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What's Your Ideal Christmas?

What's you ideal Christmas?  I love old fashioned shows like the Walton's.  However, life rarely turns out like these TV shows or movies.

Families are often separated by many miles. 

This is my family in Florida.  I wasn't able to be there for Christmas.  My dad is hugging my niece Katie.  She came home for Christmas from NYC.  And here are the newlyweds; Kevin and Kristin.  Aren't they cute?

I had a nice Christmas celebrating with Greg's family.  You can read about it here, in case you missed it.

There has been some sadness this Christmas too.  A blogging friend Cindy of Consider it All Joy lost her husband on Christmas Eve.  We were making plans to finally get together and meet as both Cindy and I live in the Phoenix area.  But her husband had been battling medical problems and he died.  I hope you will visit her blog and pray for her.

I also think of Melanie of The Bella Mella.  It was one year ago on December 16 when her beloved son Andrew went to Heaven. I'm sure this anniversary so close to Christmas was challenging for her. 

I know my ideal Christmas would be:
  • The whole family would be together; both Sumstad's and Petras'.
  • My dad would read Luke 2 before dinner (he actually does this each year).
  • For that one day, we'd have a white Christmas.
  • We'd celebrate the true meaning of Christmas; the birth of Jesus Christ.
How about you?  What would be your ideal Christmas?

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Thank you Debbie, for sharing your ideal Christmas and our story...one thing I know for sure is that Mark had his ideal Christmas this year...he got to spend it with Jesus and in that one thing I can find Joy!!!

  2. Hi Debbie, Sending you lots of love from Colorado; we didn't have snow and I'm thankful cause hubby is much happier when it's warm. I'll be visiting Cindy's blog also.
    Thanks for sharing your heart with us!
    Love and prayers,

  3. My condolences to Cindy in her loss. And I believe you are right, Mark had a perfect Christmas this year; praise God that you understand that even in your sorrow. I too relate to the loss of a loved one at this time of year. Eleven years ago yesterday, our son was killed in a car wreck.
    And although each year we remember Jason, we also know that he is with the Lord, and for that we are so thankful. May God bless you as you mourn the death of your husband, and may you be comforted with sweet memories of him, and the wonderful Hope that we have in Christ Jesus our Lord....we will be together again.

  4. Your list for your ideal Christmas sounds wonderful! Though we didn't have the entire family together on Christmas day, we did the following day! Right now I am praising God for the blessing of my husband and myself spending this week in a little cabin in the mountains...along with our son, our daughter and her husband and our granddaughter! Outside the clouds have come in and we're expecting a foot of snow over the night! What a joy!

    Blessings to you and Greg! Joan

  5. I have given some thought already believe it or not as to what I consider the ideal Christmas, and I guess I always come back to the same thing as you. Doesn't matter WHERE we all are as long as we are ALL together...Doesn't matter what we eat as long as there is enough to go around and we are all grateful. Doesn't matter what we do on the day as long as we start and finish it by remembering and praising Him.

    I am soo sorry to hear of your friends loss. That would have been soo hard...I can hardly imagine it. And yet what a Christmas day he must have had!! I will definitely visit her blog and keep her in my prayers.

    HUGS, Debbie

  6. My perfect Christmas is to have all my family together to worship HIM.
    I wish it would be like this all the time ... not just at Christmas.

  7. Yes, Christmas is a time for rejoicing, but for many, it is not without pain, either. A boy my daughter goes to hs with did not receive any presents for Christmas. He was at home taking care of his dad for Christmas. He has cancer. Meanwhile, his mother was in a hospital 3 1/2 hrs away receiving treatment for cancer. He simply got overlooked and forgotten. We found out afterwards.

    I hope the good news of eternal salvation will offer some comfort for those who are suffering. And, our prayers as well. Will link over to your friend's blog. wb

  8. Just as long as I'm with family it's a good Christmas.

  9. May God's comfort cover sister Cindy. Same with yours as I know it's not easy to be far away from family during the special time of the year. I have been that way for many years, scattered in different parts of this world. You have a lovely family in Florida. Happy New Year sister Debbie and God bless and protect you always.

  10. Dear Debbie,
    In a way you are blessed, who have two families to celebrate with.
    A first cousin of mine is always busy on Christmas Eve (which is the day we celebrate). He's serving Christmas dinner to about 100 lonely people at the town's finest hotel. Not necessarily poor or drug addicts, but first and foremost lonely ones, who have no one to share the joy and togetherness of Christmas with. Jesus said, "I was lonely and you did not see to me."

    Well, I sure did not see to anyone but m close family that day, I'm ashamed to admit.

    Because Gunnar's parents are both died, we always celebrate Christmas with my nuclear family. That is a blessing to me, but I know Gunnar has had too adapt to us.

    To me Christmas Eve stars with the family going to church to sing the wonderful hymns an listen to Luke 2. It's always new and wonderful.

    Then we visit the graves of our loved ones, placing wreaths made of moss and cones and lightening candles there.
    In Christmastime the ones, who have already reached their goals in heaven, nevertheless are missed in the family circle.

    Back home we gather for a huge dinner.
    Before the dessert the eldest male, who now is my brother,will read the long version of Luke 2. Then it's rice/cream/cloud berry dessert served. An almond is hidden, and the lucky finder gets a marzipan pig for reward. Because this is kind of a competition, everyone overeats.
    Gunnar was the lucky finder this year.

    Time for coffee and some washing up before the solemn opening of the gifts already lying under the Christmas tree.

    There's always a Nativity Scene displayed.
    It's unthinkable to take Christ away from the mas.
    Wishing you all of the best for these Christmas days.
    In Norway we are counting the Christmas days to the twentieth. Then comes Santa Knut and chases julen out.

  11. Enjoyed the pictures! =)

    An ideal Christmas for me would be so similar to yours: family together, a white Christmas, and scripture reading. =)

    So sad to hear about Cindy's husband.

    I hope that Godwilling, next year, you'll get to spend some time with your side of the family in Florida.

    Have a blessed last couple of days of 2010!

  12. Debbie, I just went over and made a comment on Cindy's blog...what heartbreak! My prayers are with she and you also for the coming year. May you have a blessed New Year. Lori


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