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Following Her Dreams

Ever since I can remember, my niece Katie walked to a beat of her own. She's unique ...but in a good way.

She didn't particularly enjoy school but she always loved doing hair and makeup. And she loved to travel.

When she and her sister Kristin were growing up, I took many trips with them to places like Washington DC, San Diego, Malibu, and New York City. Uncle Greg joined us when we went to San Francisco and Las Vegas.

I remember the first time Katie went to NYC. She was gazing at all the tall buildings and people and ...shopping opportunities.

She said it wasn't what she had expected. At the time, I wasn't sure if that was good or not.

But guess where Katie lives?

In Brooklyn just across the bridge from Manhattan.

And she works in a hair salon. Go figure!

But I'm proud of her for following her dreams. Who knows how long she'll stay in the city but she's getting great experience, right?

Katie has always been a dog lover. She's one of those people who lays on the ground playing with her dog. And she talks baby talk to them too. LOL.
And Katie's getting to travel too. She grew up in Florida but now she's experiencing the different seasons. I can't believe she's actually in a corn maze.

But Katie is following her dreams and I respect her for that.

She's going to ask me how I got these photos that I didn't take. But that's what her Facebook is for, right?

Now when is she going to come and do her Aunt Debbie's hair?

Debbie Petras
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  1. How beautiful this is Debbie. I love when people live out the uniqueness that God has given all of us. May He guide her all the way. And I hope He guides her to go do your hair soon too. LOL!

  2. Your niece is beautiful! What an exciting adventure and the photos you "picked" are so sweet! I love that she is in a corn maze! (This is one on my "gotta-hafta-wanta" do-list! Seriously!)

    Blessings & Aloha!

    Katie has an awesome auntie! :o)

  3. Your niece is very lovely, just like you sweetie.

  4. dreams... i'm currently finishing a book about God given dreams. it says in the book that never give up on those dreams. God puts those dreams in us and He wants us to follow that dream and never give up.

    she's pretty just like you. =D

  5. And if, as you imply, the NY dream ends because it has had it run, then I am sure a person like Mary will have another dream to follow on from there. Good for her! (I hope you do not have too much trouble explaining the photographs that you did not take!)

  6. Hi Deb,

    What a little doll she is and I say good for her!! I'm sure it is all very exciting for her. I love to hear when people have the courage to follow their dreams. My niece does hair too, and she is wonderful...it's great having a hair dresser in the fam. I steal Mel's facebook pics ALL the time, haha I'm with you, that's what they are they for. Have a GREAT day. Debbie

  7. Being a born and bred New Yorker I can relate to your precious Niece in some areas and hey I talk baby talk and all to my dogs too (smile).

    She's beautiful. I'm glad she is pursuing her interests. I will pray for her Sweetie.

    I love you.

  8. What a beautiful young lady. May blessings pour down upon her.

    I hope to meet you on Friday.

  9. That's a brave young woman. Good for her! I'm sure she will learn a lot living in Brooklyn, as I did when I lived there over ten years ago.

  10. So beautiful Debbie! I too have a Katie who came screaming into this world strong willed and full of wonder. The Lord spoke to my heart and told me that He would shape and use her uniqueness and boldness for His purposes. And yep He's done just that!! Glory to God! How awesome to hear about your niece and learn of another Katie's sweet journey!
    Sweet Blessings!

  11. A lovely story. My daughter has been in NY this week. She loves it there but lives here in AR. I enjoyed the pictures. Doylene

  12. Good for her. I love it when a person follows their heart and their dreams. She is lovely. Thanks for stopping by and your gracious comments. I will be sure to say hello for you at the lunch. We will miss you. Hugs, Marty

  13. Sounds like my daughter.....I wonder while Praying what she is going to do when she is out of school in 2 yrs. oh wait 1 1/2 oh dear! It's going oh so quickly!
    It is good that she didn't conform and is pursuing her dreams with clearly no fear! I couldn't have ever done that at her age!
    What a place to learn! I went to the Redken school near Times Square and I loved it! But this was just a couple of years ago but oh my if I had gone when I was her age!! WOW WOW :) It would have been awesome!

    Bless you both Debbie!

  14. Hi Debbie, Your niece is beautiful and i am glad she followed her dreams too. She is most blessed to have you in her life too.

  15. Aunt Debbie 'dot', you are too sweet. This is the nicest thing anybody has ever wrote about me. Just think, if you never brought me here for my high school graduation present, I might still be in Florida!! I love and miss you so so much and I'm always thinking of you and Uncle Greg.

    xoxoxo LOVE YOU


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