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My Letter to God

I'm joining Bonnie for another Faith Barista Jam today.  She has invited us to write a letter to God.  The only requirement is to ...be real.

At first, I was hesitant.  After all, that's kind of personal.  But after joining in last week with a letter to my younger self, I found it very revealing and I hope it blessed a few people.  So I will be transparent once again.  So here goes ...

Dear God,

First of all, I want to thank you for loving me and forgiving me.  Your grace is amazing to me!  I'm so glad I am your child and that you will never leave me, no matter what!

I also want to thank you for how you created me.  Although I didn't understand as a young child, the congenital heart defect turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  I came to understand what it felt like to be different and to feel like I didn't quite belong.  Some of the children didn't understand when I couldn't run and play with them and this saddened me.  But you tenderized my heart.  I knew how this felt.  I believe that you gave me a vacuum in my heart that could only be filled by you.

I know I was a prodigal for many years.  I was afraid I was missing out on fun times.  But through it all, I learned many life long lessons.  I also realized that all the fun the world offers cannot compare with the peace that you provide. When I became serious in my relationship with you, it impacted the way I viewed life and people.

I was so thrilled when life seemed to be going so well.  I quit my nursing job and had time to volunteer, develop hobbies and spend more time with family.  I remember that every time I walked into my dream home I almost had to pinch myself.  I was so thankful and always told you so.  I never expected to lose it all!  I didn't think I'd done anything wrong and I believed I was generous with others.

However, as time goes by I realize that you taught me valuable lessons.  I learned to hold very loosely to the things of this world.  I learned to abide in you and to lean on you.  You became my strength.

Just today I was realizing how much I've grown over the past few years.  You taught me many valuable lessons.  And even though I live in a very small condo and I'm working full time in a career that is not nursing, I am content.  I am surrounded by little children all day long.  They are quick to give hugs and tell me they love me.  I remember the years of trying to get pregnant with no results.  Now I spend my day with little ones.  You are so faithful to remember my heart's desire!

Thank you Lord for each day you give to me.  Help me to use each day in a way that is pleasing to you.  May I share your light and love to others.  Guide me and lead me every step of the day.  Thank you for speaking to my heart through your Word.

In Jesus' name I pray,

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Thank you for sharing you honest heart. Lean on God. So hard to let go sometimes, but the best decision we will ever make! Great post!!

  2. Your words are always so gentle and faith-filled, Debbie. Love these:

    "...you tenderized my heart."

    "I also realized that all the fun the world offers cannot compare with the peace that you provide. When I became serious in my relationship with you, it impacted the way I viewed life and people."

    "You are so faithful to remember my heart's desire!"

    Thank you for sharing your letter with us. And for sharing your life and love.

  3. What a praise-filled post. Praising Him for each day, too.

    That's a perfect verse to include at the end of this post (and what a precious photo, too).

  4. I see God's grace in you. And in the few years since we 'haven't yet met'... it has grown and so have you. This is a beautiful sharing from your heart Debbie. Isn't it interesting how the paths we would not have chosen, are the very paths that have taught us the most about who our God is, and how much he loves us.

    Love you sis.

  5. Your letter is full of grace! I love to see how God graces each of us. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  6. WOW! touched my heart Debbie! All I can say is you are one of God's finest troopers! What a testimony to His faithfulness. Hugs!

  7. What a beautiful letter to the Lord and you share from your heart so well. I love what He does with the details of our lives. You make a difference in this world, Debbie!

  8. Beautiful, wonderful words! Thank you for sharing and giving me something to think about!

  9. So personal & precious .... just like you! Knowing what I know about your journey, I also know what power & resolve resides in your heart. You honor the Lord, my friend. Me too.

    Love you,


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