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Are You Peaceful?

Are you peaceful?

Our world is anything but ...peaceful.

So how can you have peace when there are:
  • Wars 
  • Terrorism alerts
  • Financial uncertainty
  • Loss of jobs
  • Unsaved loved ones
  • Decrease in home values
  • Cancer
  • Chronic illness
  • Loss of independence
  • Miscarriages
  • Infertility
  • Rebellious children
I could go on and on.  I'm sure you could add a few more to this list too.

So, how can you have peace in the midst of a changing and uncertain world?

Jesus warned us that we would have trouble in this world.  But the beginning of John 16:33 says:
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace."

We won't find peace in this world.  No amount of money, fame or success will provide the peace that comes from being in relationship with Jesus.

This morning I was reading the January 24th devotional from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. 

My peace is the treasure of treasures: the pearl of great price.  It is an exquisitely costly gift, both for the Giver and the receiver.  I purchased this Peace for you with My blood.  You receive this gift by trusting Me in the midst of life's storms.  If you have the world's peace -- everything going your way --you don't seek My unfathomable Peace.  Thank Me when things do not go your way, because spiritual blessings come wrapped in trials.  Adverse circumstances are normal in a fallen world.  Expect them each day.  Rejoice in the face of hardship, for I have overcome the world.

How timely was that?  So, I ask again: Are you peaceful?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. AMEN! Seeking the peace that surpasses all understanding!

    Love you!

  2. This was very encouraging to me today!

  3. hi debbie!

    this is such a precious birthday gift, because
    i am so grateful for His peace. i crave it and
    have many people say that i am peaceful.

    how amazing that what i ask of Him, He
    gives in such measure that others can see it!

    you are such a treasure!


    ps. why didn't i ask for BEAUTY????

  4. Yes, I am peaceful at this
    moment in time. In the
    natural I should not be
    according to my family
    circumstances. However, I
    am. I wish I could say I
    stay in a state of peacefulness
    but I do not. I do have much
    more peace now than I did
    even one year ago though the
    only reason for my peace is
    the presence and mercy of
    Love & Peace,

  5. It's not in my human nature to be at peace so some days it's by the sheer act of my will that I hang onto the truth of these verses. They don't always make it to my heart but I at least say them out loud to fake it to make it! lol

  6. I am SLOWLY finding that just like Elaine @ Peace for the Journey explains in her book that true Peace is a person (whose name is Jesus of course) who is with us always and not really always an emotion. The closer I am to Him, the more of His peace I am able to experience. It has become my greatest quest in these last couple of years. To experience more and more of Him. Because the more I do, the more I want. Have a wonderful day Debbie. HUGS

  7. Funny, I finally found peace (the peace of God) in the most turbulent, painful, and uncertain times in my life. I love how God shows Himself strong in our weakness. It has such an eternal lasting impact!

  8. Debbie - Thank God for that inner peace, because we certainly have nothing but chaos in this world.

    Just this morning I read of yet another bomb killing 35 people - this one at the Moscow airport.

    Only in Christ do we have that wonderful "inner equilibrium" that reflects His peace. Wonderful post today. God bless you - Marsha Young

  9. Debbie:

    This is wonderful! Who of us does not want peace? I do have peace today, but I also know how 'iffy' that can be unless I am standing on what He has promised. I get side tracked so quickly, but He draws me right back, and I think the 'down' time is getting shorter, so maybe I am learning more about taking Him at His word. :)

    Peace to you today my sis!


  10. We seem to be thinking along the same lines. I chose "peace" as my k-love radio station word for this year. I love the passage from "Jesus Calling".

  11. Peace. It's the soul's barometer, isn't it? With it, we are serene. Without it, comfort escapes our grasp.

    Great question, to which I have to say: "Yes". The Prince of Peace does all things well.


  12. I think some times we get lost in what we think peace is...He says I will give you the peace that the world doesn't give, and so many times His peace is there and I am looking for it to feel or look like something else.
    Thanks for an encouraging word for the beginning of the week.

  13. I love this post. So thought provoking. I would like to think I am peaceful. I always think of that verse that says."Be still and know that I am God."

  14. Debbie, There are many mornings when I am reading my devotional out of Jesus Calling and I think of you. They are almost always so powerful and "right on." Of course, I loved this one too.

    Abundant blessings to you this week!

  15. Breathing in as I attempt to find His peace in the midst of my life-changing circumstances. Seeing that in the center of this most difficult month God has shown me glimpses of His peace and Hope for my future!! But I tell you what, I sure do miss my Mark and have to work so hard daily to walk with God! Blessings, Cindy

  16. Dear Debbie,
    Your post is of the kind, which make me think and think over again.
    All the deep felt answers to your question made me understand that there are many right answers to this topic.
    I don't feel peace when I'm watching the news, reading the paper or even learn what troubles my friends.
    All injustice, suffering, hatred and violence make me
    feel week and helpless, (and sometimes angry).
    The more I see, the more I reflect, the more I need Jesus. His kingdom is not of this world, but he has conquered the world.
    He's the balance point in this ongoing madness.
    He's my rock of ages in which I can hide and find new strength.
    Looking back I can witness; this far the Lord has been helping.
    From Felisol

  17. Debbie,
    I found your blog through Cindy's blog. She and I recently met online. Her husband, Mark, died the day before Christmas, and my husband, James, died the day after Christmas.

    It's so great to meet another woman of faith. God has brought me through many fires and continues to "refine" me with the loss of James. The last few days I've been reading John 16:33, plus everywhere I turn I am reading, hearing, seeing the word "Peace" and what it means.

    I will be back to visit you. If you're interested in reading about James, you might want to read my blog "The Death of My Precious James" and "May I Tell You About James?"

    Wishing you all God's blessings,
    Brenda Coffee

  18. The pictures are beautiful, and the quote from Sarah Young is another gem worth keeping.

    Peace... what an elusive thing it is in this world today. But yes, I am thankful that I am safe and secure in the arms of one who is called the Prince of Peace.

    May God continue to envelope you and me with peace dear Debbie.


  19. "Thank Me when things do not go your way, because spiritual blessings come wrapped in trials." I love this Debbie! So true. I just need to be willing to look for those blessings and remain in His peace!

  20. Wonderful post Debbie! It seems that everywhere I turn lately I'm "hearing" Trust and Peace.

    You shared beautifully about peace today.....and oh, did I ever need it!!

    Bless you for sharing!


  21. In Christ we find true peace, no matter what is going on in our lives. God has proven this to me time and time again as I have given my struggles and trials to Him. He has helped me to feel His love, which has given me peace, in the midst of many storms. Remember in August when my daughter had her openheart surgery? During that extremely stressful time, He enabled me to relax and to trust in Him. That is true peace and a blessing for which I am extremely grateful.

    Living for Him, Joan

  22. Hi Debbie,
    I hope you had a wonderful day

    My circumstances are usually Far from peaceful, but I wouldn't want Him to change a thing, because it's here that I have experienced that peace that surpasses all understanding, and I want more of it :o)

    God bless you

  23. Thankyou, I really need to grab hold of peace today and surrender my loved ones into his hands.

  24. Thank you for this peaceful reminder! His Peace is our anchor in every trial.
    Blessings Sweet Lady ~

  25. Amen, Debbie. I am so thankful that Jesus is my peace, and that He is patient when I let the world's problems bother me; He waits, always there with open arms when I turn to Him for the peace that can only come from Him.


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