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Excuses For Not Exercising

Woman on fitness equipment

How many excuses for not exercising can you come up with? I think by this time, most people know they should exercise. Pick up any newspaper and women's magazine and you'll be bombarded by the messages. But despite knowing what you're supposed to do, so many of us still find all the reasons and excuses not to just do it.

When I worked as a cardiovascular nurse specialist in a cardiology practice, I counseled patients who had heart disease or had numerous risk factors for heart disease. Many were motivated to listen to my advice because they didn't want to end up with their first or another heart episode. They were often scared and so they followed through. But as time went on and they were feeling fine, many fell back to their old habits and weren't consistent with their exercise programs.

Here are a few of the excuses I heard:

    • I hate to exercise
    • I don't have enough time
    • It's too hot outside to do my walking
    • I'm too tired
    • I'm too busy
    • I'm going to buy a treadmill but haven't gotten around to it
    • I hate riding my stationary bike
    • It's so boring
    • I'm going to sign up for the gym
    • It's a busy time at work
    • It's been raining outside

OK; now it's your turn! What excuses have you heard or maybe ones that you use for yourself?

Debbie Petras
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  1. I have used everyone of those thank you very much. hehehe

    "My clothes are in the washer."

  2. I've used all of those excuses but I think my biggest one is:

    "I'm going to start next week." ...or
    "I'm going to start next month." ...or

    and the procrastination goes on...lol.

    I think I've figured out why I don't want to exercise. When I was younger it was ok to get tired from exercise because I could sleep it off, eat it off or just laze around - I didn't have any 'have to dos' - no responsibility except for myself. But now I'm all about trying to preserve my energy to keep up with my kids and to work and to have a daily life. I don't want to exercise to waste more energy, in fact, I would rather sleep if I have spare time to myself...lol. (And I am completely shocked at myself as I write this...lol!) I don't like getting worn out in the morning even before my day starts or after the kids have gone to bed (when I could be getting on top of the house work.)

    But, like everyone, I know I need to exercise, and I want to exercise, but I guess I just don't want it enough.

    So, my first challenge is making myself WANT to exercise...lol. It's mind over matter ;)

  3. Any old excuse will do....I just don't like to exercise. They say find something you like to do, then you'll be more inclined to stick to it. Well, I guess I haven't found it yet. I live in a beautiful area, could walk, I just don't want to get dressed for the walk - might run into someone you know. I think I would like riding a bike, but who wants to invest in something you "might" like? I know I should, am disappointed that I don't.


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