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Simple Blessings

As I continue to count one thousand gifts, I am so much more aware of the simple things that I might have otherwise taken for granted.

#32 Rain and cooler temps

Our weather in Phoenix made an abrupt change on Saturday.  We went from summer temps in the high 80's to the mid 40's and rain.  But I love rain!  The photo above was taken through the sunroof in my car.

#33  My new favorite flavor of tea is Mango Black Tea from Trader Joe's.  They used to have this tea during the summer only but now ...all year long. :)

#34 Receiving a child's travel journal in the mail from a blogging friend

I hope to take the journal to my first grade after school class.  We will have the opportunity to write about Arizona and take a few photos to send to Jillian.  I was so excited when I recognized several blogging friends who contributed to this project including my Norwegian friend Felisol of On the Far Side of the Sea.

#35  Highlights for my hair

It may sound vain but I cannot tell you how much better I feel after getting my highlights done.  They were long overdue.  I really think they brightened my face and ...I needed a little brightening.

#36  A substitute teacher who became a new friend

On Thursday, Heidi wasn't in school so I had a substitute teacher to help with our class.  Often the substitutes are just there but not so very helpful.  Well, Barbara was ...fabulous.

She anticipated everything I might need and was willing to 'get her hands dirty'.  She was loving on those little children and making sure I took my break.  As the children were resting on their nap maps, we had some time to talk.  Wouldn't you know that she is a sister in Christ?

I felt that in my Spirit as we worked together that day.  I'm so glad that she is often at Rancho so I'll be able to see her again.  Although we don't speak the name of Jesus in the school, both Barbara and I can be a light and share the love of Christ without words.  And we both pray!

#37 Having my voice back

Last week I had laryngitis and allergy problems.  I am finally feeling so much better and I'm able to talk.

#38  A chance encounter with the Arizona State University (ASU) shuttle

Let me explain this one.  I carpool with Tara since we both live quite a distance from work.  She has been accepted into law school at ASU this fall.  For two days we didn't share a ride as she had a few commitments involving welcoming activities at school.  She told me about the shuttle that runs from each of the three campuses and how convenient this service was for her.

Well, I was driving alone to work on Friday.  But I noticed a bus with ASU written on it and figured this must be the shuttle Tara had spoken about.  Wouldn't you know that next time I went on Facebook Tara had sent me this message:
Debbie! I just had a Special Moment! I'm riding on the ASU shuttle down to Tempe, and I realized, "Oh, Debbie is probably driving to work now," and then, "Maybe I'll see her on the road," and then -- literally -- I looked out the window and you were passing the bus on Thunderbird!!! You must have been thinking of me, too. (I just saw you again, at the I-17 light, while writing this note!) Oh, the simple pleasures...
I love it when stuff like this happens!

These simple blessings are gifts from God.  I'm linking up with Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie - How blessed you are - both a new friend AND some good tea! :)

    Thanks for your kind comment on the T-Ball post. You might also like the new one Keep on Truckin'.

    Blessings - Marsha

  2. I love rain too....one of my favorite things.....Hope we get some tonight...and I am getting some color on my hair tomorrow...and thats a PLUS

    Have a good week

  3. I so much enjoyed the rain. It helps the desert & everything is so clean and shiny. That is so cool about U and UR friend that U carpool with. How fun was that? Bless U.

  4. praise God for all the blessings He has given you this week! thankful you are feeling better and were able to get highlights done. i know how good that feels too!

    love you!

  5. Oh Debbie, I loved the rain too, it made the air smell so good. I am so glad you are feeling better. Hope you day is super. Hugs, Marty

  6. I'm loving your list Debbie!

    I'm so glad you're feeling better.

    Highlights! Love that... doesn't it feel good!

    And your list of friends, both the little ones and the adults, just keeps growing. What a lot of new things this teaching position has brought to you.

    love you sis... have a good week!

  7. Debbie, I so hope we can get together whenever you can for lunch or coffee. Yes,I did go to the tea in carefree. It was a great time. So wish you would have joined us. God Bless and I hope you have a very special week. Hugs, Marty

  8. I think we need to look for all blessings, even the one's that are disguised in difficult situations.

    My son was attacked this weekend & kicked in the face. He lost a tooth in the front & other injuries, but I had to stop & thank my Heavenly Father that it was only a tooth & not his life!

    Great post Debbie!


  9. I love reading your lists, Debbie. Your heart is so sweet. Thankful you are feeling better!

  10. I too have started counting. What a difference it makes when we hunt for His endless gifts throughout each day!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  11. I saw that tea and it must taste good if you shared it here. Gotta' go to TJ and get me a box (I'm more of a coffee but I love mango :)

    I love the cold weather too and the rain despite me growing up in a humid country.

    I love the last part. I don't call that coincidence. I call that His surprise...to stir joy in both of your hearts. I'm so glad you're feeling better now sister Debbie. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power. Thinking of you in prayers. Love to you sister.

  12. The weather has been going soo back and forth here in California too. Mel brought all tank tops and warm weather clothes and has just been freezing, haha...And aren't highlights wonderful?? I am soo glad you got to get this treat done. ENJOY your day! HUGS

  13. I think I am going to have to run out to get me some Mango Black Tea! Loved your list today!

  14. What a great list! I hope you feel better soon, Debbie. We had snow up north last Saturday. It was beautiful.

    Love you, dear sister!

  15. The last one made me smile, how neat!

    Sometime when you have an extra minute would you mind telling me about the travel journal? This looks like something fun to do with Caleb. (if you have time!)

    I had one that I added to my one thousand gifts last night....as I was sitting beside Caleb after prayers before bed, he heard a distant rumble of thunder. He raised his head and I loved the look in his eyes as he said "God heard my prayer." He has just prayed for rain. The rain didn't start till well after he was asleep so I took a picture of it so he could see the answer to his prayer :)

  16. dear debbie...i emailed you this but maybe it went into spam and so i am copying and pastting it here...i couldn't find where i could comment!...

    dear debbie...i was so happy to read on felisol's blog that you had received jillian's journal...when connie mailed it to me i wanted to send it so much to the dearest friend that i have ever had and that is felisol and so i did but debbie!....it took weeks to get to norway! it has to be back by may...i asked felisol to send it to sandy...she is such a dear lady!....well,it wasn't until just now that i heard the good news that you have it and i saw the great picture of it at your place,
    you know what debbie?...for all the time that the book spent being delivered to norway, i think that your bringing it to your class will make a big difference..just imagine all those darling children contributing!!! how great is that,eh!,?!
    god bless you debbie.....with christian, love terry

  17. Well it was God's providence that you have that journal after me when I look at all the comments about the journal...I am laughing, now how did I get in this loop? Too funny...Sandy sent it to me.
    Have fun with it.

    Your list is just wonderful...and you answered my question that I sent you.

  18. What a fun list! Is that tea cup from Mikasa? It looks so close to a set that I got when we got married! Anyway, love the fun commute/car/bus/facebook encounter with your friend!

    Blessings to you, Joan

  19. Hi there! First time visitor, courtesy of my friend Terry and our friend Felisol! We are part of the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf" Blog; I am Connie from Texas who had Jillian's journal a few stops back! I am SO excited for her! She is going to have THE BEST journal out of all the kids in her class! The best part is that her little journal is proof of Christian hearts knit together in Christ! We may never have met but we are all one in Him who loves us!!

    Connie Hopkins

  20. So glad you got Jillian's journal,
    Debbie. Isn't it great? She is one
    fortunate little girl and I know
    she will get a good grade with
    this project.
    Glad you are feeling better now.
    Love your list.

  21. Dear Debbie,
    I'm so glad the journal landed safely, first at Sandy's and now with you.
    I also embrace the story from you and your friend ridign bus and car, thinking at each other simultaneously.
    Sometimes I just need to know that God is there, all the time.
    This has been one of them.
    So glad you reported back to me too.
    Love Felisol

  22. While I personally didn't care for the book, I do like the idea of counting our blessings. I call them grace notes. I enjoyed reading your list!

  23. I love your list : ) I think highlights are so much fun. They always make me happy for weeks! : ) Glad you had a wonderful week full of blessings!

  24. Such a beautiful list! I had to smile when I read about your highlights - I remember one time I had a hair appointment and I wanted a new hair cut. So, I was praying about it because I was nervous that I would not like it. Then I chastised myself for praying about something so self-serving in a world that is suffering so much. Before I left for my appointment I flipped over my daily scripture calendar and read, "Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." God is good!
    Joanne xo


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