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In Other Words Tuesdays ~ Peace

I almost forgot that it was In Other Words Tuesday today so my post is up a bit later than usual. Patricia of Typing One-Handed is our host this week and she chose the following quote for us:

Peace seems to something that I've been seeking for some time now.

But I've found that TRUE PEACE is not found in:

  • An orderly house although I do function better that way
  • Relationships no matter how special they are
  • Acts of kindness although it can be such a blessing to give and to receive
  • Money in my bank account
  • A perfect marriage (Is there such a thing? LOL)
  • Well behaved children or not having children
  • Holding hands and singing "Give Peace a Chance" (yeah, I was a child of the '60s)
  • Attempting to control my circumstances when they're out of my control (ever tried that?)
  • Trying to focus on positive things when my mind is distracted and all over the place

In this verse of Scripture in John 14, Jesus says that ...He provides the peace.

He tells us to not let our hearts be troubled and not to be fearful. Only a relationship with Jesus can provide that true peace, no matter what the circumstances of my life may be.

But I have a choice to make. As a Christian, I have His Spirit within me. He provides me with all I need if ...I choose to listen and obey.

Or I can listen to my flesh that I must contend with on this side of eternity.

Will I choose His peace by listening to Him?

Or will I attempt to do it my way?

The choice seems easy but it's ...a moment by moment heart choice.

And I do desire this true peace that only Jesus provides.

How about you?

Debbie Petras
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  1. Thank you for sharing your heart with us Debbie in such a beautiful way.

    Seeking His Peace for He is PEACE. Love you dear one.

  2. I love how you love Him, bless you.

  3. Well said Debbie. Have a day seeped in his peace.

  4. Your bullet-point list of ways we try to find peace are too true of me. Certainly, I'd like to find peace from each of those ares, except that is only peace as the world gives...It's short-lived. Only the peace that Jesus gives is lasting. Thanks for participating today. I'm always blessed by your words.

  5. This is really good and so true again. Why I have asked myself a million times do I fight what I KNOW to be true?? True, lasting peace ONLY comes from a connected, deep, personal relationship with Him. Any peace the world has to offer is fleeting, and not really satisfactory. At this season in my life I want ALL that I can get from Him. And the closer and closer I get to Him, the more my life fills with His peace, the more I want to serve Him, and the more the cares of this world fade. Blessings to you, Debbie

  6. Debbie, I wish I had your list of questions to ask myself throughout these past 4 months. What a difference it might have made if I had been able to look outside myself and my feelings.

    Thanks for participating today. Great words!

  7. This is so timely for me. I'm really struggling with that peace right now. I'm glad I stopped by for just these moments....if nothing else just to remind me that the peace I am really seeking starts with a capital "P."
    Love you.

  8. I love your write. Have a warm wonderful week. TTFN ~Marydon

  9. What a sweet post Debbie. I absolutely love the picture.

  10. Hi Deb

    Those two babies I am holding in the slideshow are both my latest grandbabies. The boy is my oldest son Joe's and the little girl is my youngest son James's. They were both born last Feb., just two weeks apart. I have been blessed with 6 already and 2 step grandchildren as well. My cup truely runneth over, haha None from Mel yet though. Shouldn't be too much longer if the good Lord wills it though. She's only 23 so there is plenty of time yet though I guess, haha Thanks for the sweet comments about my daughter..I'm missing her today something fierce. I will settle in again I am sure, but the first day after she leaves is always hard...love to you, Debbie

  11. Mmm hmmm. . .we have a choice. You preach it, sister. We all need to be reminded to choose to turn to Jesus and tap into the power of the Holy Spirit. GREAT reminder. Thanks.

  12. Couldn't agree more, Debbie. I have this particular verse on my desktop this month -- it reminds me every morning that true peace can only be found in Him and trough Him...The verse has brought great comfort to me over the past 27 days...

    Love you much -- pray for you and your beloved every day...

  13. A beautiful post, Debbie ~ I have written songs about peace and set some peace scripture verses to music on my music website under Labels.

  14. Hi Debbie! Sure appreciate this beautiful post. And so thankful His peace is available in sickness and in health, too - something we've experienced these past couple of years with with so many medical things happening. Jesus Himself is peace. I can't imagine life without Him...but sometimes it takes me sitting still for awhile with my bible open, tears flowing, heart open, before I sense that renewal within. His Word washes over me; His Spirit holds me close. Life isn't easy, but He is faithful and true. Praying for you, thinking of you, and caring....hugs, V.


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