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A Walking Adventure

Doing the same exercise every day can get boring. Consider adding some variety, especially on days when you have more time. Even though it continues to be warm in Phoenix, the October mornings are cooler. So, for a change of pace I decided to take a long walk instead of hopping on my treadmill this morning. I brought my camera, along with my ipod and water bottle... and off I went on my adventure.

I decided to cross over to the Arizona Biltmore since the scenery is great!

The entryway

The grounds are picture perfect

Imagine yourself having breakfast with this view

We actually have waterways in Phoenix (well... canals)

Check out this house along the way

I'm enjoying my walking adventure

Who lives in these houses?
Some of my views
Do you think anyone will notice I'm not staying at the hotel? The pool looks very inviting!
I noticed a butterly on this flower, along with a few bees

There is variety along my walking route

Almost home and it's downhill (yeah)

I hope you enjoyed my walking adventure in pictures. How about you? What do you do to add some variety to your exercise routine? I'd love to hear from you.

Interesting: My friend Philip from Cyprus has a blog and he writes about the history of places he visits. He took my pictures and posted a blog about Phoenix, Arizona. Click here to see what he has written.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie,

    Beautiful photos walking around Phoenix. Thanks for sharing.

    Author of Book Proposals That Sell

    The Writing Life

  2. Very beautiful places to stroll around. 'Taxidiaris' will take care of those...

  3. I've been in a rut, lately, with my exercise routine. I'm a runner and do a bit of weights and have felt incredibly "stuck" the past few weeks; thus, effecting my "want to" and my "follow through." I think I will break things up tonight with a walk, although my scenery won't hold a candle to yours. Not even a flicker. There's a turkey farm practically in my back yard, and well...you can imagine my inspiration.

    Thanks for visiting the blog. You are welcome anytime.


  4. It's fun to see a different world - although, I did get a little homesick. I got a deja vu effect on some pictures reminding me of Oz. I haven't really seen a nicely kept lawn for a couple of years...lol. The colours look so vibrant and I just know it's because of the wonderful sunlight you have. Mmmmh, the sun.

  5. Oh brings back memories. Been there several time. During High School we use to go swim there or LaPosada in hopes no one would ask what room we were staying in. We got pretty lucky.

    Beautiful pictures.

    PS thanks for your comment on my Ezine article. Thought I would try that site out...

  6. Hey Debbie, thanks for the pictures! I feel at home now. Well, kind of. Tucson isn't quite so pretty. But yes, we will be there for part of our trip, so it's nice to get a visual reminder of what we can look forward to.

  7. Great area to walk around... I'll have to check it out sometime.

    Another area I like to go for a walk with my fiancé is Fountain Hills park. It's a ways out from Phoenix, but is beautiful and peaceful, with the perk of getting to see the fountain go off every hour, assuming it's not too windy. :)

    ~ Kristi


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