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Getting Back to Weigh-in Wednesdays

Weigh-in Wednesday already?

In my heart I'm thinking ...

  • the Christmas tree is still up 
  • there are goodies under the tree 
  • the smell of cardamom (Norwegian spice) is in the air
But what better day to start?  After all, I'm still on winter break from school.  I have time to start getting back into the habit of regular exercise.  And I can begin to plan and prepare healthy meals while I still have some time at home.

I signed up for the Biggest Loser competition at my school.  But I lost!

It figures that the winner was my cohort Heidi, whom I think didn't even need to lose weight.  But she won the pot of money.  So she can go shopping for some new clothes.  Way to Heidi; congratulations!  (Note to Heidi: can you hear Sawyer?)

Heidi is now in the best shape of her life.  She lost ten pounds and gained muscle.  Her pants are so loose she actually loaned them to me until ...they become too loose on me.  And that's what's going to happen!

I did go for a long walk with my next door neighbor several days ago.  We walked for more than 90 minutes and I have to say the time went by so quickly.  You know when you're walking and talking, you forget time.
There's nothing like beautiful scenery to get your mind off the fact that you're walking a long time.  I have to say that we have the most amazing winters here in Phoenix, Arizona.  This is the time when I forget all about the triple digit summers and simply ...enjoy.

When we passed by this view, it brought back such memories.  This is the mountain I used to hike up every day a few years ago.  I used to call it my mountain.  Well, I think it's time for me to reclaim 'my mountain' again.  Don't you think?

So, how about getting started even before the new year?  Yeah I know it's only a few days away.  But I for one, want to take advantage of this time off.  Part of losing weight is the planning.  So this week I will spend planning out my meals.  I take my lunch to work so this is important.  In between, I continue to press on in the writing of my book.  Those very early morning hours are the best writing time for me; no interruptions and my mind is most alert.

I'm linking up with Kim of At Home with Kim for Weigh-in Wednesday.  Won't you consider joining in?  How are you doing with your progress?  Did the Christmas goodies cause you to give in and simply enjoy?  Well, it's a new day and the time to start getting healthy.  In the process, we might just look good too.  And that's a good thing!

Heart Choices

How about making the CHOICE to take better care of your body?  I can guarantee that it will help other parts of your life too.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. This was perfect timing Debbie. I actually went right back to what I had been doing before Christmas... THIS morning! I managed to keep off most of what I had already lost, but slipped a little, and feel more strongly than ever that this is the time, to get the job done! Let's do it together!!


  2. Yes Sonja, I'm so glad you're on board. We will do this ...together my friend and sister.


  3. I love to exercise outside as well...there is nothing like beautiful scenery to take your mind off of the "work" you are doing! Good luck...here we gooooo!

  4. Oh, you are getting a head start to the New YEar for sure. We didn't have a whole lot of goodies at our house this year so I didn't do a whole lot of "bad eating." :o) But, I can certainly improve my over all eating habits and the new year is a good time to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Good for you! I look forward to jumping back into Weigh-in-Wednesdays after our church completes it's corporate fast on 1/27. Afterall, it wouldn't be right for me to be fasting and dieting at the same time :)

  6. Dear Debbie
    This is the one thing I don't battle with! I am so grateful for this. But I wish you all the best with your Wednesday Weigh Inns. Just remember to keep your diet balanced and healthy.
    Much love XX


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