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God of All Comfort

Christmas is a wonderful time of year as we celebrate the birth of our Savior; Jesus Christ. But for many, who are going through loss of loved ones or children with life threatening illnesses ...it can be so difficult.

Many of you are familiar with Abby Riggs, the daughter of Brent and Michelle. They've shared Abby's story on ...Where Laughter Lives :: The Riggs Family Blog. But it broke my heart to read about how they had to postpone their Christmas celebration as Abby is back in the hospital. Abby needs our prayers but her parents Michelle and Brent need them too. Will you join me in praying for this family?

(It is Sunday morning and I was just checking blogs and found the wonderful news that Abby came home from the hospital after having another spinal tap. God is so good and thank you for your prayers. You can read about it on the Riggs Family Blog here. She still needs our ongoing prayers though.)

And there was news of several deaths including the dad of Loren of The Magoo News. And Susan of Runner Mom lost her dad suddenly (Elaine of Peace for the Journey shares about it here.)Laurie of Beauty for Ashes just lost her mom one week ago.

My heart goes out to Melanie of Bella ~ Mella. Her son Andrew died this past week. I'm sure it comforts her to know she will see her son again one day but in the meantime ...it hurts so much.

It's a hard thing to go through, especially at this time of year.

Denise of Shortybear's Place spent time in the hospital this Christmas with her husband who had a stroke. Her "lovebug" has stabilized but Denise's health isn't the best.

May we remember our blogging friends who are going through difficult times right now. We can offer comfort through our prayers and words of love.

I love eLisa of Extravagant Grace's Scripture graphic above of 2 Corinthians 2: 3-7. Such words of wisdom to encourage others.

Much love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Thanks for sharing these requests, Debbie. I have found comfort and encouragement from fellow bloggers joining together in prayer.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Debbie. My heart breaks for those who have lost loved ones this time of year!

    Our prayers remain with the Rigg family!

    I love you,

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks for remembering me and for your prayers and words of comfort. Thanks also for the reminder that I'm not the only one hurting right now. May God grant me the grace to comfort as I have been comforted.

    (Debbie, sorry about the deleted comment above, my husband was logged in on my computer. I accidentally commented under his name.)

  5. I will be praying for all of these. Sometimes when your life is going so well you forget that others' are not. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Oh, Debbie, I was crying out in prayer for little Abby today while reading about her suffering. And I've also been praying for Melanie and her family, after her son Andrew's going to heaven. Thank you for those verses on comfort. Love and Hugs, Cathy

  7. Debbie,

    I am just now returning to blogging and am so grateful for you and many others who have taken the time to post prayer requests for myself and others. I have been praying for Melanie and Denise but will add these others! I know the LORD hears the cries of our hearts and the Holy Spirit brings Comfort to each one!

    May HE bless you for sharing these and for being such a godly example of what a true friends is and does!
    I love you and praise God for you

  8. ...prayers lifted up on these requests! God bless you!

    Hope your Christmas was a very blessed one!
    Mele Kalikimaka & Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (Hawaiian for Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Thank you dear friend for stopping by! I am finally able to catch up and I appreciate you so very much!)

  9. God bless all of us in those holy days!

  10. You are right, Debbie, Christmas time is always hard on families in difficult situations.

    May we always be a comfort to those around us - near and far...

    Love & Peace,

  11. Hi Debbie, Praying that in the midst of difficulties you are sensing the Father's hand in leading and guiding you and your hubby. Have a blessed week.

  12. My heart goes out to these hurting people, too. Love the scripture. Bless you, Debbie!

  13. Thanks for sharing these needs.....I have so missed reading blogs during tree season...now have a few down days to catch up. Stop by and see me...actually have a little give away that I will get Parker to draw for tomorrow night...

  14. Yes amen, I have been praying for these very ones and more. I have just been floored by how many recent deaths. God is coming soon. Amen and Amen.


    Romans 8:18

  15. You are such a blessing Debbie. I have been praying for these that I knew about. Thank you for sharing this information so that we can lift each other up.

    Much Love to You!

  16. I'm so sorry to hear all of this. A few of these bloggers I'm familiar with, but the family who just lost their son, how tragic! I will include all of these people in my prayers.

  17. We will pray! Thank you for sharing so beautifully!


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