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Fitness Friday~ Let's Cheer Sandy On

Today is Fitness Friday. Sandy of God Speaks Today is the originator of this meme. I decided to write about Sandy today because I think she could use our prayers and support.

You see, Sandy is at the SheSpeaks Conference. She's taken her book manuscript along with her and she's meeting with potential publishers. I've been praying about this since I know ...it's been her dream.

Sandy describes herself as a freelance writer, fitness buff, wife and mother with a quirky sense of humor. I can attest to that sense of humor.

Anyone who follows her blog called God Speaks Today knows that Sandy has a unique style of writing. She can make the most mundane topic come alive. She's real and honest and can motivate people in a fun way. That's one of the reasons I wanted to join her for Fitness Friday.

I even heard that she can sing and wanted to audition for American Idol. Is that really true Sandy?

This will be Sandy's second year attending SheSpeaks. She did some revisions to her original manuscript and is praying that this is her year.

Border's Books ...here comes Sandy!

Maybe one day I'll be able to say I knew her when. LOL.

I love how she asked for feedback from her blogging friends and even had us vote on the best title for her book.

What is Sandy's book about? Well, she knows what it's like to lose her 8 month old baby boy named Noah. He's waiting in Heaven so she'll see him again. And then only a few months after her devastating loss, her mom died suddenly and she was only in her 50's. That's one of the reasons Sandy is so motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sandy writes so honestly about how she got through this stormy season in her life. She's a Christian and her faith in the Lord has been her foundation.

I think she's got such an important message to share in this book. I may not know what it's like to lose a baby but we all have our own stormy seasons in life. So, I think we could all learn something from her.

Would you add Sandy to your prayer list? I want to be an encourager to her and to let her know that we are praying for her.

I hope you'll visit Sandy's God Speaks Today and let her know.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Been praying for her...

    Very nice tribute to her and all that God is doing in her life.

    Important for Christians to support one another to the end...

    You're precious!

    Love ya. Meeting with Jennifer from Through the Storms shortly so you have a wonderful day dear sister.

  2. Oh, Debbie...I don't even know what to say. I'm moved, touched, humbled. Encouraged, mostly, knowing there are people all over the country lifting me up this weekend.

    I'm already at the conference. I'll be spending the morning and afternoon praying and seeking God. Can't wait for hours and upon hours of time alone with God.

    So, thank you, dear friend. You are precious.

    I love you!!!!!

  3. God bless all of you! Have a nice weekend!

  4. What a beautiful tribute to Sandy!

    It just shows how deep our Father's love runs through you Debbie!

    You are such a precious and sweet friend!

    Your gift of encouragement is a blessing to many!

    Joining you in prayer for Sandy!

    Love you,

  5. Prayers offered.

    Appreciated your comments about the Shirley Dobson story on Family Fountain.

  6. It's always inspiring to see how God takes hardship and turns it around.

  7. I just prayed for Sandy and I wish her God's prosperous success with her new book.

  8. I certainly will pray for Sandy, Debbie :) May the Lord give her the peace she needs to present her book and that He will open doors for her she never dreamed off...

    So sorry to read about her loss of her sweet baby boy...

  9. Thanks for sharing. I will go encourage her.

  10. Debbie!!!

    Oh friend - I can't thank you enough for checking in on me! I haven't been able to do much blogging lately - but you have stuck with me and I'm so thankful for that! I just put a new post up - announcing the birth of our daughter!!!! We are both doing GREAT! Everything went so well and I credit the prayers of all my friends and family (including YOU!)

    And I love your Fitness Friday post!!!! I have been praying for Sandy ever since she mentioned she was attending She Speaks! I'm certain she appreciates you posting about her and her book!

    You and your blog are such a blessing!!!! Thanks again - for ALL of your sweet comments, thoughts, and prayers!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend, Debbie!

    -Kate :)

  11. Dear Debbie,
    Of course I'll pray for Sandy.
    She is a woman known to sorrows and trials and hardly can imagine.
    I think, coming through these trials, her belief in God and concern with life intact, she must have found a source of strength worth learning to know.

    I'm indeed looking forward to be a prayer-birth-helper for her book!

    Have a good Lord's Day
    From Felisol


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