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Friday Photo Flashback ~ 1958

Friday Photo Flashback

I've been looking through old photos and found one that probably dates back to around 1958.  So I decided to join in on Friday Photo Flashback today.
Check out those drapes.  Yikes; what was my mom thinking?  My brother Steve is on the far left next to my grandmother, then my dad and mom and ...me.

Treasure those precious memories!

You can link up with Alicia of More Than Words to share your pre-digital photos.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. What a real cutie you were as a little one and beautiful woman now! I love that the photo for this post shows up right beside your profile photo! The angle of your head is also almost in the same tilt in both.

    I think we had drapes with a similar pattern in one of the photos when I was little! :o)

    And your mom looks gorgeous in this photo...I do like her hair style there.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I am unexpectedly off from work! yay!!! getting to do some blog visiting, catching up and completing some art orders! Thank you so much for stopping by! I love finding your comments. Thank you for your sweet words...haha I call him heartbreaker, cuz his big sister started calling him that on her blog...when he first heard that nickname from her, he said "No, I would be the "heart-breakee" not the heartbreaker. It is true, he is like his dad in that he gives his whole heart, sometimes a little too quickly, so he has had his heart broken.

  2. Cute picture! I love the lace table cloth...

    Blessings, Joan

  3. You were and still are beautiful!

    Love the flashbacks with you!
    XOXO Jill

  4. How adorable is that!! I love old photo's. Have a wonderful week-end Debbie. HUGS

  5. This is fun. One of these days I should join on this flashback thing.

  6. Love your Flashback Photos. And you know, that was the style back then so everyone probably had those kind of drapes. LOL!
    Have a great day my friend.

  7. So cute!!! Also love the post below!!! There is a peace that passes all understanding ... I have experienced that peace when my parents went to be with the Lord. I must tell you that it was a remarkable experience.

  8. How precious indeed! And you and your brother are cute! :) Time does really go by fast but it's awesome when you can relive those sweet, loving moments! Have a great weekend sister and God bless and protect you always.

  9. Dear Debbie,
    What a lovely family photo.
    The perfect core family.
    The fifty fans would kill for those drapes.
    There are young people even in Norway who has made it a lifestyle, to live, dress and surround themselves with items from the fifties.
    Maybe we did grow up in the best of all worlds this side of heaven?
    From felisol

  10. Too cute and too fun! I wonder what we will think of our houses years from now! Besides some of this is coming back in style...wait long enough and it comes back around. LOL

  11. Got to love those drapes. I sort of remember the table and chairs.

  12. Well, hey there you are! Haven't seen ya for a while. Hope everything is okie dokie with you! Now look at this pic I feel like I'm looking at one of my family pics. Look even the same lace tablecloth only brought out on special occasions. What's wrong with those drapes? My mom had ones very similar, but it was white with a brown forest all over the place. LOL Have a great weekend girlfriend. Already following! I follow on Networked Blog now too!

  13. How funny...before I scrolled down to read your post, I said to myself, "Wow..look at those curtains!" I love all the pictures you share, Debbie!! You are adorable as ever!

  14. Your mom decorated a lot like
    mine! Of course they all thought
    everything was just beautiful
    in those days. How lucky we are
    today that we actually do have
    lovely choices in drapes and
    everything else. Oh well,
    always good for a laugh when
    we pull out these old photos.
    You were a cutie back then
    too! ;0)
    Hope you and your hubby have
    a nice and relaxing weekend.
    Love & Prayers,

  15. Lovely picture. Thanks for sharing. I bet those curtains were all the fashion then! How times change.

  16. what a great photo! i love looking at old pix they are timless

  17. You are a great beauty Debbie insight and outside! I like your spirituality.


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