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The Agony of Defeat ~ Super Bowl XLIII

The Arizona Cardinals were in the the Super Bowl and ...the people of Phoenix were so excited!

Although I have to admit I'm not a huge football fan, I couldn't help but join in the excitement. After all, Super Bowl fever can be catching.

When I went to the grocery store or even to church on Sunday, people were wearing their red Cardinals t-shirts. People were smiling and talking about the big game to complete strangers. I love this part.

It brought back memories of the 2001 World Series when the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the New York Yankees. And they actually won!

We had Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson, Jay Bell, Mark Grace and Steve Finley. Greg and I even got tickets to one of the playoff games. Talk about an exciting time for Phoenix!

Here's a tidbit you probably didn't know but ...Greg's sister Roxann was Curt Schilling's 1st grade teacher at Indian Bend Elementary School in Paradise Valley, AZ! How cool is that?

But then I remember 1993. The Phoenix Suns were in the NBA playoffs and almost won it all! Phoenix was in a sea of purple. Those were the exciting days of Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, AC Green, Dan Majerle, and Danny Ainge.

But oh, the agony of defeat!

I tend to remember the players and love to learn about their families and stories. It helps me to be more engaged in the game. I guess it's a female thing.

The player that captured my heart this season was Kurt Warner, the quarterback for the AZ Cardinals. I love that he wasn't handed anything. He played arena football for years. He married a woman who had two children of her own. And they now have seven!

And I was so glad that he won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award and received the trophy just prior to the start of the Super Bowl game yesterday.

Kurt is also a man of faith who chooses to always give God the glory. The press may not like how vocal he is about his relationship with Jesus but he seems to be compelled to do so. And I love and respect that about him.

So, now it's the day after the big game. And even though the outcome wasn't what we hoped for in Arizona, ...life does go on.

We're proud of our Arizona Cardinals. And they did play a very exciting fourth quarter!

But congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers, winners of Super Bowl XLIII!
Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie,

    I love this post! You know I love football. We went to an early dinner so we could come home and watch the game. lol

    We were rooting for the Cardinals so hard mainly because of Kurt Warner. We love his shining testimony! We were yelling and hopping up and down and so crazy at the end...but you have to admire that catch...wow! That catch at the end is what they train so hard for...amazing!

    Oh well...I'm so happy Josh is training for spring ball..lol

    Happy Monday to you and yes, I was notified about winning the award but still can't believe it. I posted the award on my sidebar. I truly don't feel deserving and feel completely out of my league!
    I can't even get my blog to look right half the time! lol

    Blessings to you, my friend. May your day be blessed!

  2. Amen to everything you wrote here. I remember the Suns, D'Backs and their days in the sun too. Those were exciting days for us as has been the last few days. Maybe next year. I'm sorry Randy is not coming back this year. I hope they don't let any of the rest of their best players get away. Seems like they always do.

  3. I didn't care a lot who won this year but I guess part of me wanted the Cardinals to win because I also like Kurt Warner and his testimony, and I have a soft spot for the underdogs. At least it was a good game right to the end.

  4. p.s. - I also know well the agony of defeat. My team is the Buffalo Bills who, as anyone who follows football will remember, lost four Super Bowls in a row! ack!

  5. the losing quarterback for the Cardinals is a very humble and gracious guy...I was impressed with his post game comments.

  6. I was cheering for them too...Kurt's a great guy! I saw you on Debra's blog and wanted to say HI. I noticed that you like Point of Grace...we were friends at OBU many yrs ago. Hop over to my blog and scroll down a bit to see some pix of them.

  7. I was cheering for them too...Kurt's a great guy! I saw you on Debra's blog and wanted to say HI. I noticed that you like Point of Grace...we were friends at OBU many yrs ago. Hop over to my blog and scroll down a bit to see some pix of them.

  8. Well I just sit in the sidelines when it comes to sports. I just don't get excited over any of this. But yesterday I turned on the TV because my littlest grandaughter wanted me to find some cartoons. As I was surfing the channels, I ran across The Puppy Bowl! Now that's a sport I can get into! Haha!

  9. Sometimes it is good to have a diversion from our everyday life, and this game really brought our family and friends together to watch the game and root for our team - that would be the Cardinals, of course. We would have liked a different outcome, but just the fact that this team made it to the Super Bowl was amazing. They played well, and it is good to have a quarterback that has a testimony like Kurt Warner. Surely hope he plays next year.

  10. Debbie,
    It is nice to meet you too! Thank you for the comments over at LWG :)

    I was so rooting for Arizona! My boss lives in Flagstaff. We got to visit almost 4 years ago - love it out there!

    It was great to host your Cardinals here in Tampa! Hopefully our city was a great host - I know many who were cheering them on!

  11. Yeah - isn't it super cool how Kurt Warner shares his faith in public. Maybe not popular with the masses, but he does it any way :) - Gotta love this man. Not sure if he will be back next you though -- one can only hope.

    Oh, and the 1993 Suns? What a team!!!! To bad they didn't win the championship than...

    Blessings to you and yours...


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