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Sweet Escapes

Sometimes, it's great to escape from the stress and busyness of life.

I love to visit blogs like Melissa's The Inspired Room. Each Friday she posts A Beautiful Life and invites other bloggers to participate and link to each other. I know I'm a day late but I wanted to join her anyway.

I'm a dreamer. Ever since I was a little girl, I would daydream of places far away or imagine in detail the home in which I would one day live.

I love the beach, the sound of the surf and seagulls. Even now, this picture brings back memories of Santa Monica and Laguna Beach in California. If I close my eyes, I can imagine feeling the cool ocean breeze and the heat from the sun. Greg and I spent much time there on vacation.

For me, it's even an escape just to think about these places.

Sometimes, if I can't get away to escape, I can take some time to listen to soft music and take a bath. I don't do this very often.

But as I think of ways to escape the stress of daily life, it certainly sounds very inviting. My tub is so pretty and I have candles to light. It's a great escape even ...if only for a short time.

I also find that reading a few of my favorite magazines is actually ...a sweet escape.

I love Victoria, Country Living and House Beautiful. I'm never disappointed when I look at their beautiful pictures and articles.

Here are just a few of the photos I enjoy. The first two are from Country Living. Can't you just picture yourself sitting on this porch sipping an iced tea or lemonade? A sweet escape ...
Victoria magazine had great photos of the cherry blossoms that are in bloom in our nation's capital. I was instantly transported back to trips I took to Washington DC with Greg and also with my nieces Kristin and Katie. Another sweet escape... Here's another beautiful photo from House Beautiful magazine. Can't you just see yourself sitting in one of these chairs enjoying the beautiful view? Another sweet escape...

Maybe you can't get away for a sweet escape. But you can always go for a walk, listen to music you enjoy, light a candle, sip an iced tea or a cup of hot tea. Pray, read your Bible and be still. Even a short break can be ...a sweet escape.

The focus of Heart Choices is how your day to day choices will determine what your tomorrows will become. Your choices impact body, mind and spirit. Making time for a sweet escape is good for your heart.

How about you? How do you escape from the stress and busyness of life? I'd love to hear from you too.
Debbie Petras
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  1. Beautiful. I just want to sit in that first picture for awhile. I love the beach. I wonder if it is just to long for something I don't have. Just wondering about the human mind. I loved all the pictures and will go check out the links. Maybe if i would clean and organize instead of painting with my girls I could have a shinny cozy spot like one of those. Naaa...I will still choose to play with the girlies (o:

  2. What a nice message and beautiful photos. I'm a beach and bath tub girl myself. Both are great escapes for me especially a hot bath with a good book, a tall glass of ice water, candles and the doors locked (smile).

  3. These are beautiful pictures. My escape (and granted I know I am lucky, because I grew up in AZ all my life and did not have this) but I run away to the beach to just sit and listen to the waves. They relax me like nothing else.


  4. Found your link on the Inspired Room that is one of my sweet escapes too, other than that it is creative projects preferrably sitting out in the sunshine in the garden.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Looks wonderful!

    As for me, I'm afraid I don't - escape, that is. Incurable rare progressive illness - mostly bedridden at this point and literally have been unable to be safely transported outside the house for four years.

    What you actually miss the most are the really little things - the sounds and sights and sensations of ordinary day to day life.

  6. These photos make me ache for beauty and another sweet escape. Gorgeous scenes! Sometimes we just drive up to the mountains to see how lush the foliage is - will do that once spring has truly "sprung." :-)

    I got out this week for a wonderful "tea" with my daughter and two friends. Something about doing tea in a quaint antebellum house with other ladies really puts my heart at ease.

    Other than that, I'm afraid the tub is my one practical escape...soothes my aches and pains.


  7. OMG, I'm a day dreamer when I was a kid too:) hehehe...
    I so love all the photos, Ms. Debbie!
    I love the beach but I love more the country living, listening to the birds singing:) ah, very serene!
    Happy Sunday!

  8. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. They remind me to slow down and appreciate the beauty in life!

  9. From one dreamer to another, love your sweet escape photos!

  10. These are beautiful pictures - and I had a sweet escape just looking at them and thinking about the peacefulness of them. I love the ocean and the sound of the waves moving over the shore. Thanks for the reminder today.

    May the Lord bless you, Debbie... Jennifer

  11. You are right, Debbie. We don't necessarily have to go physically -- sometimes a little escape at home is just as good to renew body, mind and soul :)

  12. Debbie,

    Looks like we had the same thing on our mind, huh?

    These look just lovely, my friend! Love ya!

  13. Reading your blog made me realize that I need to "plan" some escape time. I always dream of it, but I don't really think I escape all that often. Sometimes I am lazy and don't do anything, but to me, an escape charges your batteries. It is something I need to plan as I don't think it just happens.
    One thing I did do that was a wonderful experience was go to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens and saw a beautiful exhibit that is on display there. That was very relaxing for me..........nature, that is what does it for me.

  14. Oh, these pictures were beautiful! I could do me some great relaxing there. Getting out my Bible and praying and praising are major destressers in my life. Spending time with family is the next best thing.


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