because it is eternal!!
    Believe that despite the distance, belong to the same body in which Christ is the Head. I am extremely grateful to our God that gives us this tool that is the Internet, precisely this interaction between bloggers, who united in one purpose (EVANGELISM) disclose Love and Salvation in Christ Jesus.

    I'd be flattered if it were part with their precious presence of the frame followers. You're missing the fruit of the Spirit.

    By the way, if not already following my blog here I leave the invitation:
      Fruit of the Spirit

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    PS I invite you to know the blog JCde brother Jorge Araújo.
      Current Messages, some controversy, however edifying ...
    Go and check out:
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    In Christ,

  12. Debbie, so thankful to belong with you on this journey. And I too am so glad we had the opportunity to meet! It's nice to know we belong to Christ, and that will never change! Blessings!

  13. You may have a physical heart defect but your spiritual heart is perfection....God has given you a heart full of His spirit and you minister wherever you go with your warm personality and beautiful smile...God Bless you Debbie...

  14. Yes, isn't it the truth and a comforting truth, that we DO belong to him! Another great post Debbie! Hope tomorrow is a wonderful Lord's Day for you!

  15. Amen...as much as I want to belong at times it really comes down to just that...I belong to Jesus. I think there is even a children's song that sings those exact words.
    I hope your summer school is going great. I keep thinking I wished we lived close enough to share ideas. I see your pins and think.."oh that is such a great idea I wonder if it worked?"


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