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Then Sings My Soul Saturdays ~ I Surrender All

It's another Saturday and I'm linking with Amy of Signs, Miracles and Wonders. The Lord has been working on my heart in the area of surrender. I think I've surrendered it all to Him but then something comes up AGAIN. I realize maybe I'm still holding on to it.

I checked YouTube for a version of the song "I Surrender All" that would be perfect. I love this song and it's one that I've sung for many years.

I happened upon Faith Hill's version when she and her band were on Oprah. I think I read that Faith Hill is a Christian but I don't know very much about her testimony.

But what also impacted me on this one was Oprah's face as she listened and ...sang along. Hmm ...

God gave us a free will to make choices.

I love though that He uses us to share and drop seeds, so no man is without excuse. And we can pray for others, even people we don't know personally.

How about you? Have you surrendered all? And do you have a heart for others who don't have this personal relationship with God? Instead of always criticizing high profile people, I think we need to pray.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Oh Debbie, my hair has been standing up on my arm since I started the song. Faith is a Christian and I am AMAZED that she sang that on Oprah! God is so faithful to continue to bring the truth before people. Wow! Poor Oprah ... God help her weed through any deception that she has intermingled with the truth.

    Bless you today!

  2. I hope Oprah comes back to the faith she grew up with. I think she's just trying to take the "good" things she wants to believe from every wind of doctrine, discard what she doesn't want to do, and make a customized religion for herself. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way with the Lord.

    I love the song.

  3. Surrender!!!! It's the ONLY way I live!!!!! My blog is all about it, and is my heart and the outpouring of my life for Christ. Keep surrendering, it's the most freeing place to be in Christ.

  4. So beautiful. Do you remember going to "Just Give Me Jesus," singing "I Surrender All," and waving a white tissue, or whatever we could to represent that flag of surrender. I think of that everytime I hear that song. "I surrender all......." We like to think we do, but too often, we have our strongholds. I probably need to sing this song everyday and wave a white flag over my heart.

  5. I think it is amazing that no matter how long we've been walking with the Lord, we still need to purpose to surrender all to Him (I know I do).

    There is such power in the name of Jesus! Praise God that Faith sang that song... I pray for Oprah and all the viewers that the Name of Jesus would be glorified and not diminished. God has His ways. He is so good and so gracious.

    Thanks so much for sharing Debbie!

  6. Beautiful, the way she sang that ~

  7. Is this Oprah's effort to regain some of her Christian followers. I have stopped watching her and have lost much respect for her. I don't trust her anymore and I would like to know what her perception of Jesus really is. Sorry to sound cynical.

  8. Wow that really causes me to stop and pray for both of them. I have to be honest, even though I've heard that Faith was a Christian, I have never really believed that it was real because of her videos. I didn't see it lived out in the eye of the public. Maybe God woke her up a bit too.

    I was really surprised to see Oprah's reaction to the song. She looked like she was really thinking about what she was singing.

    Thanks for posting this Debbie!

  9. Since my childhood I have adored and sung this song. It is one of those songs that says it all from the heart. Thank you for sharing Sweetie.

    When the Lord places her before me I pray for Oprah Winfrey and many others who have strayed from the things of the True God.

    Love ya.

  10. When I read about Christ's life in the bible he had his close spiritual pals (apostles) with him for friendship, company and support but the rest of his time was spent loving and caring for everyone else who didn't have the same spiritual values as him. I think this is a great lesson.
    I think sometimes we care too much about what other people believe rather than just accepting them for who they are. Christ's turned hearts to God by inspiring people to make them happy - it was up to them if they wanted to change or not. Another great lesson.

    "Surrender" is such a wonderful word to use when accepting Christ's will and not your own. The word means so much more in the context of spirituality and God. I long to "surrender". I hope I can follow your good example, Debbie, and make it a part of my life as well.

  11. Glad you posted this, Debbie. I don't watch Oprah (used to years ago) but I pray for her.

    My understanding is that she left her Baptist roots behind as she started reading the teachings of Eric Butterworth (Discover the Power Within You) a unity minister who wrote about the divinity of man. She claimed his teachings changed her religious views, and started hosting guests steeped in New Age/occult philosophies. (Many folks like to mix a little Jesus in with their otherwise New Agey beliefs). She's deceived, of course, and needs our prayers. Maybe the lyrics of that hymn touched Oprah. Even the mention of His name is powerful. It's not that Oprah's particularly opposed to the idea of Jesus, she has just always preferred her spiritual smorgasbord. Maybe with time, she'll see the truth. I hope so. Imagine what a testimony she'd have if she renounced her deceptions and went public with Jesus - and ONLY Jesus. Lord Jesus, save her! ♥


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