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The Blessing of Change

Counting my every day blessings has greatly impacted the way I view life.

Change is in the air!  

The people who know me well know that I don't do change very well.  I tend to stick to the familiar.  But change is inevitable in life.  Just when the dark clouds seem to overshadow, the sun comes shining through.

Greg and I will be saying good bye to the bunnies in the backyard.  It's been a unique experience having lots of wild rabbits, quail, and coyotes wandering through.  But we will be moving closer to town and work so it's a good change.  But it's change nonetheless.

Even the children at school are changing.  I was going through my photos and found this one taken on the first day of school back in August of 2011.  They have grown so much!  In May, they will be graduating to the Pre-K 4 class and already I'm starting to feel sad.

The children have brought me so much joy.  They are so open and loving.  They haven't been hurt by life and circumstances and ...it's refreshing.

They are learning to share.  They are learning to use their words to talk to one another instead of always tattling to the teacher.

As I gaze into their sweet faces, I thank God for bringing me to this place.  My heart overflows with love.

They make me laugh!  We were having PE outside last week and it was very windy.  One of our teachers had goosebumps on her legs as she was cold.  Little Anika immediately grabbed her legs to make them warm.  Too cute!

I can't believe I titled this post "The Blessing of Change" but I think it's true.  I am learning to trust God with each day.  Sometimes I need to remind myself moment by moment but I am learning.  And for that, I am thankful.

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience as we count our every day blessings for Multitudes on Mondays.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. I think God prepares our hearts for change so when it's time we can be thankful.....

    I am excited for you and your hubby as you move and set up housekeeping again...I am praying that your move will be smooth and no problems....

    Those kids of yours are so precious...I know it must be hard turning them loose at the end of the year....

  2. Debbie -
    I love the pictures you share of your school children.

    Change is hard, even when it is good change. But it does help to remind us that we are "strangers and pilgrims here, looking for a better place" - and that one will be permanent! Heaven! blessings to you - Marsha

  3. OH, how true, children are so innocent and untouched by life (in most cases anyway) and it is refreshing. If we only had known that when we were little. :o)

    Debbie, I am not a person that embraces change either, but it seems that it is unavoidable and God's face does shine even in the midst of the hardest of changes. You are such a testimony through all that life has dealt you in recent years and I'm so thankful our paths have crossed through our blogs. You have been such a blessing and I am grateful.

    I'm going to pray for you in a special way this week as you prepare for yet another change. Hugs to you!

  4. Kids are wonderful. All the best in your new home.

  5. Loved hearing about the joy you are finding in change. That's one of the hardest things for me. Cute pictures, too, Debbie. Especially like the one with the gears on the little one's eyes. So fun. Sometmes I wish I could be working with a larger group of students because of the variety you see in the students.
    So good to be in touch. Stop by if you can. Hubby made a video with music to accompany my post today. I'm a day behind :)

  6. Beautifully posted Debbie; the children are so sweet! I know that He works things out in our lives for our own good, (even though it's not always easy!) and strengthens us to rise above life's difficulties when we trust Him and follow His direction. He has a perfect timing for everything in our lives, and He knows all the answers!

    Sending blessings and hugs, and prayers for strength and His grace to you and your hubby this week! :)

  7. I'm not too big into change either. I like familiar, it's familiar. LOL! But the Lord definitely knows what's best for us so I just tend to go with that when I start to struggle.
    I hope your transition is smooth. Moving is no fun regardless the reasons.

  8. Dear friend, I do nothing but smile & praise The Lord as I read each post. Who would have thought several years ago that either of us would call change & loss if what was the norm a blessing??? Only God! It makes me happy to know that you are happy. We are too. I'll be praying for you as you pack up & move back toward town. The beauty & stillness of where you have been was part of God's healing of your heart & it will be fun to read about & pray for this next part of your journey.

    Blessings to you today~

  9. Change can be difficult...but you are right to title your post "The Blessing of Change"! God has a good plan for you...you can count on that! Blessings for your move, Debbie!

  10. Change - the only thing we can be sure of in life other than the constancy of God's love over us. I remember those bunnies and coyotes. Hope you enjoy your new surroundings and I am sure wherever you go, you will be a blessing to those around you.

  11. I am believing that the same unexpected joy your job with the children has brought, will also be the unexpected joy you will experience in your new home!! Even the bunnies before were unexpected...in a place you never thought you would be...oh how both of our eyes are seeing the world different, and all the extra beauty it holds.


  12. I am learning to embrace change. As you know, we've had our share over the last few years. I will be praying that everything comes together for your move.

  13. I don't like change either - but I'm starting to look at it differently, through God's eyes. I love the open-armed love of little children - your example just warmed my heart! Wishing you blessing in this change - peace and home in it!

  14. Thank you for stopping by, Debbie. Yes, some of those photos were from right here in Arizona.

    I am grateful the Lord continues to call to us but also woos us~especially praying this for our youngest.

    By the way~the birthday celebration you inquired about that I posted a few weeks ago was for my friend. Her birthday is in February like yours. Mine is in November.

    Didn't get the reason for your move. Is it just to be closer to work? Hope all is well.


  15. I wish for you a smooth and happy move Debbie! I love the photo of your kids. All those cute tennis shoes! :)

  16. Such wisdom in your words!! God always uses change as a growth opportunity for me. Praying for your move!

  17. Wonder post, Debbie.....I can soooo relate. Change and trust has been my journey for some time now. Your last post re Trust spoke to my heart, too!

    Praise God we can cling to His Hand and embrace the change in our path and He will carry us through!

    He is Faithful!

    Love and Sweet Blessings!

  18. I love the "innocent" aspect of this post! I sat in a courtroom this morning where many important matters were being decided (children often the innocent victims, getting stuck in the crossfire). Broke my heart! I'm so glad these precious young hearts have you in their lives! Heaven knows they need you.


  19. You are amazing....talk about "give me a lemon, I'll make lemonade." You always find the best in these situations. God has blessed you my dear friend. Do you own a pair of rose colored glasses? You really should, and I meant it as a compliment.

  20. Absolutely beautiful! This is the kind of post that warms the heart! I'm glad I stopped by today! God bless you!

    Paulette :-)


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