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Do You Spread Joy?

Do you spread joy?  Or are you so consumed with your day to day problems that you don't see the big picture?

I've been reading through my journals.  I worked as a cardiovascular nurse specialist for 25 years.  I used to write down my experiences.  Stories of the many people I met along the way.

In a journal entry dated 6/15/96, I remember David.

Talk about joy ...
David had a heart attack.  As I stopped by his hospital room to check in on his progress, he was a joy to behold.
David worked as a janitor in a local community college.  He told me how he gets to know the kids who attend the college. Many of them have problems and David is a steady fixture on the premises.  His smile is contagious and he has a gift for listening.
Many in a similar job would mope around all day.  But not David.  He sees his job as an opportunity to spread joy.  He always points them to Jesus.  After all, he adds, only He can truly solve all their problems.
Even now, David is smiling.  He's grateful to be alive after his heart attack.  And I find him talking and encouraging all of the nurses, doctors and healthcare workers who enter his room.

David's joy is contagious!

I want to be like David.

How about you?  Will you chose joy?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. That's what the Lord is telling me this morning. That trials are opportunities for us to be driven nearer to Him. That's why I love that picture with being hammered but deeper into the wood (faith). So, I choose joy no matter what circumstances are going on around me. That is the right thing to do. Because that is His special gift. To calm the storm in our lives. Blessings to you sister...That's neat you had written down your experiences and I know that your journal is a rich treasure of "joy" you got from sharing your love and care to those who were sick. But I know the blessing came from those who taught you what being a "fighter" means while facing adversities. Be strong...always.

  2. I think we can temporarily forget sometimes when life hits us hard, but I believe we can find joy in even the worst of circumstances.
    I recently lost a very good friend and we had a mutual favorite word.....JOY!
    Love and Hugs to you my friend.

  3. Lovely post. It sure makes things better if you look at the positive side of things.

  4. You always give me such good things to think about. I needed this reminder and I am trying to choose joy.

  5. Always make a point to see the glass half full. I love what someone was saying the other day, that we as Christians are in a win-win situation. When we are ill He will either heal us or take us home with Him. Either way, we win. David sounds like he had the right attitude.

  6. I've been weary and heavy laden. Thank you for the reminder to choose joy!

  7. Amen. It's all about what you choose. God bless you with joy today!

  8. Good reminder, Debbie, that more often than not, joy is a choice. Blessings to you

  9. Love, love, love the photo and yes, I choose joy--!

  10. I just love that picture...it really does express it and I need to do just exactly that. I am fighting to keep my joy as circumstances hit me, but then again, isn't that what real joy is? Joy that doesn't come from great circumstances! Great story and post!


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