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High School Reunion

The Lindenhurst High School Class of '71 is having a 40 year reunion next weekend.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I can't believe it's been 40 years since I graduated from high school.  

The years go by so quickly!

I'm sad because I'm not going to be able to attend.  But I've had such fun catching up with old friends through Facebook.  

A new group recently formed called "If you're from Lindenhurst you probably remember ...".  It was a bit addicting because people would share memories that would trigger other memories.  So many of us were adding our thoughts and memories and ... I loved it!

I thought I'd share a few photo memories I have with you.

My dad bought this house without my mom ever seeing it.  He came home one day and said he bought a house and we were moving to Lindenhurst.  It was located across the street from the canal where the clam diggers had their boats lined up.  For my blogging friends, this is on Long Island, NY.

On the top of the roof was a lookout.  We climbed rickety stairs to get to the roof and would be able to look out at the Great South Bay.  I used to parade all my friends up there.

Lindenhurst Movie Theater
I saw my first movie in the Lindenhurst movie theater on the corner of Montauk Highway and Wellwood Avenue.  It was "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" with Debbie Reynolds.

I was a Lindenhurst twirler in high school.  Our town loved parades!  This photo must have been taken about 1968.  I'm the second from the left (with the flip).

I eventually became Captain of the Lindenhurst Twirlers.
My dad was always renovating our Lindenhurst house.  There was always some project going on.  The house looked completely different from when we first moved in.
  This is my graduation picture for the yearbook.

This photo was taken at our Junior Prom which was held at Narragansett Inn.  This place burned down years later.  I'm at the top of the stairs with my date John Donohue (Babylon, NY).  I was the prom queen that year.

Fast forward many years to 2008.  

Ron Pastore organized a small reunion in Florida for our class.  So many New Yorkers move to Florida and I have family living there so it was convenient for me to attend.
Seated: Tim Marks, Debbie Sumstad
Back: Joann Hoza, Mike Schroeder, Lois Copozzi, Maryjane Mazzapelli
Later that same year, Ron Pastore was visiting his brother who lives in Arizona.  So the Pastore brothers stopped by to see me.

Although I won't be with my friends next weekend, I'll be thinking of them.  

I hope to connect with many of them on Facebook or on Heart Choices.  And I hope to make the next reunion but I don't think we should wait 10 years!

Debbie Petras
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  1. Lots of fun memories, Debbie - thank you for sharing them! I graduated in '72, so our 40th is coming up, but I lived in Iowa and so going back is usually not in the picture for reunions. Who knows, maybe it will happen! :)

  2. I loved this stroll down memory lane......It reminded me so much of my own except I grew up in a small town in N.C. I too was a twirler...wasn't it fun?

    I am sorry that you can't go to the reunion but sounds like you have connected with lots of your old friends.....that's the important part any way....

    By the way, I love the senior picture.....amazing how similar our high school years were..the good old days, uh? I think I'll stay at this point, how about you...?

  3. I loved all the pictures. Sorry you won't be able to go.

  4. Such beautiful, loving memories from the time when the world was young and new. so sad you couldn't attend. The prom queen should definitely be present.
    Do you know what?
    You would probably still be the prom queen!
    The best thing about you is, that you are equal good inside.

  5. Thanks for sharing such sweet memories, love the pictures.

  6. Unfortunately, we have not had a class reunion since we had our
    5th year reunion which was in '75. But through facebook, I've been able to connect with quite a few classmates which has been so good!

    Loved your pics! Memories are so special!


  7. Hi Debbie:

    I enjoyed looking at your photographs. I just had my 35th year high school reunion. Saw some classmates that I had not seen since we walked across the stage at graduation. It was fun.

    Isn't Facebook a wonderful way to keep in touch?

    Have a blessed week!


  8. hi debbie, no matter if you are there or not. you'll always be a part of our 40th reunion!!!


  9. Hi Debbie, It was great fun to see your photos from high school. It's wonderful that you are able to keep up with so many friends via Facebook and your blog.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  10. Debbie,

    I have done a terrible job at keeping in touch...but wanted to stop by today and so glad I did. These pictures are great!!! You are such a beautiful lady! I love the porch on the house where you grew up...gorgeous. And, wow! 40 years...I cannot believe it!


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  12. Such fun memories. I have never been to Long Island, but it looks like is was a wonderful place in the 60s.

  13. What a fun post with great memories and pictures! :) I was fortunate to attend a family reunion this summer that brought so much joy and love reminiscing in the adventures of our youth. You are right; the time passes us by so quickly! How wonderful that we have the ability and opportunity to go back and embrace our younger years! :)

  14. Hi Debbie,

    Long time since I've dropped by, and I'm so glad I did. Now I know why I always liked you so much -- besides your love for the Lord, you're a Long Island girl. How cool! Looks like great memories of special life. Thanks for sharing the journey!


    (formerly at www.extravagantgrace.net and now at www.moretobe.com)

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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