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Pray for My Sister

My sister Christine needs your prayers.

She's been experiencing black floaters in her eye for some time now. Because she's a small business owner, she doesn't have health insurance due to the high cost.

One of Chris' customers was concerned about her. She brought an optometrist into Chris' consignment shop. He became quite alarmed and gave her the name of an opthamologist that he recommended. He insisted it was an emergency.

My sister found out that her retina is almost completely detached and because she didn't seek help earlier there's much scar tissue. So her future vision in this eye most probably will be impaired.

The surgery is quite costly but thankfully the Lion's Club has been so kind to her. After completing the forms, they agreed to pay for Christine's surgery. Praise the Lord!

Chris is so grateful and hopes to arrange a fashion show to benefit the Lion's Club in return for their kindness.

Chris is asking for prayer.
The surgery will be this Thursday, September 17. I assured her that I would write a post and ask my blogging friends to join in and pray for her too.

Since it's vital for her to work and drive in the future, she's praying that her sight would not be permanently affected.

She also needs coverage for her consignment store called Clothes Line Two in Clearwater, Florida. Since she's the sole owner, she doesn't have employees. However, she has wonderful giving friends who have offered to work for her while she's recuperating at home.

BTW, if you live in the Clearwater area of Florida maybe one day you can stop in and say hello to Christine. Tell her you're a friend of her sister Debbie of Heart Choices. She's very friendly and lovable. After all, she's my baby sister.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Will pray.

    What are back floaters in the eye?

    Does your sister blog or do FB? She may not have time, but that would be one way to promote her work.


  2. I have already prayed for your sister, Debbie...and I will certainly continue to. Please keep us updated on how her surgery and everything goes.

    Bless her heart.

    And what a wonderful sister you are - she is blessed to have you :)


  3. yes, prayers from here in Georgia!

    What wonderful friends and support that she has there.

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (you two are so beautiful!)

  4. Lifted this up to the throne and expect great things to God's glory through His generous provision. Blesings, SusanD

  5. My oldest sister (I'm youngest of 4 girls) has impaired vision due to a number of reasons. It's tough, so I wouldn't want for anyone to struggle as she has. I pray your sister makes it through her surgery with amazing success; that her docs have acute wisdom & skill. To God be the glory!


  6. I've had floaters that look like heat waves in the eye. It happened again on Sunday for about fifteen minutes. Checked on-line and they call them migraines even though I don't get a headache with the. I will be praying for your sister. I know how frightening it must be for her.

  7. I will pray for your sister, Debbie. She is beautiful, just like you.

    Love you!!!

  8. This is so sad, but I'm glad she got help when she did and hopefully her vision will be saved. I am praying for her. Thank you for letting us know. She is beautiful - just like you and I have the feeling it isn't just on the outside.

  9. Debbie,

    I will be praying for your sister and the LORD knows all her needs! He has already begun providing and I can't wait to see more of what HE has in store for her and all who witness this from beginning to end!

    blessings to you and to your sister!

  10. Chris is on my list to pray for healing. She's beautiful, just like her big sis!!!

  11. I will definately be praying. Anything to do with your sight is particularly scary.

  12. We will do from Cyprus. Our spirit will be these days with your lovely sister Christine. Please let us know for the outcome. Lots of wishes and love for Christine! Nicolaides family from Nicosia, Cyprus.

  13. Of course I will pray for Chris. One of the neat things about your blog is that we'll get to read about he outcome of her surgery, how God provided for your sister.

  14. Praying for Christine!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  15. I will be lifting your dear sister up in my prayers, love you.

  16. Praying for your sister...

  17. Debbie,

    I just read your Email to me and rushed over. I was not online yesterday other than once in the a.m. on Facebook to say I am suffering with migraines (today is the 3rd day) so I'm off line. so I apologize for missing your message.

    I am praying right now for your sister. I'll be in touch. I love you.


  18. Heartly wishes all the way from Greece and Cyprus :Here

  19. Hi there, Uplifting your sis right now. Please keep me posted on how she is doing....
    Lifting you up to my friend.

  20. I just happened on your blog from ICELAND...and I'm so glad I did to add support and prayers to your sister.
    much love...all will be well...

  21. I am sorry to hear this, but praise God she was able to receive some financial help. Saying a prayer.

  22. Dear Debbie,
    The surgery may already have taken place.
    I'll pray anyhow.
    That the great physician will see to that the scares will heal and your sister may go on working in her shop.

    Dear Jesus, please touch Christine's eyes and heart.
    Let her experience that you are the caring Lord hearing every need, even before a word is spoken.
    Please stand by Christine's side these crucial days and never ever let her out of your loving care.
    From Felisol

  23. Debbie, I'm so sorry to just find out about your sister's retina emergency. Very thankful that she's come through the surgery now and will pray for a good recovery. What a blessing that her finances for this surgery were met, and that the Lord also raised up help for her business while she recuperates. Wow. I'm agreeing with our sister Felisol in prayer, that the Lord will touch her heart and eyes - and reassure her of His presence with her right now and these weeks to come. Dear Lord, please grant Chris your healing touch with full return of her vision in that eye. Thank you for making sure she had the surgery this week.

    Debbie, let me know how your sister progresses...drop me a note anytime. Love you! ~ V.


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